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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Online Video Marketing: Basic Tips And Advice From A Video Marketing Evangelist - Lasse Rouhiainen - Part 2

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How do you go about distributing your videos online in an effective fashion? How do you choose the right keywords to title your clips? If you are just starting up with online video marketing, these are probably some of your most pressing concerns.

Lasse Rouhiainen and Robin Good - Photo credit: Robin Good

In this second interview (here part 1) I asked Lasse Rouhiainen to share some basic tips and advice for those like you who are beginners in this field, and want to know more.

Lasse Rouhiainen is a professional video publisher and web marketer who works in the tourism sector in sunny Spain. Lasse helps travel agencies and professionals become proficient in online video marketing and promoting their offerings in a better way.

Given his passion and his desire to help other people, I asked Lasse to kindly share with you some of the stuff he teaches every day to his customers. Where to start and how to simply avoid common mistakes when you decide to approach the fascinating, yet competitive, sector of marketing through online videos.


Online Video Marketing - Video Interview With Lasse Rouhiainen - Part 2

Duration: 17' 27"

Full English Text Transcription


Robin Good: Hi everyone, this is Robin Good from Rome, and this is the second part of my insider video interview with Lasse Rouhianen, who's in Alicante, Spain, and is a video marketing expert.

He works with all kinds of guys, especially in the field of tourism and he helps people understand how you can use your video to better market your message. How to use your video to do some serious business and not just get a million of views.

If you haven't seen the first part, go check it out. It's on YouTube, on Just search for it on Google, you'll find it right now.

Lasse welcome again!

Lasse Rouhiainen: Thanks Robin, it's great to be here!


The Key Factor to Increase Views on YouTube

Robin Good: Good, let me shoot at you immediately another good question: what is that one thing that, no matter what the video is, not changing the content, one thing you can do when you upload a video to YouTube, that if you do it right is going to positively increase the number of your views?

Lasse Rouhiainen: You are meaning that when you upload your video to YouTube? When you have your video ready and you upload to YouTube? Is that your question?

Robin Good: Yeah, my question is what is one factor that can affect the number of views that your video will get independently of content, that you can become more aware of and use it better for your own sake.

Lasse Rouhiainen: Yeah, I understand. That's a good question. To answer I'd like to give a bit of background.

I see a lot of people just uploading videos to YouTube, and one thing is that you upload the video, and the other thing is that you optimize the video.

When you optimize the video, one of the most important thing is to use the right long-term keywords, and that's the same as writing an article, or writing a blog post, or publishing whatever.

If you do some keyword research and if you use the right keywords you can have really nice results with your video. Because YouTube is kind of an authority site nowadays, and many YouTube videos will come up in the first page of Google search.

Keyword research: I would say that's number one thing. Keyword research and using the right long-term keywords in the title of your videos is the number one thing I would say.


How to Find Relevant Keywords For Your Videos

Robin Good: Well, those ideas are very clear for me, but let's say I am somebody who has a new book business and I've got a new title and my book is about how to cultivate tropical flowers.

What are these long keywords, and how do I go about finding them? You said that I have to use specific long-keywords in the title, can you give me an example on how you go about this?

Lasse Rouhiainen: I would start by using some free tools that you can use to do keyword research and one of the great ones is by Google.

In Google if you type "AdWords Keyword Tool", you will find the Google's own tool which will give ideas of what kind of keywords people are searching. So, there, you would type your main keyword which was "tropical flower... something", and then you would see what kind of variations there are and that's how you start your optimizing, or that's how you start finding keywords.

By the way, I want to emphasize here that when you do this exercise it will also give you ideas for your next video because it will see what kind of other and related keywords people are searching for. It could be "how to best protect your tropical flowers" or something, and now you can do one video for that. It can also give you more ideas on doing more content.

Robin Good: Let's see if I understand this correctly. You suggest that every time I'm going to title a video, I'm going to try to find what people would be searching for, if they wanted to see that video.

One way to do it you suggest is to use the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool, and I just noted today that if you go just only also on a simple Google page, and you just type something, even before you click the search button, Google is going to show up for you a drop-down menu with all suggestions.

