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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Publish Video Messages Online From Your Smartphone

"From Bloggers wanting to transmit video onsite from an event, to families wishing to share special moments with distant members, to first-on-the-scene Citizen Reporters transmitting as a story happens, to workers in the field needing to use video to get their message across -- anyone can now have their own portable TV station ready to broadcast at a moment's notice."

A company called ComVu is developing two technologies that allow this to happen by simply using your smartphone. Already in beta: live "one to many" transmission from a mobile device and "do-it-yourself" video networking.

Key service features will include:

  • Instant notification to groups of contacts via SMS, IM or email

  • Inclusion of tags and other video information to help categorize and search for videos.

  • Capture geo-position data in video stream to allow viewers to locate transmission point.

  • Immediate posting of video to a blog.

  • "One-button" Webcasting with event notification software.

  • Automatic video archiving

  • Provisioning of a personal Webcast page for easy access to videos by viewers.



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