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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Windows Sounds Symphony Orchestra: The Full Remix

This is a Flash video clip that I personally award for the most creative audiovisual sound byte I have seen in recent times.

An absolutely great sound performance created with some of the most ubiquitous and underestimated sound performers around: your Microsoft Windows operating system sounds.


By utilizing only and exclusively the Microsoft Windows system sounds, like the ones we hear when the computer starts or prompts us for a command error, the author of this creative masterpiece, utilizes an array of six of the most popular Windows sounds to create a very creative groove.



Hats to the author for his ingenious and creative use of those simple, every day digital artifacts. This is, if you have open eyes and ears and if can appreciate art for what it is: a new, often surprising way of looking at the reality surrounding us, in ways that allow us to discover and realize how much more there is to it.

The author uses what is all around us, the popular, the folk, to reveal how much more there is to it.

Viewable on any computer, browser or operating system having an integrated Flash Player plugin, this is a must-see for the curious, the groovy and the never dead would-be DJ inside of you.

Of note is also the fact that the whole sountrack was created by using only and exclusively Sound Recorder, the integrated basic sound capture software Windows comes with.


Watch it now.


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posted by Robin Good on Sunday, January 23 2005, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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