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Monday, October 7, 2002

Communication Initiative Vacancy Service
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Online Service

While many of you probably already are aware of this great resource, let me point it to those of you that while working in the research or development sector are in frequent need to search for qualified staff. An extremely useful and specialized research tool for human resources in the development area is accessible at

In particular I must signal my personal experience with the The Communication Initiative Vacancy service. A listing of open posts in development and communication organisations. I have personally contacted Ms Carey Hooge at this service to inquire about a possible ad for recruiting a Presentation Trainer for my company. Nonetheless I did not have an adequate budget to make an official campaign, Comminit made all efforts possible to invite to try the service and even offered a free test campaign. That is great customer service!

The service also provides a frequent list of the most current Vacancies posted through The DB Classifieds Vacancies e-publication and for Latin America through the SDT Classificados. The DB Classifieds - Vacancies e-publication is issued on the third Wednesday of each month.

To subscribe to The DB Classifieds - Vacancies (over 17,000 subscribers): subscribe_drumbeat.html

To view the Vacancy Section:

To advertise your Vacant Posts please reach Carey Hooge at:

The Communication Initiative is a partnership of development organisations seeking to support advances in the effectiveness and scale of communication interventions for positive international development. View the web site:



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