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Friday, October 17, 2008

My AdSense Story And POP: A New Video Site For Would-Be Professional Publishers

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How can you become a successful AdSense publisher and live forever happy by writing and reporting about what you are most passionate about?


The time has finally come.

Starting today, if you are interested in becoming yourself some kind professional online publisher, you have a new resource to bookmark and check out frequently.

Nothing fancy, supercool or avant-garde. I have just opened a simple blog to start sharing what so many of you have been asking me to do: share more about my own secrets and experience as an independent web publisher.

The new site is called POP and in it you will start finding video clips dedicated to those, who like me, have a passion for something specific, love the idea of sharing, and cannot wait anymore to learn how to make the Internet become a sustainable source of income for their future.


What Is POP

POP is a new blog where, starting from today, I will be posting videos where I share my own advice on how I have become a successful online publisher and what you may want to start doing if you want to get yourself on my same online publishing path.

The name POP stands for Professional Online Publisher, which, and not just in my opinion, a fast emerging new professional web role which characterizes those who have chosen to devote their best skills and time to make web publishing their key activity and their main revenue source for sustainability.

A POP may also be someone, who has not gone the independent route altogether but who has chosen to master all of the skills and practices that differentiate a professional online publisher from any improvised blogger or amateur web publisher.

POP For Who?

POP is really a helping present to those who, like me, want to become professional online publishers of some kind.

There are many people in this group: from young digital natives who want to make of the Internet their future professional working ground, to media and communication professionals who understand the extra value that being able to communicate effectively online affords, to those who having already a commercial activity are determined to use the Internet to distribute, sell, promote and market their products.

It extends to training and education professionals who have come to appreciate how strategically valuable the effective use of this new media communication tools will be for their future. It includes also marketing, sales and PR people who now, more than ever before, need to help companies stand out from the crowd while being highly cost-effective.

If you cannot identify with one of those roles described above, POP and the rest of this may not be of real value to you.

If you are already a successful online publisher, if you have already understood how to create and manage your web content and how to monetize it effectively, if you have it down and figured how to get traffic and visibility from Google and the major search engines then what I am going to be freely sharing on POP may not be for you.

But, if instead, you do belong to one of the groups I have listed above, please read further along to find out:

a) why I am doing this and,

b) what you will find on the POP site

Why I Am Doing This

1) I am gradually abandoning the rush to report the latest product release or to cover another new technology announcement. The Web is full of this stuff and there is no end to the number of new blogs and sites springing up daily to add more coverage to such news. From Techcrunch to Mashable everyone seems interested only in two things: what is new and cool and where the money is going.

That's not where my interests are.

I am not into discovering whether Web 2.0 is another bubble or whether Sequoia Capital will finance other projects as the recession becomes more tangibly felt.

I am into testing, experimenting and finding out what works when it comes to communicating effectively online, whether it be via text, video or other formats. That's what I am into.

2) I am doing this because I was someone as unsatisfied with his job as you are, and I was someone who wanted to find a way to leverage the opportunities offered by new media to make myself independent. I have no advantage by keeping this information for myself. Quite to the contrary, as I have discovered personally, the more I share and give out the valuable stuff I know the more I am able to win greater trust, credibility and visibility in the online world.

3) Competent help is hard to find. When I first started there was no-one to help me out. Today there seems to be a thousand advisers and a million experts out there, wanting to help you out. But with so many fake offers, quick get rich schemes and hyped promises that you will be soon another Internet millionaire, it gets more and more difficult for anyone like me and you to easily tell who is really telling us the truth.

4) The information needed is scattered in a million different places.Finding and putting together the right information one needs to know to become a sustainable web publisher, gets to be more and more difficult. Web publishing is a complex topic which includes many different disciplines and competencies and the typical content you find online generally deals only with one of the many aspects of publishing online as such. The focus of most articles is so specific that it becomes very difficult for someone like you to be able to find all of the needed information and to pull it together in an organic, logical sequence.

What You Will Find If You Come

What you will find on POP, is a new, simple web site, with no special design or interaction pretense.

As outlined above, I will use POP to publish videos geared to help specifically those, who like you, want to find out more about how I have become a successful independent online publisher.

I have just made the site public and today you can find my first gift to would-be professional online publishers. It's a short video in which I share with you my story as a successful AdSense publisher and the key steps that got me here.

There is nothing to pay and no registration is required. Just go there now: and watch the video.

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