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Sunday, August 7, 2005

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 12

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New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty resources, tools and services.

These are this week little gems that I have run into, have accidentally discovered or been pointed to or have read about in articles, RSS feeds and newsletters I subscribe to.

Photo credit: A Hartini

Try for yourself, download, install and learn some pretty interesting things with these great new resources and tools.

Here is what I have found this week for you:

  1. New social bookmarking manager

  2. Online grassroots how-to manual

  3. RSS feed mixer for would-be RSS newsmasters

  4. Screen capturing tool

  5. High-performance new videoconferencing tool

  6. How to create a podcast with Quicktime

  7. New multimedia RSS aggregator and web tracking tool

  8. news visualizer

  9. RSS newsmastering tool: parser, generator, mixer and RSS/Atom syndication service

  10. Screen color picker and analysis tool

  11. Web scraper and HTML to RSS converter


  1. BlinkList

    BlinkList is a social bookmarking manager which allows you to save, archive, share, and discover useful links on the web. You can save and tag any online resource using keyword tags you select yourself. Blinklist own Tag Manager allows you to sort tags by most popular, rating and by date, making it much easier to navigate and find bookmarks stored within very large collections. Includes a bookmarklet for posting links while navigating other web pages.

  2. Wiki How
    wikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build a grassroots encyclopedic "how-to" archive. Created entirely with user contributions this is a free resource that helps people by offering clear, concise solutions to the problems of everyday life. You can contribute both by writing new content or by editing and further refining one of the existing "how to" tutorials.

  3. Screen Hunter 4
    ScreenHunter is a graphic utility for PC Windows computers capable of capturing your screen contents while providing lots of controls and flexible options. ScreenHunter can easily capture rectangle, window and full screen areas with or without including your mouse pointer. Screen captures can be saved in BMP, JPEG and GIF graphic file formats.

  4. WPanorama
    Wpanorama allows smooth navigation of panoramic photographs by letting you pre-set viewing pans and zooms over them. WPanorama allows vertical and horizontal scrolling over any large standard photographic image as well as on 360° digital virtual panoramas (many available on the site).

  5. WigiWigi
    WigiWigi is the first public release of a video over IP application that is built on a completely new and unique protocol. Unlike other desktop videoconferencing applications, WigiWigi one does not require any specific DLLs, drivers, codecs, DirectX or dedicated third-party libraries. It doesn't even require an installation. WigiWigi has just entered its beta-testing phase and the GUI (user interface) is still crude and semi-functional - but the results on your screen may indeed surprise you very positively. Download WigiWigi here.

  6. Podcasting with QuickTime 7
    How to create an audio podcast by using Apple's own Quicktime.

  7. Newzie
    A powerful news monitoring and aggregation software, Newzie is a brand new software application that allows you to:
    • Subscribe to RSS content containing text, audio, and video
    • Manage and access your bookmarks

    • Monitor web pages for content changes

    • Capture online page content while surfing

    • One page access to all major search engines

    • Unicode Support

    • Bloglines Synchronization Support

    • Full Backup facility


  8. Vox Delicii
    This is an adaptation of In The News, a project that heat-mapped Google News mind-share from Spring 2004 through Summer 2005. This new version has moved away from collecting Google News items to focus only on information items coming from the Popular list. The Popular list brings together the best of what individual users from around the world select as their favourite online resources. By using colored stripes of varying sizes Vox Delicii provides a near real-time cumulative view of popular sites posted to the social bookmarking service organized by date and popularity. The size of each color chip refers to the relative amount of coverage an item has received on Popular on a given day, based on hourly samples. The color refers to relative growth or decay on that day - an item that has gained mind-share since the previous day is green, while one that has lost is red. Interestingly enough, by clicking on any color stripe shows a small graph of that link's popularity over the previous month. This can be visualized alongside other options that display "Top Names", "Gainers" and "Losers" link lists. Developer editable code and raw data used are both available and free for re-use.

  9. Feed Digest
    Feed Digest is a parser, feed generator and syndicator for, and of, RSS and Atom feeds. Feed Digest integrates the following abilities:
    • Put the content of RSS or Atom feeds on your own site

    • Syndicate your blog's content and/or links to other sites

    • Mix multiple feeds together into a single feed

  10. ColorPic
    ColorPic, reviewed here before has now released a new and better version of its outstanding color picking tool. Colorpic ver.4 can pick up and identify any color displayed on your screen without asking anything in exchange. A great tool from Iconico, a micro-company delivering outstanding quality, features, great UI in each one of its unique web development support tools.

  11. Computer-on-a-stick
    The Computer-On-a-Stick is a USB Flash Drive featuring its own Onboard Operating System together with a full suite of Microsoft Office-compatible applications. The Computer-On-a-Stick also includes in its on-board memory Mozilla Firefox, Evolution email, and Yahoo & MSN compatible Instant Messengers. Plug the Computer-On-a-Stick into any desktop or portable PC and instantly have your personal and private operating environment that you can carry in your pocket. Price starts at $ 149.

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