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Friday, November 11, 2005

Online Advertising Future Is Consumer-Generated Media

"Podcasting, blogs and 'wiki' will continue to gain momentum and attract an increasing number of consumers - both content creators and content users.

All indicators point to consumer generated media becoming a promising 'ad spend' opportunity, particularly for advertisers looking to reach specific micro-communities.

Interactive advertising service providers seeking to capitalize on these opportunities will need to provide scale in both global advertiser acquisition and service delivery, and in data complexity - handling hundreds of thousands of sites with millions of transient visitors.

New technologies will make ad delivery easier for publishers and advertisers, including filtering unsuitable content to protect advertisers from unwanted impressions.

Better blog and audio/video search tools will increase traffic and dramatically improve relevance metrics."

Read the other nine critical factors that will affect online advertising in the near future.



Reference: 24/7 Real Media [ Read more ]
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