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    Social Media Curation Is Not Just Sharing Bookmarks: An Introductory Guide [Video]

    Robin Good: If you are new to content curation and interested in understanding better how social media, bookmarking and sharing fit into the curation conundrum, then this is a useful video to watch. Vanessa Dennen, Associate Professor of Instructional Systems at Florida State University, presents in a clear and very understandable 6 minute clip, what social media curation is, how it differs from simple bookmarking and which are some of the... Read more

    Source: Masternewmedia

    Why Bootstrapping Is a Better Choice for Value-Driven Startups

    Robin Good: Does a startup really need to raise venture capital?I guess it depends on what its goals and values really are.If you are after the magic opportunity to do what happens to one in a thousand startups when it is bought up by a giant company like Google, then you shouldn't hesitate to party down with the VCs. But if you are after creating something that has personal value for... Read more

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    The Future of Video Is About Learning How To Tell Great Emotional Stories

    Robin Good: In this SxSW set of video interviews captured by Wipster (a collaborative video review and approval service) with some of the "experts" in the online video publishing field, you can hear most of what you already know and expect from the future of video: 4K, real-time editing, effects, 3D, small screens and more. What instead emerges as the real challenge though, is to realize that no matter what kind... Read more

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    The Top 100 Tools to Capture, Edit, Publish and Distribute Video Online

    Robin Good: The best video publishing tools categorized and sorted into a fast-access directory.In this new free catalog of online tools and services that I have been culling for a few months in the background, you can find over 100 tools that I have personally tested and verified, that can help you with your online video publishing needs.This tools directory already includes over 22 different categories including:

  • Video sharing
  • Live streaming
  • Video editing... Read more

    Source: Modelviewculture

    Getting Funded with Venture Capital: Why It May Not Be Such a Good Idea

    Robin Good: Rachel Chalmers illustrates five key reasons why it may not be such a great idea to get your startup funded by venture capital.These include: 

  • Not getting a fair hearing
  • Rising capital means losing the YOU and giving in to financial interests as the primary drivers
  • The majority of VC funded companies will not ever generate any venture success
  • You are not going to have full control anymore
  • Venture math is a harsh mistress 
  • Key... Read more

    Source: Zapier

    Web Design and User Onboarding Inspiration: 14 Curated Resources

    Robin Good: A valuable curated selection of fourteen different online resources which provide web design, UI and user onboarding inspiration, examples and best practices to their readers.Kudos to Danny Schreiber on the Zapier blog for curating this excellent set of resources.If you are into web design, web marketing or in learning rapidly from others what works on the web, you must bookmark this stuff and share it with your networks.Very... Read more

    Source: Veryshortlist

    A Curated Newsletter of Little Gems: VLS a Very Short List

    Robin Good: VLS, or VeryShortList is an email newsletter and website, that brings in each daily issue a few selected high-value resources from a different human curator.Each day of the week has a color and a theme.Each edition of VSL lists three unique resources on that theme.See:  An excellent and well tested example of curation at work, VLS is alive since 2006 and the quality of its curation work allow... Read more

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    Turn Any Existing Web Page Into a Wireframe Instantly with Wirify

    Robin Good: Wirify is a very useful tool for web designers and anyone interested in analyzing and improving a web site organization and layout.In one click Wirify is capable of rendering any web page into a simplified sketch outlining how the space on the page is being utilized, by hiding the actual contents and replacing them with graphic placeholders. To use Wirify you install a simple bookmarklet on your browser bookmark... Read more

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    What Is Curation? Museum and Gallery Curators Define Their Key Skill

    Robin Good: A short video illustrating different viewpoints about what curation is as illustrated by museum curators. Video created for the SxSW panel entitled: "Everyone's a Curator: Do Museums Still Matter?"Interesting. Adds perspective to how academically trained professionals see curation. 7/10Original video: See it on, via Content Curation World ... Read more

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    Manchester United Uses Google Hangouts To Get World Fans Into Old Trafford Front Row

    Robin Good: A selected group of Manchester United fans living far away from England have had a unique opportunity offered to them: seeing their favorite soccer team while sitting in the front row of the Old Trafford stadium.Thanks to Google Hangout technology, connected fans from far away countries have been able to cheer their stars by appearing in real time inside the advertising panels that surround the soccer field while... Read more

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The New Journalist Is An Information Startup

At the crossroad of journalism and entrepreneurship sits a new emerging profession, made up in good part by the skills of the classic journalist, in part by those of the researcher, of the librarian and of the new emerging content curator mixed in with those of the capable independent digital entrepreneur.

