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January 2006

  • Search TV News: Audio Recording Of Major TV News Broadcasts Is Now Searchable

      From today you can search TV news by what it has been said in them. A new search engine going live today provides the ability to type any query term and to search for those against the digital audio recordings of major TV news broadcasts. Just...
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    Robin Good -- January 31

    Ratings, Rankings And Recommendations: Tags Engines Better Than Traditional Search?

      There's quite a buzz now around so-called "tagging sites." The easiest way to describe tagging sites is that they are essentially a Web-based version of the favorites list on your Web browser. Users post their favorite Web sites and Web pages to these tagging sites, which...
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    Russell Perkins - Shore -- January 30

    Risks Of Cellular Phones: Bras Can Be Dangerous Antennas

      "...wearing an underwire (metal) bra. That underwire would be acting as a slave antenna re-broadcasting RF directly into the breast. This would tend to act as a promoter of any cancerous cells in the breast. As cities are all becoming wireless wonders the situation in Brisbane...
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    Chris Gupta - Share The Wealth -- January 30

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 37

      Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of new media resources and tools. In it you find the best new media tools and picks I run into every week during my daily research and explorations into the future of independent media publishing. Photo credit: Olga Shelego This week...
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    Robin Good -- January 29

  • Marketing Buzz Is A Conversation And Blogs Are Its Voices: The Global Conversation Is On

      The Blogosphere allows people to search for answers, to challenge and to build on established theories. It gives a person a voice in the global conversation, which is unrestrained by national borders, although some governments do tightly control the use of the Internet. Photo credit: Robin...
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    James Torio - James Torio -- January 28

    Presentation Tools And Resources for Visual Communicators: Best Picks From Sharewood

      Today, the online media universe is inventing and producing ideas, services and new tools at an unprecedented rate. For anyone, including topic experts, news researchers and media reporters like me, it is not easy to monitor and track all the new announcements, technology releases and...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - MasterViews International -- January 27

    Interface Design Contest: $ 1,500 To Make Good Look Better - The MasterNewMedia Design Challenge

      Interface designer? Information design guru? Online identity and branding director? UI geek? I am looking for you! Photo credit: Dragan Trifunovic Yes, the MasterNewMedia Design Challenge is open. Starting today, I am launching a web design contest open to anyone capable of designing with valid XHTML+CSS. What is it all...
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    Robin Good -- January 26

    What Video On The Web Should Be: Is Google Video A Model To Follow?

      While there's quite a bit of excitement about Google's new video search and ecommerce service it's also taken considerable flak being generated by those claiming to be in the know about what video on the Web should be. Photo credit: Google downloadable video player Many of these...
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    John Blossom - Shore -- January 26

    Online Team Collaboration Services: Near-Time Is On

      After a long gestation, first as a Mac-only application and then as a preview-only Web-based collaboration and team support service, Near-Time has been just launched. Near-Time is an online asynchronous collaboration platform that supports collaboration on all environments. It's web-based. It's hosted, so there's zero installation....
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- January 25

    Web-Based Applications Are The Next Wave: Zoho Shows The Way

      In the very near future more and more of the tools you will need to edit, write, collect and publish online, are going to be sitting and running on a remote server, and not on your local computer hard disk. While many have long realized this,...
    read more | cat.: | Link Matthew Guschwan -- January 24

    What Is A Blog? A Mirror Reflecting Your Soul - Nancy White

      What is a blog? Is it a mirror reflecting your soul, or is it a painting drawn for the rest of the world to admire? Online facilitator Nancy White's contribution is vividly painted and insightful making me see more of what blogs really are. Nancy White,...
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    Robin Good - TheWeblogProject -- January 23

    The Iranian Oil Exchange Proposal And The Demise Of The Dollar

      I am certainly not an economics expert, but as you have been reading the news I select, I am very attracted by giving exposure to news and stories, that not only get no coverage whatsoever on mainstream media, but which get little or no coverage at...
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    Krassimir Petrov - LeMetropole Cafe -- January 23

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 36

      Sharewood Picnic is my weekly opportunity to share the nest new media picks I have discovered in this last week. These are tools and services that have been either just announced or that I have been able to discover only now. I personally recommend each and...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- January 22

    Video Conferencing Insider Views: Interview With VSee Milton Chen

      After having reviewed and introduced to you the new and much improved VSee, high-quality videoconferencing web-based solution (Win only), I am publishing today the full text transcript and the streaming audio recording of this very interview conversation with Milton Chen of VSee. In this online interview Milton...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- January 21

