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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Visual Communication And Video Publishing - Selected Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Guide Aug31 08

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If you need to edit your images without installing or paying for any professional software, today's visual communication centered Sharewood Guide can really help you out. Great tools personally selected by Robin Good, concerning video and image research, color schemes and visual charts, are waiting for you: check them out!

Photo credit: Villedieu Christophe

Here the visual communication tools I have picked for you:

  1. Pixlr: Edit all of your images online with no software to install
  2. FlickrBabel: Search for Flickr images, browse results and download the pictures you like
  3. Dumpr: Apply effects to your images without registering to any service
  4. ChartGizmo: Create free charts online that you can embed anywhere
  5. Color Schemer: Get a list of the color used in a picture with their HEX codes
  6. Picfont: Add captions and text to all of your pictures online
  7. Upimg: Upload your pictures and get codes to share or embed them
  8. YouTube Podcaster: Provide a YouTube search page and get an RSS feed out of it
  9. VTubeTools: Create custom players with YouTube videos


Visual Communication Tools

  1. Pixlr

    Pixlr is an online image editing application that anyone can use to modify pictures online. Without any registration you can jump in, open any picture and start editing it: you can resize it, crop it, apply effects and filters, use layers, and every other thing you would do using a normal standalone software. Pixlr is free to use with no signup needed.

  2. FlickrBabel

    FlickrBabel is an image search engine that makes Flickr's results better. After you type a query, you can start browsing results in a more efficient way than you would normally do on Flickr, with 50 image results per page. You can then click on any image and download it from its Flickr page. Free to use.

  3. Dumpr

    Dumpr is an image editing app that allows you to apply cool effects with one click. To start, just select an effect from the home page, upload any image from your computer, Flickr, or URL, and wait for the process to complete. You can then have a preview of the image, with the provided sharing and embedding code. Free to use, no registration is needed.

  4. ChartGizmo

    ChartGizmo is a free tool that lets you create chart online. With a free signup, you can start creating charts of any type (Pie, Bar, Line, Ring, 3D Pie, 3D Bar, 3D Line): just select the chart type, provide a title, select the size, choose the background color and whether to provide a legend or not, and add your items. When your chart is ready, you can easily save it locally or embed it anywhere. Free.

  5. Color Schemer

    Color Schemer is a free online service that enables users to get a color scheme out of any JPG or PNG image. After you upload an image, the software will automatically analyze it and provide you with the list of colors that appear in that image, with their relative HEX color code. The application is free to use without any registration.

  6. Picfont

    Picfont is a web based app that you can use to easily add text on any picture. Just upload a picture from your PC or URL, input the canvas size and background color, and start adding text to it. You can modify the text-size, color, find and even position and, when done, you can download the final image in JPG format. Free.

  7. Upimg

    Upimg is a free service for hosting your pictures online easily. Just select the image you want to put online (soon also with multiple uploader) up to 2MB, click upload, and wait for the process to complete: you can then retrieve the embed code to insert your image anywhere, or simply a direct link to share it with people. Free, no registration needed.


Video Publishing Tools

  1. YouTube Podcaster

    YouTube Podcaster is a free tool that enables you to turn any YouTube result page into an RSS feed. Just go on, make a research, and paste the URL into the box. Now, everytime a new item is added to that research, you will be immediately notified in your RSS reader or iTunes. Free to use.

  2. VTubeTools
    VTubeTools is a set of online video applications that allow you to download YouTube videos or embed them in custom players. To create a custom player, provide the video ID, customize the settings (player size, color, border, quality and loop settings), click OK, and the HTML embedding code will be shown to you. Else, if you just want to download a video, paste its URL into the box and get the FLV file (works also with other video sharing sites). Free.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on August 31st 2008 as "Visual Communication And Video Publishing - Selected Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Aug31 08"

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