Photo credit: Digital world by Shutterstock

The information-entrepreneur is someone interested in creating ethical and highly reputable commercial services, tools and organizations that can augment, satisfy and fulfill humans deep or specialty interests within a specific information area.
Information startups have little or nothing to do with what is generally referred to as info-preneurship. The infopreneur has become the stereotype for who sells informations (of whatever quality level) to make money online. Thus, the field, the people who promote it and the information you can find online by searching for this topic, is not of high quality and is specifically driven by a “sell as much as possible, no matter how you do it”, making-money attitude.

But info-marketers and info-preneurs, may have been unaware precursors of a new breed of very serious information entrepreneurs that are eager to develop and put together useful and very targeted professional information services.

Here all the details:

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Robin Good
  • Bootstrapping Startups: The Good Guide
    In the age of startups and micro-enterprises, the first thing you hear about, when it comes to creating a new company, service or digital product is a whole new glossary of words starting ranging from “venture capital” to “angel investors”. Photo credit: Man climbing by Shutterstock There’s a whole universe of organizations, companies, services, magazines and events (US, Europe) devoted specifically to helping entrepreneurs prepare, plan and pitch their ideas in...
    cat.: Be Your Own Boss | read more
    Robin Good

  • The Ultimate Guide To Editorial Content Types and Formats
    I am often surprised when hear from web publishers, journalists and small web entrepreneurs about their frustration with finding ways to create valuable content that it is not just another article or blog post. Photo credit: Robin Good - Original full size table Although there are more than 100 types of content that one can actually create, we dilute most of our energy and resources in producing what most others do, news...
    cat.: Independent Publishing | read more
    Robin Good

  • Relationship Building: Facebook As A Social Bar
    What’s the best strategy to adopt to market on social media? I have been asked this question a million times, but my basic answer has not changed over time: listen, help and be your potential client best friend. Photo credit: Crowded bar by Shutterstock Social media have been designed and created to break down the communication barriers, the rigidity imposed by traditional media, and the excessive formality and ego-centric approach that most...
    cat.: Social Media & Community Building | read more
    Robin Good

  • Content Curation Is Not Content Marketing
    Content Curation has been hijacked and has been sold as a cheap and easy solution for content marketers plagued by the growing problem of how to produce more quality content within tighter and tighter time constraints. Photo credit: Red female shoes by Shutterstock But, just like the fact that you can’t really build a world athlete by starting with the food complements, amino-acids, special shoes or the sunglasses, you can’t build...
    cat.: Independent Publishing | read more
    Robin Good

  • Future Of Search

    The future of search, and of searching online, could be drastically different, and better, from what we have now. If you only wanted to. Photo credit: Eyeball As we head further into the future, search engines, as we know them today, will increasingly play an important and critical role for society as they invisibly determine which world views, information and references we should look at and rely on when in need to...
    cat.: Search Tools and Technologies | read more
    Robin Good

  • The New CMS

    Once upon a time, back in the years before 2010, the CMS was an instrumento to create, organize, manage and publish content on a specific web property, website or blog. Photo credit: CMS concept by Shutterstock This classic CMS was characterized by its ability to: support our content editing and formatting activities categorize our content articles according to categories and post them to a specific web site. Popular CMSs are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla...
    cat.: Independent Publishing | read more
    Robin Good

  • Future Of Web Publishing And Journalism Online: Key Trends For 2014 And Beyond - Part III

    What are the key trends, patterns and changes that are going to transform the web publishing and journalism industries in the near future? Photo credit: Cyber man with technolgy eye by Shutterstock While in Part I and Part II of this series I have looked at: a) Process Journalism b) 100% Solution c) News as a Learning Gateway and at: 1) Dusk of Blogs 2) Beyond WordPress 3) Instant Publishing 4) Invisible UI 5) Design Intelligence 6) Design Marketplaces In...
    cat.: Independent Publishing | read more
    Robin Good

