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Monday, May 4, 2009

Best Embeddable Online Video Widgets And Playlist Creators - Mini-Guide

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Video playlists are a simple but effective way for web publishers to create extra content that has much greater value than a single clip. By aggregating, picking and selecting a compilation of videos on a certain topic or subject, you can offer something unique and special which may get you greater credibility, authority, traffic and even money.


Embeddable video playlist creators make it easy for you as a web publisher to provide additional value, to monetize your extra video assets, and to engage your audience with fresh, niche- targeted content.

If you want to find out which are the best tools to create your own embeddable video compilations and playlists, I have prepared for you a list of the best embeddable widgets and video playlist editors complemented by a comparative feature table.

The key advantages of creating niche-targeted embeddable video playlists are threefold:

  1. Viewers can find related content quickly and easily without having to search for themselves. Making money on the Internet is not only about producing content, but scouting and organizing the material your audience is looking for. By putting in the time, you can provide this service and boost your web traffic without ever recording a single video of your own.
  2. You can gather your own videos either by thematic relevance, or as part of a series.
  3. If you have a longer video, it makes a lot of sense to break it down into several shorter clips, each with a clear title, so that viewers can easily skip to the chunk of your clip that most interest them.

Either way, you have cut out some of the search and navigation work required of your potential audience. The ability to select and bring together related videos is a skill in and of itself, and people will thank you for taking the time.

Here my selected tools map and comparative table to help you select the embeddable video playlist generator that may best fit your needs:

  • Sources: supported sites where you can grab video content
  • Player customization: personalization options of the embedded video player
  • Direct video uploads: direct upload from computer, webcam, camcorder or other video sources
  • Social media integration: redistribution and sharing of video playlists on social networks
  • Advertising: ads displayed inside widget on free version
  • Premium features: key advanced features offered in pro / paid accounts
  • Pro-starting price: first price level to access extended features


Best Embeddable Widgets And Playlist Creators Comparison Table


Best Embeddable Widgets And Playlist Creators

  1. Mogulus

    Video producers can use the Mogulus browser-based application to create video playlists to broadcast through a single player widget. Moguls widget can be embedded on any web site. Video clips can be either uploaded directly from your computer or they can be selected from video clips already available on YouTube. Mogulus comes in two flavors: In the Free version you get an ad-supported, fully customizable player that also sports an integrated viewer chat. With Pro version the video player is even more customizable, allowing you to remove all Mogulus logos, create private distribution channels, and choose among different video formats (4:3, 16:9 or 2.39:1) to display your videos. Pro version starts from $350/month.

  2. SplashCast

    SplashCast enables anyone to create streaming media channels that mix video, music, photos, text and RSS feeds. User-generated channels can be embedded and syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page. If you want to create a video playlist, you can directly upload your own clips, record from your webcam, or grab an existing YouTube video. SplashCast players are ads-free. The service has not charged users since its debut in 2007, but a few months ago the guys at SplashCast have decided to discontinue the free service and are currently working to offer a monthly subscription-based plan.

  3. CozmoTV

    CozmoTV is a widget-based video syndication network where users can create customized video playlists aggregating video content from the Web. Video playlists can be freely shared and redistributed on web sites or social networks. Videos can be grabbed from YouTube, or from your preferred content delivery network (a network of computers connected through the internet that serve content), but not directly uploaded from your computer. CozmoTV widgets can also integrate ads and help publishers generate more revenues while providing audience-targeted content. Widgets can be customized by choosing their appearance, the sequence of video clips and how the ads will appear inside the video stream. CozmoTV is free to use, but requires registration.

  4. ClipSyndicate

    ClipSyndicate is an online video syndication platform that can be used to organize a collection of video clips into audience-targeted playlists. Users can browse the existing ClipSyndicate video archive or utilize their own video content, live TV streams or podcasts. Video channels can then be embedded on any web site using Flash or JavaScript players. Each channel is available for syndication through RSS. Publishers can also use ClipSyndicate to generate new revenues out of their video assets by using banner advertising. Ad revenues are shared among publishers, content providers, and ClipSyndicate. Free, but registration needed.

  5. Embedr

    Embedr is a free service that lets anyone create a custom playlist of videos using almost any video-sharing site of the web. Users can browse YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, and others (here the complete list) to add their preferred video clips or just make a quick search from Embedr built-in search engine to build playlists automatically. The service does not accept direct video uploads. Embedr widget player is ad-free and can be personalized with title, tags, and descriptions both for the playlist and each one of the individual videos. The player can also be customized in different colors and video formats (4:3 and 16:9). Registration is not necessary, but allows users to save their playlist for further modifications.