    Resize Digital Images With No Quality Loss: PhotoZoom Professional

      Digital image editing software allows resizing and major enlargement of digital images with no apparent quality loss. Details here. ...
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    Robin Good and Monica Loeb - MasterViews International -- January 21

    Findability: Find Anyone Or Anything From Anywhere At Any Time

      UFOs (ubiquitous-findable-objects) are coming. The term 'ambient findability' describes a world at the crossroads of ubiquitous computing and the internet, in which we can find anyone or anything from anywhere at any time. It's not necessarily a goal, and we'll never achieve perfect findability, but we're surely...
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    Robin Good -- January 20

    Content Management System Selection: Key Factors Affecting Choice

      The volume of product-related information in companies is increasing by leaps and bounds. The reason is the growing multiplicity of products, software and services that require explanation. Photo credit: Mauro Bighin After the EU enlargement, not only large companies, even small and medium-sized enterprises must come to...
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    Daniela Straub and Michael Fritz - Tekom -- January 19

    News Online: Static Text-Only Is Over - Video And Audio Are Next

      Julian Gallo, a very talented journalism Professor from Argentina, has recently written an interesting article about how the trade should take full advantage of the direct publishing features of blogs as well as of the multimedia opportunities provided by the increased ease with which anyone can...
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    Julian Gallo - Mira! -- January 18

    Web Presentations? PowerPoint Not Required - S5 Is The Answer

      Open-source non-commercial template-based web presentation delivery system - if you can work with XHTML and CSS, and want to break out from the PowerPoint grip, S5 maybe a good road to go. Details. ...
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    Robin Good and Monica Loeb - MasterViews International -- January 17

    Learning On The Move: MLearning Is Next

      Times are changing. Education as we know it, is increasingly becoming a resisting and numbing force to liberating the collective intelligence potential and the disruptive capabilities that new media technologies have made recently available to us. Photo credit: Mobilearn Education, intended only as top-down, lecturing-based approach to...
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    Robin Good -- January 17

    Usury-Free Wealth Is Possible When People Will Start Thinking With Their Own Heads

      "When citizens are convinced that interest - which ought to be correctly called usury - on money is necessary, they accept without question the current state of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack that continues to dominate the world in a negative fashion as we progress...
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    Tom J. Kennedy [via Chris Gupta] - Share The Wealth -- January 16

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 35

      Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of new media resources and tools. In it you find the best new media tools and picks I run into every week during my daily research and explorations into the future of independent media publishing. Photo credit: Tyler Olson This week...
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    Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia -- January 15

    Learning Increases Passion: When You Know More You Appreciate More

      Learning music changes music. Learning about wine changes wine. Learning about Buddhism changes Buddhism. And learning Excel changes Excel. Photo credit: Vaida Petereikiene If we want passionate users, we might not have to change our products - we have to change how our users experience them. And...
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    Kathy Sierra - Passionate -- January 14

    MBA Admission Process: Wiki-Based Clear-Admit Has The Insider View

      Each year approximately 10,000 applicants apply to 'top tier' full time MBA Programs (Master degree in Business and Administration). MBA candidates have typically worked for a few years after their undergraduate experience and are now looking to return to school for a 2-year period. Their goal...
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    Robin Good -- January 13

    What Is A Blog? From Loic To Jay Everyone's Got A View
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    Robin Good - TheWeblogProject -- January 12

    Web Design, CSS And Online Typography: Best Of 2005

      If you are a web developer, an interface designer, or a webmaster with a strong interest for CSS and web design issues, you must pay a regular visit to Vitaly Friedman' site, who writes, collects and selects the very best resources and tools on these topics. Photo...
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    Vitaly Friedman - Vitaly Friedman Blog -- January 12

    Rapper's Delight: The Frisco Cabbie Rap With MC Mars

      I bet you've never taken a ride in a cab like this! San Francisco cab driver and award-winning multimedia artist M.C Mars does a freestyle rap while taking home video blogger and digital video evangelist Eli Chapman in the streets of San Francisco. Check out...
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    Eli Chapman - MyVideoKaraoke -- January 11

    Audio Transcription For Podcasts: JC Human vs.