  • Future Of Web Publishing And Journalism Online: Key Trends For 2014 And Beyond - Part II

    What’s ahead of us when it comes to web publishing? How will the tools, methods and approaches to design, to create and to package news and information change over the course of the next few years? Photo credit: Technology eye by Shutterstock In Part I of this journey I have been looking at the slow, but unstoppable changes that are already under way in terms of structure, metaphors and approaches that are...
    cat.: Independent Publishing | read more
    Robin Good

  • Future Of Web Publishing And Journalism Online: Key Trends For 2014 And Beyond

    What is changing? What should you as a communicator, evangelist, news journalist, or blogger prepare, train and get ready for when looking at the future of publishing online? Photo credit: Businessman hand working with the new computer by Shutterstock The key changes and transformations that I have been able to catch sum up to a publishing ecosystem that is much less difficult to use, and where interfaces gradually disappear to become a...
    cat.: Independent Publishing | read more
    Robin Good

  • Content Curation Tools: 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One

    Nonetheless we are just at the beginning of a new era, in which content curation will be as important as search, there is already an apparent abundance of content curation tools of all kinds. Photo credit: Hand filling out checklist on clipboard with a pen by Shutterstock To the superficial eye, many such curation tools also appear to be very similar to one another, especially if evaluated exclusively from the type of...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part II

    In the coming months and years, I expect content curation tools are going to play a very important role in many different fields. From news journalism, to content development, to learning and education, ecommerce and tourism, there are plenty of areas that have a common need: to better organize the huge (and growing) amount information they have available, in a way that makes it more effective to be consumed, explored...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part I

    Content curation tools are in their infancy. Nonetheless you see so many of them around, there are more new curation tools coming your way soon, with lots of new features and options. Existing content curation services will in fact need to start rolling up their sleeves as the next wave of offerings will significantly go well beyond what is possible with present day tools Photo credit: 3D Flower by ShutterStock In...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • Curation - A View from The Future: Ross Dawson

    What is curation? Does it really help or is it adding more noise to the soundwave of information already coming at us? Where do you draw the line between social sharing, personal expression and true curation? Is there one? Photo credit: Ross Dawson A few weeks back I have had the opportunity to catch futurist Ross Dawson, passing through Rome in between two events, and I kindly asked him if he...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 7: Business Applications And Trends

    What are the business opportunities for real-time news and content curation? Are there key business drivers that companies can leverage to build new added-value content services? What are the major trends that will be driving the content curation marketplace? How will newspaper and magazines take advantage of such new emerging business models to keep their business afloat? Photo credit: ozgurdonmaz After having analyzed what are the reasons that are making content curation...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • Web Design: The Emergence Of Page Apps

    A web designer creates beautiful layouts for the web content of his customer. The customer is happy at first, but as he grows more knowledgeable about the web and its possibilities, he starts asking new layout changes, integration of new features and more. Photo credit: Peshkova What happens next is that the designer grows angry to the customer instead of rejoycing for the new work, knowing that changes and adjustments are more...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars - The Complete Guide Part 1: Why We Need It

    The time it takes to follow and go through multiple web sites and blogs takes tangible time, and since most sources publish or give coverage to more than one topic, one gets to browse and scan through lots of useless content just for the sake of finding what is relevant to his specific interest. Even in the case of power-users utilizing RSS feed readers, aggregators and filters, the amount of...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation

    We are no longer just consumers of content, we have become curators of it too. In Part 1 of this Guide I have introduced why we really need real-time news curation and what is the basic idea behind it (Part 1 - Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars - The Complete Guide Part 1: Why We Need It). In Part 2 I want to continue illustrating what "real-time news curation"...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

  • Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 4: Process, Key Tasks, Workflow

    What are the tasks involved in the real-time news curation process? What does exactly a news curator do? Photo credit: Carl Swahn In Part 1 of this Curation Guide I have explained the reasons why news curation has become a necessity. Part 2 was devoted to explain the difference between automatic news aggregation and human-powered manual curation. In Part 3 I have curated a visual list of both aggregated and curated...
    cat.: Content Delivery And Distribution | read more
    Robin Good

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