  6. Jamzee

    Jamzee is a service that creates playlists made up of YouTube videos to share on web sites, blogs or social networks. Direct uploads are not permitted. Building a video playlist is as easy as searching for your favorite videos using the built-in search engine and ordering them. Video playlists are not customizable, nor redistributable once embedded in a Flash-based widget. Jamzee does not support ads, but since YouTube allows advertisements inside videos, playlist might show ads as well. Jamzee is completely free to use, but registration is mandatory.

  7. allows users to gather relevant videos and build a custom free video channel. Videos can be collected on the web or uploaded directly, even from webcams. Video channels can be embedded and redistributed on any web site or social network using a dedicated player or different types of widgets. Video playlists can be extensively customized by editing their size, colours, thumbnails, tags, and other options. allows publishers to serve ad-supported content and generate new revenues from the monetization of their existing video assets. Pro version starts from $249/month and supports integration with Google AdSense, custom watermarks to brand playlists, and many other further customization possibilities.

  8. Vodpod

    Vodpod is a free web-based service to gather video clips on the Web and organize them in video playlists that can be embedded on any web site or social network. But the use of Vodpod is not limited to web videos: in fact users can upload their own clips as well. Videos can be added to a playlist using the built-in search engine on Vodpod homepage, or a dedicated button that can be easily installed inside the browser. Videos can be ordered in a sequence and distributed via a large set of widgets, Twitter or a customized player. Vodpod playlists are also ad-supported. The service allows you to choose between a standard 4:3 or a wide 16:9 video player, which is the perfect choice to display HD videos. Registration is necessary to use Vodpod.

  9. YouTube Reloaded

    YouTube Reloaded is a free service that collects videos from YouTube and organizes them in playlists that can be embedded on any web site or social network. Creating a video playlist is a matter of minutes. Users just have to choose a set of keywords that will be used to perform a search inside YouTube, the size of the player, some limited options to customize the appearance of the embeddable player, and whether the playlist will start without user input. Videos cannot be manually arranged in a sequence (there is a generic "shuffle" option) and, once embedded, the ad-free player is not redistributable. No registration is required to use YouTube Reloaded.

  10. enables users to generate YouTube-based video playlists that can be embedded anywhere on the web using a Flash player. Playlists can be based on search terms, favorites from a particular user, or related videos. Just like YouTube Reloaded, very few customization possibilities are available (the only difference with is you can decide the position of the playlist - above or beneath the video), and the generated player does not support advertisements, nor cannot be redistributed. is free and does not require any registration.

  11. Muzu TV

    Users who want to build a music video playlist might want to check out Muzu TV. This video platform has a large archive of music videos, documentaries, TV shows, interviews, behind the scenes, tutorials and rare footage that registered users can freely remix and organize in playlists to embed on web sites, blogs, or social networks. Users cannot upload their own videos to the service. Every player is freely redistributable and customizable, but not ads-free. Videos can be watched in high quality and commented by registered users for a more engaging watching experience. Muzu TV is free to use.

  12. BricaBox ***DEAD

    BricaBox allows registered users to gather videos in niche-oriented playlists that can be embedded on web sites and social networks. Direct upload is not supported. Unlike other competitors BricaBox does not use a widget or a Flash-based player to aggregate videos, but rather puts together videos on a standard web page, each one embedded in its own player. Playlists are syndicated via RSS and support advertisement. BricaBox is free to use but requires registration. Even BricaBox shut down in the summer of 2008, the service is still available to use however you won't get any official support or have extra features added.

  13. YouTube Custom Playlist

    Users who want to stick to YouTube to create and distribute their video playlists, can use the built-in free playlist generator. All you need is a YouTube or Google account. Users can explore YouTube video archive or upload their own clips from their own computer and webcam. YouTube playlists are completely redistributable inside any web site, blog, or social network. Video playlists are ad-supported, and take advantage of all YouTube features: high-quality, HD uploads, comments, ratings, and more. Players can be customized choosing their colour, size, or adding a title and a description.

  14. Viddler Vidgets

    Video-sharing sites Viddler provides a free widget (they call it vidget) to create video playlists out of videos submitted by users, or existing videos inside Viddler archive. Viddler vidgets can be embedded on any web page or blog, and there's even a Facebook app. You can choose between three different playlist fashions (list, playlist, reel) and customize the color and size of the player. Additional options include setting the maximum number of videos that can be played and whether videos should begin playing with no input by the user.

Originally prepared by and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia, and first published on May 4th, 2009 as "Best Embeddable Online Video Widgets And Playlist Creators - Mini-Guide".

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