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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Ten Technologies That Are Going To Change The Way We Learn

As I wanted to make my small contribution to the Global Learn Day event which is taking place online at this very time (PC Windows users log in here), I just thought of making my own little presentation (with no slides ::: just my talking head) to simplify the logistic of contributing to the live event easier.

There are lots of individuals who want to rightly contribute to this live event, and I see hardly an opportunity to come up and take the podium for my little rap. So, I am taking permission to use some of these truly accessible tools to contribute to the event in my own little way. I really wanted to share a bit of my thoughts wihtout getting too technical with this, and I thought that a few of you may have liked to hear my thoughts, as an academic outsider, about what I see as being the key ten technologies that will change the way we learn in the future.




If you have an ADSL or other high bandwidth line, you can click on the play button on my image here below and listen my informal take on this.
If you are on dial-up forget it.

For you and all those who don't want to get bored by having to listen to nine minutes of personal rambling in front of a webcam, here are the ten key technologies I see making the major difference in how we will be learning in the future:

  1. Search technologies
  2. Data visualization tools
  3. Blogs - Direct publishing and content aggregation tools
  4. Audio and video - increased use of audio and video as communication channels for small publishers
  5. RSS - content syndication, aggregation, re-use
  6. P2P - private and public file sharing networks
  7. Unlimited storage - on the desktop and online
  8. Unlimited bandwidth - Wifi - WiMax
  9. Real Time Collaboration Tools
  10. Collective and Collaborative Filtering - human spontaneous cooperative technology like and

I am sure there are many others that I should have thought of.

Which ones do you think they would be?

Readers' Comments    
2005-09-12 12:22:46

Bharat Sharma

I am sure that TEN Technologies is surely going to change the world. :)


2004-11-24 22:21:58

François Guité

May I suggest podcasting and podcatching ? It is as empowering to be able to choose what you listen to as what you read.

2004-11-24 21:11:30


wiki has ALREADY changed education ;) how about being the tool used to build the largest, most freely available available encyclopediia ever?

2004-11-22 16:41:27


how about wiki?

2004-11-21 23:48:05

Preetam Rai

You seem to have covered the whole spectrum. I would just like to suggest smarter and better connected (with wifi or wi-max) mobile phones or devices. It would be great to have a little device that could play multimedia and bring up our feeds right when you need it.

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