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Monday, October 20, 2008

Create A Web Site Without Knowing HMTL: Web Site Creators - Sharewood Guide

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Do you want to create a web site but you know nothing about HTML coding? Finally, the time has come for everyone to take advantage of a growing number of web site and web page creation services which allow you to create and publish your online content even if you don't have any HTML code programming skills.

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In this new Sharewood Guide I have collected the best free web site creation services to create a web site without knowing HTML.

Web site creators are free, user-friendly services that don't require you to go through a difficult process of code writing to create and organize the layout of your web pages. You simply register (where needed), choose a name for your new web site, and edit all your content through a visual interface.

Here below the set of key basic characteristics that I have utilized to compare these tools so that you can easily find the one that best suits your needs:

  1. Registration: If needed, you have to provide your personal information to utilize the service
  2. Flash - Widgets Support: If present, you can embed multimedia objects like flash movies or widgets
  3. Ready-Made Templates: Allows you to select a pre-made look for your web site
  4. SEO Friendly: Creates friendly URLs for easier indexing into search engines
  5. RSS Support: Enables users to be updated when you add new content to your web site

Here the best free web site creators I have found out there (if you know of other ones, please help me out by adding them in the comment area at the end):


How To Create A Web Site Without Knowing HMTL Comparison Table

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How To Create A Web Site Without Knowing HMTL Tool List

  1. Weebly

    Weebly is an online web-publishing solution that anyone can use to create a web site without knowing HTML or any technical programming language. To create a website, just register to the service, choose one of the preset designs available, add and customize content (including videos and Flash widgets) simply by dragging it, and save. The service is completely free to use, but registration is needed.

  2. Synthasite

    Synthasite is a web site builder that you can use to create your pages. Just by registering for free, you can start building your web site choosing from a wide archive of templates, that you can edit in simple or advanced mode (if you manage HTML language). Synthasite also supports widgets, and it is fully web-based. Free to use.

  3. Google Page Creator

    Google Page Creator is a Google application that you can use to create your set of web pages. You can create an unlimited number of pages, that can be also linked between themselves, and edit them as if you were editing a normal text document. Every page will then have a Google subdomain URL, and can be edited at anytime. Plus, you can upload documents and files that will have their own URL to be linked to. The service is free to use. A Google account is needed.

  4. Roxer

    Roxer is a web site creator that lets you edit your web pages easily. It is completely customizable, and you can add photos, YouTube videos, and music in live editing mode, so that you know exactly how your new page will look like. Roxer is completely free to use after a simple registration.

  5. Freewebs

    Freewebs is an easy to use site building tool that anyone can use to create a professional looking web site in a few clicks. You can choose from more than 300 templates and start editing content with the integrated live editor. It also features a file manager that helps you adding images, documents and multimedia files to your site. Free to use.

  6. Wix

    Wix is a Flash-based software that lets you create web sites in seconds. Just select a style from the library, add elements to it using drag&drop facilities, import photos, videos, music, and save your project. No technical skill required, or software to download. Free to use, registration is needed.

  7. Zimplit

    Zimplit is a visual editor that users can install on their own server to easily edit their pages. After you install it, you can start creating your site, using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor: you can add and delete pages, edit content, modify the template, insert images and more. Zimplit is free to download and use.

  8. Viviti

    Viviti is the fastest way to make a professional, easy to update, web sites with only a few clicks. You can choose from a wide variety of professional templates and add new pages, add and drag content, edit settings, create blog posts, add photos, videos, music, widgets, and more. Once your content is created you can promote it via RSS feeds. Viviti is free to use in its beta phase.

  9. Jimdo

    Jimdo is an online editor that you can use to create web pages and blogs. Giving you 500MB for your files, Jimdo lets you create all the pages you want, with the possibility of adding text, images and videos. Every site will also have its RSS feed, for people to stay updated with the changes. Free to use, registration is needed. A pro plan is also available with 5GB of storage and free domain included.

  10. Webon

    Webon is a free web site builder that easily allows you to make up your own site. You can create pages without knowing any programming language, using the built-in live editor. You can embed widgets from sites like YouTube and Flickr. If you create a blog, you can use the RSS feature to let your viewers subscribe to your news and be notified as you update your site. Webon is completely free to use, registration is needed.

  11. Google Sites

    Google Sites is an easy app that you can use to create a site as if you were editing a document. You create as many pages as you want and let other people edit them with you in real-time. Every page can be customized with templates, and can contain text, as well as images, videos, presentations and documents (from the Google suite). The service is free to use, a Google account is required.

  12. Tumblr

    Tumblr is a free service that you can use to create a personal blog. After you register, you can personalize every part of your site easily, without even knowing HTML language, and start sharing text, photos, links, music, and videos. The service also provides RSS capabilities for your readers to follow your news. Free.

  13. Click Be!

    Click Be! is a web-based web site builder that allows you to create your pages with no HTML knowledge. There's nothing you need to worry: without even registering, Click Be! offers you a wide archive of templates, is fully brandable, translatable, requires no database use, and much more. No flash, widgets, or RSS support. Click Be! costs 149$ for the first year obtaining a regular server license.

  14. BlueVoda

    BlueVoda is a free PC software that allows you to create a web site without knowing HTML. You just have to provide your e-mail address and the guys at BlueVoda will e-mail you with a download link and installation instructions. The software has ready-made templates to get you started immediately. RSS and flash widgets are supported via plugin.

  15. Moonfruit

    Moonfruit is a free website builder that allows you to create your own web pages without any coding knowledge but using a drag and drop interface. The service is ads-free, and fully integrated with social networks to share your website content over the web. You have different ready-made templates to help you build your website and a set of tools to make your site SEO-friendly, like Google AdWords integration. Moonfruit supports Flash technology and widgets but not RSS. Registration is needed.

  16. Edicy

    Edicy is a website builder that requires no coding experience. The service works using a drag and drop interface that lets you arrange all elements inside your website. You also have lots of ready-made templates to choose from when customizing the layout of your web pages. Other features include: tools to make your pages SEO-friendly for Google, Flash-widget compatibility, and more. When you finish building your web pages, you can choose a custom URL (or a domain you already own) and publish your website right away. No RSS support.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for MasterNewMedia and first published on October 20th 2008 as "Create A Web Site Without Knowing HMTL: Web Site Creators - Sharewood Guide"

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