These suggestions are very significant because they show how other people are thinking, or better how they are phrasing, what they are looking for, differently than you.

So you think, because you wrote a book, that you're dealing with "cultivating tropical flowers", but maybe in the head of many people, this is just "raising flowers in hot climate". Maybe people think of it this way.

Lasse seems to be suggesting you need to find out which way people think. the Google search box and the suggestions that come out is a way, the Google AdWords is another one. There are many tools out there that people can use for this purpose.

Great, now I understand better what you're referring to.


Is Uploading Videos to Multiple Sites a Good Strategy?

Robin Good: I've heard a lot of people talking about getting your video to as many video sharing sites as possible. Is that a good strategy to use? Why?

Lasse Rouhiainen: I think it's a good strategy, because there are tools, and let's say there are good sites, similar to YouTube, where people are searching for content.

My answer would be that if your video is good there's a good reason to share it. It's kind of like if you have a good article, which is adding value to people. You want to share with as many people as possible.

In addition to YouTube, there are great video search engines and video sharing sites. I would definitely share it and upload to those sites, but you have to have a good quality video so if you're just doing junk or something that doesn't make sense or add value, then of course there's no meaning.

I would say that's a really important thing, and also for you to understand that YouTube is a great place but it's not the only place. There's like 20 or 25 really good video sites, and those can also rank in Google and also have their own traffic, and their own users that are looking for your content. I would definitely use them.

Robin Good: Ok, that's pretty much my general feelings, but as I've been thinking about this, I've realized that, first of all, Google evidently gives a lot of advantage to video results that are inside YouTube and Google Video. They will not bring up results from other video sharing sites if they have that stuff.


Let Each Video-Sharing Site Customize Your Video Individually

Robin Good: If you now go and upload your video to 25 different sites with the same title, and metadata, that is same tags, and same descriptions, you're actually replicating your content over the place.

To me, and this is just my reasoning in the last 48 hours, it would be a really good feature, and I wrote this in the new media predictions, that these services are going to provide a feature whereby you can modify for each individual service at least the title, if not the description and the tags, so that you can differentiate and broaden up the number of all hooks from which the people can find your content. Because you may use your main keywords on YouTube, and then some other people may using those other different keywords, and so you're stuck. You got 20 videos all with the same label.

A good innovation for me would be going that way. What do you think?

Lasse Rouhiainen: I think that's fantastic. Sometimes I do that manually. I go to those sites that I've uploaded the video and I change it there after uploading it. If there would be that kind of service, that would be fantastic because you could even optimize your video in all the sites much better. I really agree 100%.


Black-hat tactics in Online Video Marketing

Robin Good: Ok, great. Let's talk more a little bit more about this black hat tactics. Black hat means they are not really official, orthodox approaches to marketing, but sometimes, tricky, underground, not very well known, sometimes borderline approaches.

I don't use any of these normally but I'd like to learn, experiment, and find out if and how they work.

For example, I see that some of the other video publishers out there who get a lot of subscribers to their channel, seem to be using some kind of software that goes out and makes them subscribers to other people's channels over and over again.

They appear to becoming friends of you, so you feel: "Oh, that's nice. Robin Good has come to become my friend, let me subscribe to his channel". So you get lots of subscribers and then these people get, I would guess, some kind of e-mail notifications of your videos, and so over time you should get more.

Does that happen in your opinion and, is that ok? Should people do that, does it work well?

Lasse Rouhiainen: I haven't used those kind of programs, but I can see that many people are using them with success.

However, I don't think that they are necessary. YouTube is a great place, where there is lot of other professionals, and you can build relationship by really finding out who are those people and adding them manually. I like to do it that way, and I'm not that excited of those kind of programs however I know that some people have a lot of success with them.

However I'd like to highlight that as the time goes on for most of us building out subscribers in YouTube is really important. It's kind of like building your e-mail list or building any other list. For that I would recommend also using the annotation feature in YouTube where they let you write any kind of annotation in your video. It's just giving people and saying them that remember to subscribe to my channel if you like this video. That's a really cool way to do it, I would say.

