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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Online Advertising And Internet Marketing: MasterNewMedia Greatest Hits From 2008

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Social media marketing, ad management and optimization, diagnosing AdSense revenue drops, the brand ambassador model, are just some of the hot topics included inside this showcase of the best advertising and internet marketing articles published this year here at MasterNewMedia.

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If you want to monetize your blog site, attract potential advertisers, improve your advertising revenues, or deploy efficient market strategies, you can find most of what you need to know right inside this small collection of in-depth guides and reports.

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Best of MasterNewMedia 2008

Online Advertising

Increase Online Ad Revenue: Professional Web Publisher Guide To Online Ad Optimization


Rajeev Goel, CEO and Co-founder of Pubmatic, a company that specializes in optimizing ad network serving for web sites has just released an essential guide to ad revenue optimization, after having looked for a long time at what other the opportunity points to be leveraged in the fast-changing ad serving and optimization marketplace.


AdSense Revenue Drop: Diagnosing The Possible Causes


Christian Ashlock, at the Official Google AdSense blog has recently posted a two-part report on this very topic which I found extremely helpful and comprehensive, especially for those who are new and unfamiliar with the online advertising business and specifically with the factors that can affect your AdSense revenues.


Advertising 2.0 Model: The Brand Ambassador


The Brand Ambassador is an advertising model that leverages the authority and credibility of online personalities to create a powerful direct marketing strategy. A respected followed authority, a blogger or small publisher targeting a specific audience niche can be a much more effective vehicle for marketing communication that the most expensive advertising campaign.


MasterNewMedia Joins The Federated Media Advertising Network: John Battelle Video


As passion, integrity and authority are among some of the key selection criteria used, it is with great pride that I can officially announce that MasterNewMedia has become part of the Federated Media Publishing and advertising network.


Online Ad Optimization And Management: Software And Services To Maximize Your Site Advertising Revenue


Ad optimization and management can increase your ad revenue by as much as 150% (as PubMatic did with BikerOrNot). Or at least that is what companies offering ad optimization and management solutions are saying. If you are a professional blogger, you already understand that monetizing your content is extremely important.


Online Standard Ad Formats: Official Advertising Formats And Sizes For Web Banner Ads


Banner, leaderboard, skyscraper, small rectangle. Just like for newspapers and print magazines, also on the Web advertisers and publishers have defined over time an official set of "online standard ad formats". Such ad formats represent the full range of visual and text-ad sizes available for use on public web pages.


Internet Marketing

Self-Marketing Online: The Personal Branding Top 100 Tactics Remix


I am republishing here below the original content from Chris Brogan original Top 100, fully reformatted according to specific advice I have shared in my recent "How To Format Big Lists". Compare the original article with this one and provide feedback in the comment section at the end, of if and where you see significant improvements.


Cool Internet Marketing Tools: My Personal Toolkit For Online Marketing Tasks


Looking for some cool online marketing tools? Thanks again to my ongoing collaboration with Italian future-looking magazine 7thFloor for which I have been producing a small multi-part content section called "Yellow Pages for explorers and innovators", I am bringing to you the extended and upgraded version of a small collection of useful online marketing tools I have selected for their latest issue.


The Social Media Optimization Manifesto: Key Social Marketing Principles To Increase The Visibility Of Your Web Site


SMO (social media optimization), originally based on the five key principles Rohit first wrote to increase the visibility of a blog site, grew with time to 17 items, as other social media experts contributed to them by suggesting new ones across new blog posts about social media optimization best practices.


Guerrilla Marketing: Online Tactics For Independent Web Publishers


Want to market, promote and monetize your best quality content and find out which are the effective guerrilla marketing actions that could help you the most? In this seven-minute excellent video presentation recorded last November at the nextMEDIA: Monetizing Digital Media event, Will Pate, shares with you some of the very best content marketing advice you can get around.


Building A Strong Online Identity: Robin Good Video


One of the main steps to become a successful online publisher is to build a strong online identity. The more you establish yourself as a reliable source of information, the more the people will seek you for help and visit your site.


Social Media Marketing: Small Business, Collaboration Tools and Recruiting - Bill Vick Interviews Robin Good


Here, in this short video interview with Bill Vick, I share some of my own little learned lessons on the front of social media marketing by recounting how useful these have been when I have been in search of other talent.

Originally prepared by and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia and first published on December 30, 2008 as "Online Advertising And Internet Marketing: MasterNewMedia Greatest Hits From 2008".

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