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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Reviewers Sign-Up: Robin Good Showcases A Breakthrough Virtual Collaboration Space Like You Have Never Seen Before

I have no words to describe what I have seen today but I can tell you that this something unlike any other collaboration technology I have seen before.

This is a breakthrough meeting and collaboration solution that opens up the eyes of everyone into understanding what really is in store for us in this up-and-coming virtual estate space.

This tool is so hot that I am looking for five passionate news reporters (yes, you can call them bloggers) who are interested in being the first ones to be exposed to this cutting edge technology and to possibly write what they think after having tried it out. To sign-up to be one of these five, slide to the comments area at the bottom of this page and fill in your identikit and motivations.



  • Meet and collaborate in a real business meeting room.

  • Show your PowerPoint presentation, Office document, live Web page or video clip.

  • See other attendees faces and their expression.

  • Signal your interest, questions, approval or boredom through facial expressions.

  • Access breakout rooms in which to meet with some of your teammmates.

  • Ability to interact with the office environment as in physical reality (close and lock doors, interact iwth room objects as chairs and tables and much more).

  • 3D sound perception.

  • Movement and 360° viewing inside the virtual space.

  • Full duplex VoIP.

  • Ability to have multiple meetings happening in the same virtual office within different rooms.

  • Full text chat.

  • Ability to upload multiple PowerPoint presentations.

  • Full whiteboard.

  • All of these abilities while using a dial-up line with a 33.6 Kbps modem.

  • Invitation management.
  • System requirements are a PC, Internet Explorer (not a clone), and a standard (dial-up or better) connection to the Internet. Headset and mike required.

    I don't think I have ever been impressed as much by a new conferencing or collaboration techynology as I have been from this.

    I have no commercial connection to this company, they have not ased me to promote their product, and it is only a few hours since I have ended my first one-hour use of it.

    Honest. This is the future of conferencing and collaboration. Exactly where we had pictured to be.

    If you are a professional news reporter and follow collaboration and communication technologies I am offering you the opportunity to come on a tour with me of this new extraordinary new tool.

    Just place your name and a comment at the bottom of this article indicating your interest, reasons and desire to attend my tour and to review yourself the impressions that you will get from this revolutionary new technology.

    Readers' Comments    
    2005-07-08 16:41:34

    Pat Patterson

    I'm interested in taking a look.

    2005-01-11 19:55:16

    Judy Wood

    Sounds great! Can I view?

    2004-07-17 22:16:18

    Theodis Brown

    I am an Electrical Engineer interested in different types of technology and the various application thereof.

    2004-06-26 16:19:19


    I was invited yesterday to explore SmartMeeting with Bee Dieu from Brazil and was amazed! and today I invited Venny Sou from Taiwan to join me there; this is a bit step forwards and can be very useful for many meeting purposes. I've started to write a bit in my blog and will add more when I've got a deeper knowledge of how this could be used.

    I'm an education student from Denmark, doing a longitudinal study on Webheads in Action, and trying to document and understand our learning by online community building and the environments inviting to make this happen.

    2004-06-21 14:03:11

    Renato Sabbatini

    We are looking for a robust IP-based videoconference tool using low bandwith. We are a Brazilian not-for-profit educational institution working towards bringing education to small villages in the vast hinterland of our country, where internet communications usually mean low bandwith, dial-up links.
    We have experimented with oneTouch and Centra, but they are far too expensive and bandwith-hungry.
    Please count me in.

    2004-06-21 13:54:06

    Tia Carr Williams

    Currently researching online educational trainings and wonder if this product would fit the bill.

    Costing of course for a start up is critical but flexibility and end user accessibility so Im keen to know more first hand.

    2004-06-21 12:04:24

    Zaid Alsagoff

    Please, show me the hype. We are using Centra, and are interested in Macromedia Breeze Live (more cost-effective).

    If this is the real deal, then bring it on :)

    Let the the Virtual Collaboration Space do the talking :)

    Words are words, until proven by vision and action :)

    We have until 1st July to decide...

    2004-06-18 15:07:05

    John Smith

    Hi Robin

    Looking forward to the review -probably too late to hitch a ride. Working in Ireland. Have implemented a pilot with Centra (teacher education space) but am finding the cost prohibitive.


    2004-06-18 05:11:44

    Dan Nordquist

    I'm mostly a salesperson ( cold call specialist ) but work the tech market, as far as reaching well-screened execs and giving them a glimpse of a decent NEW value proposition. I would enjoy seeing this, and maybe repping it if it looks incrementally different/new/crucial etc. Add it to my list of "mfg. reps products" that are all tech items. Thanks,

    2004-06-17 21:28:23


    I am currently doing some due diligence in the collaborate space, and would welcome the opportunity to see a domo of this product.

