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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Search Engine Optimization With Wordpress: All In One SEO Pack for WordPress - Video Tutorial

If you are a WordPress blogger and you are curious about how you can start optimizing your blog so that your articles come up higher inside Google and other major search engines results pages here are some pointers, a good video tutorial and SEO advice on how you can significantly improve your search engine results ranking without needing to hire a dedicated SEM firm.

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Michael Pick, former Executive Technology Editor and Reviewer here at Master New Media, has just released a new video tutorial showcasing some great WordPress plugins that are going to make your life easier when it comes to optimize your web pages for the major search engines.

If you are interested in better understanding how you can do by yourself some effective SEO and how you can tell hype and untested claims from true SEO expert advice check out this cool video and my personal SEO advice to you right after it.




Tubetorial writes:

"WordPress normally comes with the option to use 'nice URLs' for your entries, as explained in the first Tubetorial of the 7 Essential WordPress Hacks, How To Get More Search Engine Traffic With One Simple Tweak, but your blog still can be improved a lot when it comes to SEO.

The optimal plugin All In One SEO Pack for WordPress is the ultimate SEO Plugin you were waiting for. The plugin brings what is missing in WP: description, keywords, blog title, post titles and many more. ..."

And I must agree, if you publish your web site or blog via WordPress, this is definitely a handy plugin to have around if you care about increasing your exposure and visibility on all of the major search engines. But.... careful. Not everything that shines is gold! Read my personal SEO comments and suggestions after having seen the video, and you will go away with some extra truth and a little less fluff.

Robin Good's SEO advice

1) Titles
Instead of having a plugin give the search engines a different title from what you have on your page, my advice is to learn yourself how to write great titles and to place those very titles BOTH on the top of your article content as well as web Page Titles for your content. That's what Google likes.

2) Adding Keywords
Using this or any other SEO plugin to stuff your meta-content tags with relevant keywords is worth nothing. Show me a major search engine listening to those keywords and giving you a better ranking or more visibility thanks to those and I'll buy you a dinner. Beware of who sells you spaghetti and has almond eyes.

3) Description meta-tag
While Google, or for that matter any of the major search engines, do not need a description meta tag to be able to provide a good excerpt describing your page contents (see for yourself), SEO experts and tools like this one would have you believe that providing a good "meta-description" can help to make sure that those search engines have something readable to display under results listing your site. False. Example: Check this page. Now check its source code (View -> Page Source in Firefox). The meta-description provided in the source code reads: "This article discribes how to make Google love your Drupal based website with some modules and simple tweaks". Now do this Google search for "description field google seo" and scroll down in the search results page until you see listed Dummies Guide to Drupal SEO. Now read that description. It reads: "Why use the Description Meta tag? Google use this in it's search results page as a ... Scroll down further and you'll see the URL path setting field. ..." Did Google use the meta-description provided by the webmaster?

4) Write great content is the killer plugin.
And while writing great content is nowhere as easy as it seems, anyone with enough eyes, time and curiosity can easily understand and master the many different components and skills that lead to it.

5) Unless you see results at work, be skeptical.
It takes zero effort to say something is cool and great but having had no real trial on the ground can keep you from seeing hype from reality. Trust always tools and reports where you can "see" a practice, method or trick and you can see yourself the results it generates. Don't take someone' s else word for it. Here is a good example of past SEO advice where fluff was greatly exceeding true, reliable advice.

Original article written by Robin Good for Master New Media and titled: "Search Engine Optimization With Wordpress: All In One SEO Pack for WordPress - Video Tutorial"

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