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Sunday, September 18, 2005

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 18

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Here is my new media picks selection for this week. Check out what I have found:

  1. Cross-platform File Sharing and Synchronization

  2. Online collaboration across email, calendaring and contacts

  3. Recording tool captures any video playing on your screen

  4. Graphic visualization of delicious contents

  5. RSS one-stop reference

  6. Personal Publishing and CMS service

  7. Multimedia search engine

  8. Social bookmarking site
  9. Create short intelligible URLs from long ones

  10. One search box to search all of Google services

Photo credit: Peter Zelei
New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty new media resources, online tools and new software tools I think are worth your attention.

Try for yourself, download, install and learn some pretty interesting things with these great new resources and tools.


  1. FolderShare

    Have documents and files on your laptop that you would like to synchronize with your office PC? Have a Mac too? Foldershare makes it possible to select which folders you want to synchronize and keeps all of your critical files available across multiple computers with a minimum of hassle. All file changes are automatically synchronized between linked computers, so you are always accessing the latest documents, photos, music, and files. What FolderShare allows you to do is to create a private P2P network through which you can synchronize files across multiple devices and access or share files with anyone you elect. Foldershare also releives you from having to send large files via email, burn them to CDs/DVDs and mail them, or having to upload them to an FTP server. Share files up to 2 GB in size
    inside an unlimited file space. Unlimited file transfers - no limits on quantity or size of files transferred. Any file type. Too good to be true? Go try it out now. Basic version is completely free.

  2. Zimbra
    Zimbra is an advanced email open-source tool supporting calendar and contacts. Zimbra, which is still in beta, leverages Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and is composed of a web server and clients. Zimbra supports IMAP, POP, Microsoft MAPI and iCal and provides an innovative set of views to look at your emails and communications. Zimbra integrates also tagging which doubles up as a flexible way to organize, store, and visualize groups of items. Zimbra adds powerful search capabilities not otherwise available through your standard email application. View a set of animated mini-clips showcasing in detail the features and facilities of Zimbra.

  3. Vodmaker
    VoDMaker is a screen recorder capable of recording any video clip being played on your screen, no matter what kind of player, format or DRM system used to play it back. Vodmaker records audio and video simultaneously, either grabbing the full screen, a selected portion or an auto-selected image area. Recorded video can be saved with any of the available AVI codecs on your system, including DivX, XviD and Microsoft MPEG-4 v3. The only limitation is a maximum 10 frame per second recording rate. Nonetheless the frame rate appears low compared to broadcast-quality the recordings are more than acceptable. A low-cost competitor to TechSmith Camtasia, Vodmaker offers a lower grade solution, which cannot compete in terms of features and recording frame-rates at a fraction of the price.

  4. Revealicious
    Developed by Sébastien Pierre with help from Olivier Zitvogel and Yann Klis, Revealicious is online information visualization tool that aims to demonstrate how using different kind of data visualisations can reveal surprising aspects of an information archive. Revealicious is in fact a set of graphic visualisations modules that can be applied to your account. Once logged in it allows you to browse, search and select tags, as well as viewing posts matching them from others. Revealicious is made of three different interactive Flash applets: SpaceNav, which allows you to explore the structure of your tags, TagsCloud, which is an interactive and enhanced version of the tagscloud available in, and Grouper, which is an experimental interface for grouping and working with tags.

  5. RSS NewsNiche
    RSS NewsNiche is a new blog resource, an annotated directory and an RSS news source dedicated to the coverage and classification of all RSS-related resources, services and tools.

  6. MosaicGlobe
    MosaicGlobe is a personal Content Management System (CMS) allowing individuals to publish personal, artistic or business sites with the simplicity of control typical of blog. Each site is managed via a secure, easy to use, web-based interface and the user can add, edit and delete site sections, pages and artwork from any computer connected to the Internet. Each MosaicGlobe account includes 100MBs of storage and 3 email accounts. The service is in beta and it is free to use.

  7. SearchWebMedia
    SearchWebMedia searches the web for music, videos, ringtones and user-generated content. The free service leverages the Google index for stabdard web results while it adds on top of it an interesting interface module which simplifies access to multiple types of content results found. While the search results obtainable right now are less than impressive the user interface shows the power of simplicity and effective information design. SearchWebMedia is powered by the GoFish Technologies API.

  8. RawSugar

    RawSugar lets you save and tag your favorite Web pages and create your personal searchable Web page to share with your friends. A social bookmarking tool cum search RawSugar goes beyond the expected delicious-like toolset by offering the ability to send searches of your RawSugar collection, other people's RawSugar collections, or all of RawSugar to any user by pushing the Send button found at the top of every page. This will create an email from your PC's email program with the URL for the RawSugar search and a brief message that you can personalize. In the same way you (and others) can search your RawSugar collection you can also access your friends' RawSugar collections to get recommendations and answers from them. As in delicious for every search you do in a user's collection, you can also see the pages on the same search topic, tagged by other people and browse their favorites. Second, by clicking the All RawSugar tab, you can search the entire set of pages tagged by all other RawSugar users. You can also save, annotate and organize a directory of webpages and publish them with RawSugar. RawSugar even allows you to import bookmarks, tags and notes from your account while adding a superior tag-based search facility to publish them. The output of your RawSugar bookmarks is also available as an RSS feed.

  9. Lookleap
    Use LookLeap to convert long, unwieldy web links into short, friendly links. LookLeap are friendlier than other similarly auto-URL-shorteners because LookLeap integrate the host name in the short link. This makes such URLs much more understandable and allows readers to anticipate with much greater ease where the link is directed to.

  10. XtraGoogle

    Search all of Google services from one search box. Just type what you are searching for and then click on your preferred Google service icon (Web, Images, News, Froogle, etc.).

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