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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Robert Scoble Insight Into Professional Online Publishing, Personal Branding, Social Media

Pete Cashmore of Mashable has a good conversation with Robert Scoble at the Community Next Conference in Los Angeles touching upon blogs, twitter, personal branding, and even to my own question which I twittered out to Pete before the session started: "How does Robert manage to keep up and listen, read and react to each one of his twitter friends and thousand RSS feeds?"

Pete Cashmore at the Community Next Conference interviews Robert Scoble - link

Definitely an interesting conversation with some information gems from Robert Scoble. If you don't typically see Robert Scoble at conferences, set yourself with humble open ears, curiosity and willingness to learn and you may rally go away with some great advice.

(Long, low-quality recording of the live stream, but definitely filled of interesting content.)



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