    Thank you for bringing to our attention.


    2004-06-17 14:37:38


    I'd be interested in seeing what this is about too.

    2004-06-17 14:00:51

    VeerChand Bothra

    Knowing you Robin, I would definitely be intereted.

    2004-06-17 13:37:08



    Our e-learning consortium represents 7 international relief/development organizations (CARE, CRS, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, etc.) We are struggling to find VOiP collaboration software that can be used in low-bandwidth environments. If I can be of service, let me know.

    2004-06-17 11:10:56

    Gerhard Voss

    The article sounds as if this is the killer- solution and surpasses everything else on the market. I´m anxious to see more.

    Rgds Gerhard

    2004-06-17 02:18:49

    Eric Schummer

    From the sounds of you article it's a must see.
    I'd be very interested to 'feel the immersion' into such an virtual office space.. let me know.

    2004-06-17 01:21:34

    Ralph Poole

    Yes, Robin, I would like to see this new technology. I trust your opinion implicitly. so I am excited to understand more. As you know I am alway looking for technologies that will enable collaboration amongst geographically distant teams. In fact, I am looking for more than technology, I am also interested in best practices that allow teams to work productively in this mode. My best experience so far has been with Groove 3.0, as you know.

    2004-06-17 00:31:34

    Barbara Dieu

    I am not in the business area but work in education (foreign languages). I would love to go on a magical mystery tour :-) and give my impressions from this perspective on my blog.

    2004-06-16 16:37:17

    Craig Wier

    As a co-founder of a pioneering, on-line collaboaration software product (Intraspect, acquired by Vignette in 2003), and VAR for the product, I'm quite interested in new products in this space.

    2004-06-16 15:54:27

    Robert L. Lindstrom

    Got the link about your test drive from a presentation producer friend in Winnipeg, Canada. I'm intrigued. Of course, you understand that participating does not guarantee coverage.
    I am currently a columnist and author specializing in new media communications technologies and applications. I am former editor of Presentations magazine and former executive editor of AV Video Multimedia Producer. I am the author of The Business Week Guide to Multimedia Presentations and Being Visual: A guide to the rich media revolution in business communications. I am also executive director and co-founder of The Digital Exploration Society.

    2004-06-16 15:07:25

    Eva Kaplan-Leiserson

    Hi Robin,

    I'd love to check this out and write about it on the T+D blog ( or on Learning Circuits (, both put out by ASTD (American Society for Training and Development).

    Eva Kaplan-Leiserson
    Associate Editor

    2004-06-16 13:27:04

    Adriana Cronin

    I have been looking at virtual collaboration, for several years now, since I came across a rather simple approach called RiskLab in 2000. Since setting up the Big Blog Company, I have been looking at mapping and analysing informal social networks within a company. This is predicated on a technology that will enable and record information flows and collaboration between individuals within a company without disrupting them (btw, that is one of the reasons I believe KM does not work - too formal and disruptive).

    The Big Blog Company does not have an office and we have our 'meetings' using VoIP, IM, internal blogs, RSS feeds and whatever we can get our hands on. So any new technology replacing and improving on that will be not only most fascinating but very relevant to my everyday life.

    As somebody trying to run a company using the currently most advanced mainstream communication/collaboration technologies, I would probably be an ideal guinea-pig for a new technology that is designed to help me with the same task.

    2004-06-16 11:29:49

    Thorkild Jensen

    I am just a humble consultant working for some of the universities in my area, but if I qualify, I would be delighted to get a tour and give my most honest and sincere opinions! :-)

    2004-06-16 09:53:16

    Heike Philp

    Hi Robin,
    if you say it is hot, it is hot.
    Would love to be there...
    Rgds Heike

    2004-06-16 04:39:19

    Tris Hussey

    Count me in. Sounds intriguing.

    2004-06-16 04:33:27


    Passionate about playing (a.k.a evaluating) good productivity tools. Your introduction more than kindles the curiosity in me. I would love to have a go at this.

    2004-06-16 03:08:18

    Gillian Kerr

    Sounds great, Robin - Would love to play with it.
    - Gillian

    2004-06-16 02:38:08

    Tony Holland

    I have been searching for good collaboration software since I starting using my TRS80 model III

    2004-06-16 02:25:30

    Stuart Henshall

    Was it just two weeks ago that I was suggesting that when you heard 3D it would be a revelation. I'm naturally most interested to participate learn and report. Let me have the details.

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