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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Photo Sharing: New Digital Photo Tools Make It Easy To Share, Organize, Publish Your Best Pictures

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Looking to get some of your just captured best digital shots and send them over to a colleague across the ocean? In need to create an online professionally-designed photo album where to present your latest photo-shoot? Want to create an effective photo slide-show without having to use PowerPoint?

Photo credit: Elena Kalistartova

Whatever your need, when it comes to sharing, organizing and presenting digital pictures, a slew of (mostly free) online applications and tools are at your disposal, ready to be discovered. Here the latest digital photo sharing, image organization and mobile photo distribution online tools we have discovered.

  1. Photo sharing software lets you send pictures privately to your friends
  2. Mobile photo sharing service lets you upload pictures from your mobile and share them with your contacts
  3. Photo album producer lets you create slideshows and web-based photo albums
  4. Photo sharing site with Flash-based photo editor lets you edit your picture and create online albums
  5. Photo organizer gives you an intuitive way to manage your pictures online
  6. Photo hosting service lets you display your pictures online using elegant page designs
  7. Mobile photo sharing service enables you to upload pictures and also print them at good prices
  8. Photo sharing community lets users users create slideshows and set up their own blogs
  9. Mobile photo sharing service allows users to take pictures with their camera phone and share them with others
  10. Multimedia creation service enables you to build your multimedia site and share photos and videos

  1. PowerSnap


    PowerSnap is a software that allows you to send pictures privately to friends via automatic photo sharing. You simply need to create folders containing images on your computer and make your contacts subscribe to your photos. Once you tag your pictures, your friends will automatically receive all the pictures they are interested in. You can subscribe to photo streams from other PowerSnap or Flickr users. Free download.

  2. Fotochatter
    Fotochatter is a service that lets you upload pictures from your mobile and share them with your network of contacts. You can browse and explore other users and their photos on your phone or the web. Once you sign up, create your own profile and public gallery and start sending photos from your camera phone to the phones of all your friends in one easy step. Fotochatter should work on any carrier in any country and is completely free to use.

  3. JAlbum
    JAlbum is a tool that produces web based photo albums with index pages and slide shows. You choose the look of the album, color themes, layouts, picture and thumbnail sizes, music, navigation and much more. With JAlbum your pictures are not tied to one site, because you can publish your albums on any web page or share it straight from your computer. You can create albums with text and comments in any language, because JAlbum speaks 30 languages. Free to use.

  4. Zorpia
    Zorpia is a photo sharing site that developed a Flash-based photo editor which integrates the most popular photo editing functions. The web-based editor includes features like crop, rotate, brightness, saturation, hue, tint, unlimited undo or redo, save a copy, and also supports non-destructive editing. By using the Zorpia photo album feature, members can store unlimited pictures. Zorpia is completely free to use.

  5. Gallery
    Gallery is an open source web-based photo album organizer. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site. You can have as many photo galleries as you want on your web server, and each gallery contains as many photo albums as you want. Gallery is open licensed under the GPL and is completely free to download and use.

  6. Zenfolio
    Zenfolio is a site that provides hosting service for your photo galleries. You can show your photos using elegant page designs and easy organizational tools. You get unlimited storage for original full size files up to 10MB each. Ordering prints and photo products is easy: you can choose from two pricing plans including unlimited uploading or 1GB of storage for every year, starting at only $25 per year. Check out the complete pricing list for this service.

  7. Snapfish
    Snapfish is a service that allows you to upload your photos and share them online. If you don't have internet access, you can also simply email your photos to from a camera phone or your email account. Snapfish also lets you print your pictures and the first 20 prints are absolutely free. You can store as many photos as you'd like and then share them online. Snapfish lets you create customized albums and do some basic editing to all your photos.

  8. PictureTrail
    PictureTrail is a photo sharing service that lets its members share their photos online with family and friends. Other options include image hosting, photo products and a wide array of customization options. The social networking features include customizable member profile pages and many community interaction options from blogs to friends pages to clubs. PictureTrail lets you create custom slideshows - called "Photo Flicks" - which are Flash-based and available in unique designs. Free to use

  9. Radar
    Radar is a service that lets you take pictures with any camera phone and immediately share them with your friends. Whenever you share your pictures on Radar, you can invite friends and let them immediately browse and comment from their phone or PC. And you can see their pictures, quickly and easily, wherever you are. A brand new feature lets users upload also videos from their mobile phones. Free sign up.

  10. dotPhoto
    dotPhoto is a site that helps users makes it simple to create multimedia works, by providing you with the means to build your own personal web site and share your photos and videos. dotPhoto offers you unlimited storage for your photos and videos and also enables you to order professional prints of your pictures. You will get 50 free prints once you sign up. All prices can be viewed here dotPhoto is completely free to use.

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good -
Readers' Comments    
2007-05-02 12:46:13


Do you need to post your images,photos or videos for sharing?
Pixilive is a free image hosting service. Upload your pictures, images or videos and share them easily with your friends, family, or on Forums, messenger mail, Blogs, Avatars, etc.. This service is completely FREE!!

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Upload,copy codes and paste!3 easy steps & it's free!

2007-04-25 06:23:16


Another important utility that I would love to share regarding JAlbum is
Making a JAlbum directly web-accessible with Purplenova
Purplenova ( can make your JAlbum directly web-accessible from your PC. You no longer have to host the album with a ISP for your friends to be able to view it.
Simply drag and drop your JAlbum directory (Gigabytes?... no problem!) into Purplenova and pass a single URL to your friends. Your JAlbum remains with you, and pictures are streamed securely on demand when your friends access them through any plain Browser.
Detailed instructions are at:

Thanks & Regards,

2007-02-04 00:44:53

Tabitha Geary, Memory Organizer

I appreciate this overview of services available. I was familiar with several of these, but some are new. In my work with digital photo archiving, it really helps to be able to have these kinds of resources to offer to my clients. Thanks!

2007-01-29 11:38:02

Carl Conrad

A interesting post with new actors... I just wanted to add a word about our KoffeePhoto, free photo sharing software. Our model is slightly different as we encrypt the pictures and store them on a shared peer-to-peer network. Pictures are duplicated for safety and only people you want to share them with get a key in order to access them. We newly added a private web space. Worth looking at!

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