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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Download Video From Popular Video Sharing Sites: A Mini-Guide

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Looking for an easy way to download your favorite videos from YouTube, Google Video or any other popular video sharing site? Keep on reading, then, because you might find some good hints here.

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Video sharing sites are increasingly a resourceful destination for entertainment, documentary, indie clips, music and a lot more. The only drawback they video sharing sites have is that in most cases there is no feature allowing the easy and immediate downloading of your preferred clips so that you could actually watch them even when not connected to the Internet.

But, unknown to many, there are indeed many easy ways to download your favorite video clips without having to install any particular software and independently of the operating system you are using on your computer.

I am referring to web-based video downloading services that not only let you download all the video clips you want but which also convert the same video clips in any of the many video file formats that you have a specific preference for.

In this mini-guide I am providing you with a short-list of some of the most popular of such video downloading services.

If you wish to suggest other services for inclusion in this mini-guide feel free to contribute as well by posting a comment at the end of the article.



VideoDL is an Ajax application that allows you to download online videos on your computer. VideoDL supports YouTube, Google Video and In order to download the videos you like, you simply need to copy the link of the page with video and paste it into the textbox. Then, click "Get It!" and follow the instruction. After you have saved the files into your hard drive, make sure the extension of the file is .flv. VideoDL is free to use.





Vixy is a website that lets you download videos from popular sites and allows you to convert the m into various video formats (including iPod and PSP). You simply need to enter the URL of the video and Vixy will do the rest. This service is open source and developers interested in making changes to it can freely download the source code. Vixy is completely free to use.





KeepVid is a site that allows you to download videos from many video sharing sites, including YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, DailyMotion,, Revver and other popular sites. Remember that once the video is downloaded on your computer, you will have to add the .flv extension manually. KeepVid is free to use.





VideoDownloader is a site that supports a great list of video sharing sites and more importantly, it's also available as a Firefox extension, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it within your browser. Like similar web services, all downloaded videos are in .flv format; therefore, you will need to use a video converter in order to watch the video (unless your video player doesn't support .flv). VideoDownloader is completely free to use.



YouTubeX ***DEAD


YouTubeX is a site that lets you download videos from YouTube. It doesn't have a lot of options in terms of video sites among which you could choose, but in its simplicity it works fine. It also enables you to share the YouTube video with your friends via e-mail. All the downloaded files are called "get_video", and you will have to add the .flv extension manually. YouTubeX is completely free to use.





DownThisVideo is a website that lets you download videos from YouTube, GoogleVideo, MetaCafe, Vimeo and other services. You simply have to paste the link in the search box and the service will do all the work for you. Please note that AVI and MP4 formats are allowed for Google Video only. DownThisVideo is free to use.





KissYouTube is a service that provides two interesting ways to download videos from YouTube. The first is to go on the page where the video is located and add the word "kiss" in front of the domain name; once you press Enter, the browser will bring you to the KissYouTube site, where you will be able to download the video. Alternatively, you can simply go on the KissYouTube website, enter the URL of the video and push "Get it". The video will be downloaded in .flv format. Free to use.





YouTubeDownloads is an interesting service that lets you download videos from YouTube (other sites are not supported). Once you enter the link to the video you want to download, you will be able to save it as a .flv file. You will need to use a video player that supports this file format in order to be able to watch it. YouTubeDownloads is completely free to use.




youtubia_logo.gif is a YouTube clone that lets you download and save YouTube videos within your IE or Firefox browser. YouTube videos are downloaded in the new .flv (flash video) format, and you will need a .flv Player to watch them. You might have to rename the file extension of the downloaded video file to be ".flv" before you can play it. Free to use.





Kcoolonline is a site that lets you download videos on your hard disk from more than 90 sites, including YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, iFilm and MySpace, Yahoo and many more. Some time file comes with name "get_video"; in those occasions, you need to rename it and add the .flv extension. Kcoolonline is completely free to use.





Hey!Watch provides a simple way to download videos from video sharing sites and encode. You can download videos from Google Video, YouTube, Metacafé, Break, MySpace and many other video sites. Videos can be encoded in iPod format, PSP, 3GP and other popular formats. The API of Hey!Watch can be easily integrated in any web or desktop applications. The service is not free and 1 encode credit only costs you $0.10 or 0.07€.





MediaConverter is a platform that lets you download and convert videos straight from YouTube. Among the supported file formats there are .avi, .flv, .mov, 3GP and many others. MediaConverter also enables you to upload your own videos and convert them easily. MediaConverter is completely free to use.



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Livia Iacolare -

Readers' Comments    
2010-11-26 22:43:29

John Doe

Here is another good You Tube downloader site that is free -

2009-03-20 18:26:24


Hi you miss this new services!

DowVid is a powerful video script to search & download videos from YouTube and save as many different video formats, such as FLV, MP4 and 3GP. You can search, download and transfer YouTube video into your PC, iPod, PSP, iPhone, PDA, PocketPC, Cell Phone, or other portable video device.
I hope you add this helpfull service in your list :)

2008-09-02 18:44:41

simon bullock

You should try a web 2.0 application to mass grab video from 30 sites and auto populate your video sharing scripts or wordpress blogs.

2008-07-16 01:30:44



2008-05-20 01:05:10

steveking1 today announces YouTube Robot 2.0, a tool that enables you to download video from onto your PC, convert it to various formats to watch it when you are on the road on mobile devices like mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, PSP, or Zune.

Product page:
Direct download link: 3w.youtuberobot.comdownloadutuberobot.exe
Company web-site:

2008-02-03 11:35:35


PQ FLV Downloader can download Youtube, MetaCafe, and many online videos by only one click.
Very easy to use. See
Download from here:

2008-01-30 13:56:09


Great site where you can search, view and download videos from YouTube, MetaCafe and

2008-01-08 17:02:29


Here is a nice site where you can search, watch and download any YouTube video.


2007-12-20 14:54:27

Thx for the Post Admin,
Using Kcoolonline site you can download videos from Google, Myspace, Youtube more than 121 video sites. Just post your favorite video site and we will try to make it compatible with

2007-11-28 09:17:05

Xcrow can search & download Videos from the most popular video site

2007-11-16 14:21:48


download video from youtbe google metacafe myspace dalymotion and more on

2007-11-13 15:04:47

rick62 is a pretty good one too

2007-10-03 11:52:54


I prefere with multi download and converter

2007-09-21 22:30:39



one more method which I highly recommend is to use.. "Zillatube". I like the video download speed this program can provide, besides being able to play and convert those videos too.

it's at

hope this helps.

2007-06-21 07:30:56

Paavan Solanki

Dear Robin,

Excellent list we have found your website, some of new for me.

We have launched exclusive video sharing website for water world community

We are providing same type of services, how to submit our website.

Also send your suggetion and comment for our site.


2007-06-20 13:55:58


Another great posting, but if you really want to download a quality independent video series, you should check for a podcast url before hacking

2007-06-14 10:36:17


I would like add another great video uploading site called orbitdownload
it's fast, easy and best of all free.

2007-05-30 12:32:46


I would like to add a couple links to the extensive effort of my RG friends.

Save Tube
lets you download youtube videos in their native Flash Video (flv) format.

can bring back to light removed youtube videos by code, plus featuring a nice random removed video player.

2007-05-28 04:12:44

Charlie Balch

Thanks for publishing this. I just did my own review of of content scrapers and decided on...

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