      CastingWords is a nifty new online service which allows anyone to submit an audio podcast for immediate transcription into text. Photo credit: Kryptos The key innovations brought in by this very affordable new service (see further down my comparison with a traditional established broadcast transcriber) are the easy...
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    Robin Good and Matthew Guschwan -- January 11

    Participatory Journalism - From Reporting To Dialogue: An Italian Viewpoint

      "Unfortunately, I believe too many of us, editors and journalists, have lost contact with our readers. We often ask ourselves, "Do we have a story?" rather than asking, "Will someone be interested in reading this story?" Photo credit: Billy Ray And it goes on. "News providers had better...
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    Diego Galli - Il Mulino -- January 10

    Portable Projectors Are Here: Mitsubishi PocketProjector
      Mitsubishi has announced the upcoming availability of a new breed of truly portable projection devices: portable projectors. At just one pound, this new palm-sized technology opens up a whole new universe of opportunities for future projectors new applications and use. While this new entry from Mitsubishi remains...
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    Robin Good - MasterViews -- January 9

    Directed Panspermia: Are Cosmic Winds The Carriers Of Life?

      Thanks to independent media, and Slashdot in particular, who reported about it on Saturday, here is a news story that most mainstream media have decided not to cover or publish. The news story, is certainly not welcome by established religions and those in the world establishment...
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    Robin Good - Godfrey Louis, A. Santhosh Kumar - Mahatma Gandhi University -- January 9

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 34

      The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly public service to deliver you the latest new media resources, software and websites that can help you become a more effective independent publisher without having to rely on expensive corporate tools. Photo credit: Darren Hester In this picnic collection there is...
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    Kevin C. Borgia and Robin Good -- January 8

    PC Security: The Virus Is In The Blood

      There is news you can hardly find in your daily paper or even on the Internet: a discussion of exactly why viruses and worms can infect your computer, how much this is hurting business and personal productivity, and what should be done differently so that we...
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    Larry Geller - Disappeared News -- January 7

    P2P Videoconferencing Gets Better
      If you are looking to try out one of the latest and best performing video conferencing technologies available out there, you have come to the right place. Robin Good and Milton Chen of VSee while using the VSee videoconferencing technology Quietly launched over a year ago from a...
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    Robin Good - Kolabora -- January 6

    Effective PowerPoint Presentation Design With Guy Kawasaki 10-20-30 Rule

      Guy Kawasaki, PowerPoint 10-20-30 rule it's all over the blogosphere, and deservedly so... ...
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    Robin Good - MasterViews -- January 5

    Future Of Television Is Self-Service, P2P Distributed Media Consumption

      Today, 90% of people in the U.S. receive television signals into their homes via cable or satellite transmission*. These media distribution services and, to a large extent, the content they distribute, are owned by a small and shrinking number of very large companies. *source: Clark, Nicola. "Cable...
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    Dan J. Melinger - Massive Media -- January 5

    The Year Of Collaboration

      It's the New Year and time for pundits everywhere to predict every possibility that 2006 will bring. Chris Shipley of DEMO fame sees the need for collaborating effectively, and beyond superficial technology-only solutions. ...
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    Chris Shipley - Kolabora -- January 4

    Find Answers To Your Technical Questions: Lockergnome Helpshare

      //">Chris Pirillo has just launched //">Lockergnome HelpShare, a new, community-based technology-support answer-service, which allows anyone to post a technical question and to offer a monetary compensation in exchange. The service, based on the existing //">Helpshare technology, is free to use (until you have a problem you want...
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    Robin Good -- January 4

    Anti-Virus Protection Breakthrough?

      Today, anti-virus software solutions are based on methods and approaches which hackers are trying to bypass altogether. Virus writers are constantly re-inventing new ways and methods to infect and spread their malicious code, and as a research study funded by HP showed two years ago, "......
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    Robin Good -- January 3

    How Mass Media May Shape Deep Reality Assumptions? Lung Cancer, Smoke And The Trinity Test

      Though the sources and references in this report from Joe Vialls are hard to verify and check, and most readers will discount such story as paranoid-conspiracist, what I find most interesting is researching and understanding how the reality perceived by millions of people could be indeed...
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    Joe Vialls -- January 2

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 33

      It's the start of a new year in many parts of the world, but my discoveries, techno-gems, and new media picks never stop coming. Photo credit: Sherrie Smith Here is once again, the mini-crop of great services, tools and technologies I have run into in the past seven...
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    Robin Good -- January 1

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