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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Radio Wi-Fi Chips Coming: Eco-Friendly and Smart

Sepp Hasslberger sends this in:

"Intel Corporation announced it has developed a prototype of an all-CMOS direct conversion dual-band radio transceiver capable of supporting every current Wi-Fi standard (802.11a, b and g), as well as the projected requirements of 802.11n.


The system-in-a-package technology is a significant step toward enabling integrated CMOS radios that could provide improved wireless capabilities in future Intel platforms at a low cost."



Here is our future direct-interconnection Internet being developed.

Perhaps in connection with P2P, this will be exactly what we need to keep the Internet going, even in the event of some serious suppression.

What I like especially is that the technology is not microwave
(gigahertz) but radio wave (megahertz) technology, a good chance that it may be less damaging to humans than the mobile phone and WLAN technologies we now have...

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