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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best Live Video Streaming Services Compared - Sharewood Guide

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Live video streaming services are a specific category of video publishing tools that anyone can use to stream live video from their computer, just using a fast Internet connection and a web camera. In this Sharewood Guide, Robin and I have picked for you the best live video streaming tools out there.

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Here is a list of typical live video streaming features to help you determine which of these free video streaming services could be best for your specific needs.

  • Multimedia/Playlist integration: Allows you to video stream other content, such as YouTube videos, presentations, images and more, in live or scheduled shows
  • Text chat: Integrated in the player or in the show page, lets you message with your visitors
  • Co-hosting - Multiple web cameras: Host can decide whether to let other people show their webcam and actually mix them in like a real television channel
  • Record: Lets you record the live show and, if you want, to embed a player with the recorded show on any page


Live Video Streaming Services - Comparison Table

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Live Video Streaming Services - List

  1. UStream

    UStream is a web broadcasting system that allows you to stream live content to the Internet from your webcam. In a matter of seconds you can create your own live station, and start streaming live images from anywhere: people can watch and chat with you on your UStream page, or simply on any site where you will embed your player. The service is free to use.

  2. Mogulus

    Mogulus is an online social tv service that anyone can use to create his own professional web tv show. With no technical knowledge, you can create your own channel with multiple live cameras and videos from major sharing websites (like YouTube), that you can easily mix with a click of a button. Players can be embedded on any site, and can stream live or recorded media. Free.

  3. Yahoo Live ***DEAD

    Yahoo Live is a website where everybody can stream video from their webcams. After a free registration, you can create you own streaming channel where you can broadcast right from your PC with an Internet connection, images from your webcam or any video source. Viewers can follow you, talk in the channel-chat-box, and also engage in video conferences between themselves, and obviously with you. Free.

  4. BlogTV

    BlogTV is an online live video service that you can use to put yourself live with a computer and a webcam. You can broadcast live video from your cam, record your sessions and embed the player anywhere you want. Your viewers can send you feedback via the integrated text-chat in the player, without even signing up. Free to use.

  5. is a video streaming service, originally featuring Justin broadcasting his life 24/7 from a hat-webcam, that lets people stream their own video. With a simple registration and a webcam, you can broadcast live video at absolutely no cost, embed it on any site and chat with your viewers. Free.

  6. Kyte

    Kyte is a multimedia broadcasting service that lets users put any type of content online. To start a new channel just register for free, decide whether you want to stream pictures, videos, or live images from your webcam, and embed the player anywhere so that people can watch your show and send you feedback via integrated text chat. Free to use.

  7. Stickam

    Stickam is a live video streaming solution that allows you to interact with your viewers. After a free and simple registration, you can create your show, both with live and pre-recorded material, and embed it on your site. People can interact with you with text-chat or by adding their webcam and microphone to the conference, up to 6 guest video spaces. Free.

  8. Operator 11

    Operator 11 is a website that lets you create video shows. You can stream live with your webcam and other participants can go themselves live with audio and video if the host decides so. Pre-recorded video clips can be mixed in or they can be broadcast live by anyone. All the live shows are automatically recorded so that you can embed them on your website right after. Operator 11 is free to use.

  9. LiveVideo ***DEAD

    LiveVideo is a free website where you can create your own video channel and stream your webcam video. After you create your channel, users can start watching you and add their own webcams to create a conference room where you can talk and text-chat. Registration is needed in order to use the service.

  10. Veetle

    Veetle is a video streaming service that allows you to watch and broadcast live video in high quality. After a free signup, you can create your channel and start broadcasting both pre-recorded and live images from your camera. Viewers will need to install Veetle TV in order to watch you, and they will be able to join the show text-chat. Free.

  11. Yaika

    Yaika is a free video platform that anyone with a laptop and a camera can use to instantly stream a breaking story or share an experience, live on the Internet. After you register, you can put yourself live on the Internet with a click of a button, and stream live video instantly to the world. Shows get automatically registered and stored on the site. Free.

  12. Veodia ***DEAD

    Veodia is video streaming solution that you can use to broadcast live and on-demand video. With a webcam and a microphone, you can start your live sessions anywhere you are, with the possibility of uploading MP4/H264 videos, and people will be able to watch you through a multi-platform player. When you press Stop, your recording is instantly available for on-demand playback. To use it you can start a free trial or .

  13. Streamavideo

    Streamavideo is a free portal that allows you to stream live video or upload recorded ones. You can send and stream live video right from your camera and have a live preview of how your video will look. You can also chat with your viewers, record video from your camera and have video conferences. The service is free to use.

  14. Selfcast

    Selfcast is a free video streaming service that lets you create your own channel easily. With just a webcam and an Internet connection, you can create and broadcast your own live casts or schedule them for later. Every channel has its own page and a text-chat area, and a blogging space where you can post your recorded shows. Free to use, registration is needed.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi and Robin Good for Master New Media and first published on August 17th 2008 as "Live Video Streaming Services - Sharewood Guide"

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