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Friday, September 26, 2008

How To Publish Your Content Online Without A Web Site - Video Interview With Ryan Hupfer Of

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Ready to publish some great content online but have no site or blog where to post it to? Hubpages, like a few other competing web publishing services online (namely Squidoo and Google Knol) provides you with everything you need to publish any content you are passionate about in no time at all.


In this eight-minute video interview, I recorded a few hours ago with Ryan Hupfer of Hubpages, you are going to find out what are the benefits of publishing to a ready-made content publishing portal and what are the key benefits you may have by going with Hubpages. (For a full review of Hubpages see this MasterNewMedia review.)

Here the full unedited video interview along with its full text transcription:


Interview With Ryan Hupfer - Communicator of Awesomeness -

Full English Text Transcription


Robin Good: Hi guys, here is Robin good and guess who I have today!

Ryan Hupfer: He got me!

Robin Good: Yeah! How are you man? What's your name?

Ryan Hupfer: Ryan Hupfer and I'm coming straight from San Francisco, California. Where even though I have on a little bit of a jacket there's some cool mornings up here. It is a beautiful, beautiful day.

Robin Good: Fantastic, so the fog is gone. I've been blowing all night.

Ryan Hupfer: Yeah the fog, you know, it usually creeps around the morning but about this time it's starting to move away. So that's good, the sun is coming out. And it's a beautiful day. Robin, it is a beautiful day in California.

Robin Good: Ryan Hupfer is... what is your official title?

Ryan Hupfer: I am the Communicator of Awesomeness.

Robin Good: ...which is one of the most important roles behind a company that you should know about and it's called Hubpages.

This is a company that provides a service on the internet that allows you to publish content and also possibly to make money out of it, get traffic from your own content. But let me understand specifically how.

So I got Ryan to come up here on the video for the first time and I'm gonna fire him some rapid-fire questions.

Ryan Hupfer: I'm ready.


Hubpages Key Traits

Robin Good: So, Ryan why would I go to Hubpages to create some content rather than go to Wikipedia or Squidoo or even Google Knol now are the trendy stuff. Why would I go to Hubpages to do this and not there.

Ryan Hupfer: Robin, that's a good question. Let me take one by one:

Ok so, basically Hubpages. I tell people we're kind of a go between a blog and a Wikipedia and the reason why you would post something on Hubpages:

  1. We've got amazing traffic. We've got... I think last month we had just like over twenty-two million page views. We've got eight and a half million unique visitors. So we got the traffic, alright?

  2. We basically take care of all the advertising for you. We use our Yieldbuild optimization platform. So we take care of all the advertising. You don't have to worry about it. It's easy to write so you can just get to what you love to do and that's writing. So you can go straight to what you love to do and just start writing content.

  3. We have an amazing community of people. So if you're writing a blog you kinda just writing by yourself and you can't really connect with other people, Hubpages already has a building community. We have forty-thousand authors. So it's a great community. There's lots of people writing and you can make some money too. You know, a lot of people come to Hubpages, they don't necessarily come there for the money, but it's a great by-product for a lot of people to write.


Why Hubpages And Not Squidoo

Robin Good: That's great information. Now though you've so elegantly avoided comparing yourself staking again those other guys there... There's no way you're gonna escape! So...

Ryan Hupfer: So the thing about Wikipedia is you don't really control all your content, you can contribute to content, and plus, every single link on Wikipedia is a no-follow. So, we've got... like Google and other search engines really like our content so a lot of people like to post inside Hubpages, as you can get that good Google link juice. Everybody likes the good link juice. and you can point it back. As long as you write good content, we don't mind if you link back to other things like blogs or another website that you're running. So, that's how we compare to Wikipedia.

As far as Squidoo goes, the big difference between us and Squidoo is our content. I feel like our content is a lot better. About six months ago we completely shut off all adult content and all spam content. We hired a lovely woman named Maddy Rudd who's our community manager, so she's going through everyday she controls the content's good because if Google doesn't like your content, nothing's gonna rank. And if nothing ranks, then nobody's gonna make any money.


Content Topics On Hubpages

Robin Good: Good. what about the topics. Is this open to just about anyone. Is it more technology-, marketing-oriented. Do you have some kind of slants that would have a better audience if they realize to Hubpages?

Ryan Hupfer: Well Robin, actually we have people riding on all types of topics, but there's obviously topics that have better results than others.

We find that one of the best topics to ride on is financial topics. So you can write about how, you know, better prepare yourself for this crazy economic situation we have going on here in the United States, you could write about that. Also like How-Tos, instructional content, so things they really show your expertise or things that you know. It can be anything from how to build something to how to be a parent how to make more money.

The topics are all across the board but I think the goal, the thing you really need to do is you need to find those topics that are getting searched for but don't have a lot of really good solid results. So a little bit of research never hurts, but just kind of writing with your heart and just publishing what you really like to write about that works too.


Key Benefits Of Using Hubpages

Robin Good: Coolio. So, I think the last thing you may do to do a great favor to the guys who could be interested in this, is really point out with them clearly what are the advantages for me as an author, somebody who would like to publish out there good content but don't have yet a blog or website.

Now this going and creating a Hubpages. What key advantages does this give me that I would normally not have.

I think, this is what people wanna know, so if you could help me with this one I think they would have a good picture of the opportunity. Go for it!

Ryan Hupfer: Excellent, I'm going. Ok, so, if you're a writer, one of the things a lot of writers don't wanna deal with is all the technical issues they have to do to set up a blog and especially when setting up a blog that wants to make money.

So, I think when you go on Hubpages there's a couple of things:

  1. We may manage all that for you. So you go on Hubpages, you can really be signed up in a minute, you can start writing your first hub and before you know you can start getting traffic and you can start making money and you don't have to think twice about it. You go and sign up an AdSense account and it makes it really really easy so you can get to what you really wanna do, and that's writing.

  2. I think our tools are a lot easier than most blogs and we have some really intuitive way to put different content, video, links, photos, content so you can put all the stuff into a nice looking hub. It's a piece of cake actually.

    I also blog but I also, you know, write a lot of hubs so it's not really one or the other Robin, I feel like a lot of people, on a hub you can really start building your expertise in a lot of topics that you know a lot about , where a lot of people, you know, they create blogs just for more personal conversational type of content so they can kinda work well off each other and especially for trying to build traffic on both of them, they can kind of start putting traffic back and forth which creates a really good situation on the web.

Robin Good: Alright Ryan. It's all very clear, you seem to have prepared for this quite well. That's fantastic!

So you guys you promise me you go and try this out Hubpages and you let me know through the comments and your feedback, even from your videos, what you think of it, if it stands up to the competition to Google Knol, the latest stuff and where do you find some advantages or not. Does it look professional, is it something that's gonna actually help you or not. I want to find out from you guys who are gonna use it because if it was for Ryan there would just Hubpages and nothing else, so they guy looks trustable, all-going, lives in San Francisco, but we got to go and find out ourselves.

So, Ryan thank you and say hello to the great team at Hubpages and look forward to find out from my guys what they think about it. Have a great day for today!

Ryan Hupfer: Awesome. Thank you so much. You too Robin. Go catch your plane!

Robin Good: Alright, ciao!

Originally shot and recorded by Robin Good for MasterNewMedia and first published on September 26th 2008 as "How To Publish Your Content Online Without A Web Site - Video Interview With Ryan Hupfer Of"

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