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Monday, January 3, 2005

BitTorrent + RSS On-Demand Personal Video Downloader: Videora

Videora is the first personal video downloading program. Utilizing BitTorrent and Really Simple Syndication, Videora automatically and intelligently finds and downloads video you want to watch.

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With easy to use features like Wish Lists and Season Passes you will be able to watch your favorite video, no matter where you are in the world.

Om Malik reports his appreciation for the release of this tool allowing easy tracking and downloading of video content.

Videora is presently available only as a Windows client.

Here are some of the key features of the program.

Videora is free and is immediately downloadable here.

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For the ones of you yet unfamiliar with the BitTorrent protocol and the advantages it brings, here is a recent good description of it from Steve Gillmor:

"[BitTorrent] it's an elegant protocol for distributing files, one that takes advantage of "the unused upload capacity of your customers."

BitTorrent breaks up files into shards that are uploaded around the network as the file is downloaded by multiple clients.

The more popular a file, the more endpoints exist. You download a file with BitTorrent by simultaneously collecting shards, assembling them together locally as they arrive.

Map this to RSS feeds: the more popular the feed, the more nodes on the network serving pieces of the feed.

That would allow rapid downloads by many users by distributing the data across multiple sites.

It's a digital Robin Hood, redistributing the wealth from the server to a network of peers.

BitTorrent does cryptographic hashing of all data, so feed owners can be confident the file reaches its target unchanged.

But there's even more to this disruptive alliance: a small amount of special code known as a tracker sits inside the host Web site and emits information to help other downloaders find each other. As Bram Cohen describes: "[Trackers] speak a very simple protocol layered on top of HTTP in which a downloader sends information about what file it's downloading, what port it's listening on, and similar information, and the tracker responds with a list of contact information for peers which are downloading the same file."

Om Malik -
Reference: Om Malik on Broadband [ Read more ]
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