That would be my recommendation there.

Robin Good: Good suggestion Lasse, I appreciate that. So put on your notification overlay on your video remembering not only your site and URL but also to subscribe to your channel. Great stuff.


What's the Best Video Format?

Robin Good: What about video compression and encoding. What's your secret recipe to get the best quality video out there?

Lasse Rouhiainen: My secret recipe is just following your blog and what you have done! But, what I am teaching and mentoring people with video marketing is: number one problem, or challenge, for most people is producing video. That's the big thing, and even tough they have done three or five videos, my next goal is to get them to do 10, 20, 50 videos because then it's really when they start to get results.

That's why in my seminar I focus mostly on how to find topics for your videos and what to say on the videos, and those kind of things. And I really don't talk that much about codec and the right format, and so on.

However it's important, and maybe we can mention it now, that like many people know, in YouTube you can upload high-definition video which is really really interesting.

YouTube normally allows many different formats and for me what seems to be best is the MP4 file format, seems to be really good for uploading videos. That's the thing there.

I would say that kind of technical thing is really good to know when you're already doing a lot of video, but the first thing you need to know is how to get right action plan, how to get ideas for doing videos, and above all how to do a lot of videos, because at each video you will learn and improve.

So, MP4 would be my selection, and maybe you have much more to add in that topic.

Robin Good: But as I learned from you, that will be in a separate video! "Find out everything on how to encode the video for YouTube!"

You need to Google that one separately to get my video on that one.


Cool Video Marketers to Follow on YouTube

Robin Good: Last but not least, a difficult question, but one that people want to learn. I'm going to ask anytime and that is: "Come on Lasse, give me one or two guys you look on YouTube to get some inspiration and good ideas on how to do the video, come on!"

Lasse Rouhiainen: You mean video producer, people who are adding videos on YouTube?

Robin Good: Yeah, people you would recommend to your own students. I mean if they say.: "Oh, but besides you Lasse, what can we look at, do you know some guy who does video that can inspire me and make me feel okay after I look at him? What do you tell them to go to see?

Lasse Rouhiainen: When I was starting I got a lot of inspirations and a lot of ideas from Dennis Karganilla. I can't remember his YouTube channel, but he really is a great teacher and YouTube marketer.

But there's a lot of good people and in the Spanish Internet marketing. For example, I have one friend who's doing one video every Sunday to his people, the people who watch his videos, and who are in his e-mail list.

I think that's a great strategy when you do one video without any agenda, and the only agenda there is just to build relationships that tell how was the week and tell the news, and what's up and so forth. That was great thing, and he was marketer who's not like video marketer, but he was just so inspired of using video so he got to using it. His name is Phil Alfaro, he lives in San Francisco.

For me, I'd just check what other marketers are doing and just get inspiration from them, and what kind of videos they are doing.

For myself, for 2009, I think I'll do more those kind of videos rather than doing just a video per week, and not selling anything, but just improving the relationship with my viewers, and people in my e-mail list.

Robin Good: Very good, thank you very much for sharing Lasse and all the best for you to 2009 for your video marketing evangelism.

Keep us updated, and you guys who want to follow more directly his stuff, Lasse why don't you share your web site URL for everyone?

Lasse Rouhiainen: My web site in English language is, and as Robin said also does something in the Spanish marketing. But for this interview I think is the good one to go to.

Robin Good: Can the Latino readers find from powerfulvideo...?

Lasse Rouhiainen: The Latino viewers can go to It's for Spanish and Italian people.

Robin Good: ¡Perfecto! Thank you Lasse, have a great day! Much appreciated indeed, look forward to another one soon!

Lasse Rouhiainen: Thanks Robin!

Robin Good: Ciao ciao, ¡hasta luego!

Lasse Rouhiainen: ¡Hasta luego!

Originally shot and recorded by Robin Good for MasterNewMedia and first published on January 15, 2009 as "Online Video Marketing: Basic Tips And Advice From A Video Marketing Evangelist - Lasse Rouhiainen - Part 2".

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