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Friday, September 16, 2005

What Is A Blog? New Media Culture 101

James Torio has recently taken on the challenge to write about blogs and media phenomenon they represent: blogs are social change tools, business venues, support and development instruments, wonderful marketing channels, gateways to innovative learner-centered education and peer-review journals for a new media world in which each individual can have a voice that is equally accessible as the one coming from CNN or the BBC.

Nonetheless the big fuss many of the early adopters of blog technology have made of their newly acquired communication potential, only a handful of them have fully understood and leveraged the opportunities offered to them by the new medium.

What bloggers have yet failed to achieve in full, is having been able to clearly communicate and explain the power that these tools offer to the non-technical person. The immense opportunity yet untapped by our many brothers and sisters who while having a sharp mind and desire to have an impact by communicating to others their ideas are still stuck in sending emails to their network of contacts.

James Torio does a great a job of providing such a support, enabling those who are still untouched or even alienated by the blogging revolution to learn and understand better what is really happening.

If you are such a person I invite you to spend some time reading his outstanding thesis paper, which, with his permission, I will be joyfully bringing to you via this column.

If you want to "know", "use" and "benefit" from blogs in the future, this is recommended reading. It's New Media Culture 101.

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