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Monday, December 29, 2008

Online Content Strategies: The Best 2008 Editorial Advice From MasterNewMedia

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If you are looking for the most effective ways to create new content, provide value to your readers, innovate and improve the quality of your online content, this digest brings you the best content I, Robin, and the other article editors have prepared this year here at MasterNewMedia.

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Not falling prey of the typical online content publishing strategy, where the current idea being sold is that who wins is who has the latest news and the most posts, is already a great step forward toward distinguishing yourself from the increasing crowd of small independent publishers.

In this digest MasterNewMedia looks at the issues of content and information architecture, tags and content tagging, duplicate content, the best writing approach to article intros, Robin's own personal method for selecting the most relevant images, how to easily add multimedia links and references that keep your readers on your site, and a lot more.

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Online Content Strategies

Online Publishing Strategy: What Has More Value Than Free Content?


When content can be copied indefinitely and just about anything digital can be duplicated and re-distributed instantly, where is value to be found? "The money in this networked economy does not follow the path of the copies. Rather it follows the path of attention, and attention has its own circuits."


Duplicate Content Online: Issues, Problems and Good Things


Duplicate content: is it an issue you need to worry about? Whether you are on the side of those publishing content that is duplicated on other sites or on the side of those republishing contributing authors content on yours, it is important to understand what are the real issues and problems that duplicate content can generate and separate them from myths and easy speculation.


What Differentiates Yet Another Blog Post From A Professionally Web Published Article?


What differentiates a professional online article from just another blog post? Nothing? Both are published contents that just utilize a different writing style. If that is your answer, let me challenge and show you how many differences there can be between a "typical" blog post and what I would call a professionally written and formatted web article.


WebSite Content Organizaton And Planning: Apply Information Architecture Principles To Optimize Your Blog Site


Thanks to Dev.Opera, a fantastic web resource for anyone who wants to learn more about tech-savvy creative web design and development, Jonathan Lane introduces today for you the very basics of what goes under the label of "information architecture".


How To Select Images To Illustrate Your Articles


Selecting images to illustrate a blog post or a research article is more than often than not a very challenging task. If you have spent anytime trying to illustrate your own articles I am sure you have already learned how frustrating it feels to not be able to "visualize" an idea or a concept in a way that you find truly effective.


Content Writing Strategies: The Tramezzino Approach And the Inverted Pyramid - How To Create Effective Article Openings


When you're writing a web content your strategy should be to tell immediately to your readers what it is so special about your post that they should stop doing other things and put all of their attention on reading it. More often than not though online publishers start their articles by attacking the topic from very far away.


Tags and Tagging: How Do You Create Good Tags?

Created with TagCrowd

In essence, the art of effective tagging consists in selecting a comprehensive enough set of keywords that organically describes the specific content while offering enough relevant hooks for this to be picked up by user searches.


Web Content Strategies: The MasterNewMedia New Editorial Approach


From a media and technology news & reviews daily web magazine to a reference / learning resource with a specific focus on media literacy, communication skills and professional web publishing. This is the new editorial strategy focus for Master New Media, the daily magazine that originates the story you are reading now. This is where I am going next.


How To Publish Your Content Online Without A Web Site - Video Interview With Ryan Hupfer Of


In this eight-minute video interview, I recorded a few hours ago with Ryan Hupfer of Hubpages, you are going to find out what are the benefits of publishing to a ready-made content publishing portal and what are the key benefits you may have by going with Hubpages. (For a full review of Hubpages see this MasterNewMedia review.)


Create A Web Site Without Knowing HMTL: Web Site Creators - Sharewood Guide


Do you want to create a web site but you know nothing about HTML coding? Finally, the time has come for everyone to take advantage of a growing number of web site and web page creation services which allow you to create and publish your online content even if you don't have any HTML code programming skills.


Add Multimedia Links And Embeds To Your Website With One Click: Apture Reviewed


Apture is a new tool for bloggers and online publishers that can add interactive multimedia links and embeds to their site with a single click. Apture takes the traditional act of linking to a whole new level and provides your site with greater functionality and depth by providing your reader with the opportunity to browse related off-site content without ever having to leave your site.


Increase Page Views And Reader Engagement On Your Site With Lijit - Video Interview With Todd Vernon


Lijit is a free solution that helps you increase page views and reader engagement on your own site. By placing a non-intrusive search box on the side of your web pages, Lijit scans your site and discretely suggests your readers for additional relevant content.

Originally prepared by and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia and first published on December 29, 2008 as "Online Content Strategies: The Best 2008 Editorial Advice From MasterNewMedia".

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