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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Co-Browsing With Skype: New Jyve Plugin Adds Call-Forwarding, Web Presence And Auto-Responders

Wouldn't it be nice if you could educate novice Skype users of the importance of text messaging a person before ringing her? Skype is not a telephone, it is much, much more.

We need not continue using these new tools in the ways history has shown us. We need not be interrupted, distracted and made slaves of a ringing device on which we have next to no control.

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Skype, the real-time telephone replacement technology that is being used by over 2 million individuals every day, is rapidly increasing its reach while expanding its capabilities and features in a multitude of interesting ways.

Thanks to the Skype API a number of companies have started created complementary tools and facilities to augment Skype already powerful feature-set.

The latest addition to cross my exploration path, came thanks to wakeful eye of Stuart Henshall, one of the few competent people in the field of online communication and collaboration tools and the author of the excellent Skype Journal, an online blog I strongly recommend.

This new Skype plug-in allows quite a few interesting things including the ability to:

a) display your Skype status on any Web page,

b) provide pre-customized auto-responding messages to those who ring you or text chat you while you are busy in another Skype call

c) activate a call forwarding facility that can make your mobile or landline ring you when you can answer important Skype calls

d) co-browse web pages in synch with any Skype contact through a custom dedicated browser.

By downloading a Skype plugin called Jyve, anyone can easily activate all of the above features in a matter of minutes.



Public Web Presence
This feature allows you to generate a simple code snippet that can be embedded on any web page on your site and which displays publicly your Skype status to your web site visitors.
This can be particularly useful for virtual teams and other closed networks where members have definite advantages of seeing the presence status of their colleagues without needing to keep visible too many separate applications. Since the code created can be easily embedded in any web page, Skype presence can be easily integrated into Intranet pages as well as on any other web application interface in which HTML code can be included.

Call Forwarding
With the call forwarding facility provided by this plugin Skype picks up rapidly on some of the recently emerged competitors unique features (see JaJah and Gizmo Project) while adding some of its own. Call forwarding allows a Skype user to specify a mobile or land line telephone number to be dialed anytime a Skype call is received which cannot be directly attended. There is also a notify option that just rings your home phone (without forwarding the call) to notify you somebody is calling on Skype. It is also possible to forward the call to another Skype user if you wish and to select to forward only calls coming from specific users.

Like the other ones above, the auto-responder feature is a very useful addition to the core Skype feature-set and it allows to personalize a set of auto-answering messages that can be sent out via Skype to people who try to call you or message you while you are in another call or in those situation where you would like not to be disturbed while providing more information than just "not available" sign.

The Jyve plug-in integrates also a full mini-browser whcih can be used to navigate in synch with other selected Skype users, any set of online pages. This feature which is common in many web conferencing and online collaboration systems is generally referred to as Co-browsing, Web Touring or Web safari.

Finally, the Jyve Web Tools is a set of icons and customizable scripts that allow Skype calls and chat exchanges to be initiated from a Web page, as well as providing them with the ability to send you a voice mail, add your name to their contact list and more.

From the same team who developed the Jyve plugin, you can also get the useful Skype Card, a free online facility that will automatically generate for you code that once embedded into your site, will allow readers to see your full Skype business profile and to directly contact you via the interactive buttons embedded in it.

The Jyve Skype plugin (only for windows XP and 2000)is completely free and can be downloaded here.

Readers' Comments    
2005-07-25 12:47:23

Oliver Starr "stitch"


Just wanted to thank you for the exceptional work. Your creativity, insight and great finds make your blog viral in my book...I pass on your content all the time.

As the new author of the Mobile Technology Weblog, which I inherited when Russell Buckley moved on to Mobhappy, I broke from tradition today and mentioned something stationary, Jyve, which I probably never would have heard about save your site.

Thanks for the consistently exceptional work!

Oliver Starr

2005-07-24 01:57:46

Charles Carleton

Thanks Robin, for your positive post on Jyve and the Jyve web tools,

We hope that our latest web tools will stimulate discussion and encourage Skype to step up it's development of Skype web features.

We will continue to provide products and services to help further “Skype enable the web” as well as bring a richer web experience to Skype users.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or would like more details.

Charles Carleton
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