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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Guide Oct 19 08

Video conferencing? Need to share very large files with your team? Want to organize your team project while keeping in touch with all of your team members? This online collaboration tools Sharewood Guide has the tools you are looking for.

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Here the full set of online collaboration tools I have chosen for you this week:

  1. Qnext: Connect with different instant messaging networks through text-chat, video conferencing and file sharing
  2. Netcipia: Create your free wiki pages with no limitations in terms of users, pages and file storage
  3. Tatango: Send instant messages to every member of your groups directly from your mobile phone or PC
  4. WhaleMail: Send files up to 10 people with no size limit
  5. Scrumy: Organize your team easily with this visual project manager
  6. ReFrame It: Post comments on any web page, and let other people read or add their own comments
  7. Yahoo! Messenger Pinbox: Chat privately with your website visitors directly from your Yahoo! Messenger account
  8. GBridge: Extend Google Talk's features including screen sharing and remote control facilities




  1. Qnext

    Qnext is a downloadable application for Windows, Mac and Linux that combines instant messaging, audio / video conferencing, and file transfer. You can send messages to all of your contacts on IM services like Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ, or simply interact with Qnext users by text messaging, using video chat, or sharing files of any size. Free to download and use.

  2. Netcipia

    Netcipia is an online wiki solution which allows users to create free wikis for their team. You can create your own private or public wiki by signing up to the service for free, and by giving the wiki a name: it'll have no limitations in terms of users that can join, pages that can be created, or storage space for your files. Netcipia is free to use.

  3. Tatango

    Tatango is a collaboration platform that lets you keep in touch with your team members. You can send one message directly from your computer or mobile phone to all of your group members, keeping them connected at anytime. The service is completely free to use after a simple registration.

  4. WhaleMail

    WhaleMail is another way to send large files to multiple recipients (up to 10). With no limitation on the file size, you can upload all of your files to the service, type email addresses of the people that you want to send the file to, and wait for the upload process to complete. Recipients will then receive a confirmation email containing the link to download the file, which will stay online for 14 days. Free.

  5. Scrumy

    Scrumy is a project management solution that anyone can use to organize his team's tasks. You can create your team page without any registration, and start adding tasks, which you can drag&drop into four different categories: "To Do", "In Progress", "Verify" and "Done". Any task can be assigned to anyone by typing his email into the box. Free to use.

  6. ReFrame It

    ReFrame is a browser extension available for both Firefox and Internet explorer that lets you post comments on any web page. To leave a comment install the extension, highlight any part of the text, and type in your comment in the right side column that appears. People will then be able to see your comment as they scroll the page using ReFrame It, and to leave their own. Free to download and use.

  7. Yahoo! Messenger Pinbox

    Yahoo! Messenger Pinbox is a web service that enables you to chat privately with visitors on your social network profiles, blog, or website through Yahoo! Messenger. You can easily create your widget and embed it anywhere you want: people can then chat with you privately, and you can reply to them using only your Yahoo! Messenger. Conversations between you and visitors are private, even if there many people on your site. Free.

  8. GBridge

    GBridge is a free software that lets you extends Google Talk's features by connecting your computers and your close friends' computers directly and securely: you can chat, share files with others with no upload process, and VNC with the other PC to offer or receive assistance using screen sharing and remote control features. The service is free to download and use on Windows platforms only.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on October 19th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Guide Oct 19 08"

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