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Monday, July 21, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jul21 08

Once again uncle Robin and I are back with our weekly collection of online collaboration tools. This time we have focused our attention on services that you can use to manage your team and projects online, share and send big files, and create instant messaging and video conferencing rooms using free services.

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These, the selected online collaboration tools we have picked for you this week:

  1. KonoLive: Invite people, assign tasks, share files and instant message from one single place
  2. AwayFind: Receive emails directly on your phone and assign tasks to other people
  3. OpenDrive: Upload and sync your files and documents online, and share them with your team
  4. Skabble: Chat and talk with people visiting your same website
  5. Roomatic: Create chatrooms with Twitter posts
  6. Scour: Search for things, leave comments, vote and filter results
  7. LiveVideo: Create your channel to stream your video and talk with other people
  8. Streaming Rooms: Aggregate multiple Ustream videos into one conferencing room




  1. KonoLive

    KonoLive is an online collaboration system that lets you manage your team and activities. From one single place you can invite people, assign tasks and activities, instant message with people, review and easily approve any content type (documents, web pages, video, and audio, store and share files with the rest of the team with 1GBof space and more. Konolive is free to download and use.

  2. AwayFind

    AwayFind is a communication tool that bridges the gap between emails and cell phones. AwayFind enables people to reach you with critical information via a Contact Form. This Contact Form routes messages directly to your cell phone, so that you don't have to worry about checking your email inbox, or automatically delegates them to your co-workers. Plus, you can also login to AwayFind at anytime, and check messages online. Free.

  3. OpenDrive

    OpenDrive is a remote drive for your computer, that allows you to store, share or back up files from your computer on the Internet. OpenDrive works like a normal hard disk, letting you make changes to your files in real-time and upload them with drag&drop facilities. Plus, you can share any file with a public link, so that anyone can easily grab that file from you. The service is in free public beta, with 1GB of space.

  4. Skabble

    Skabble is a free tool that lets you chat with all the other Skabble users that are visiting the same website as you. After you install it and login to Skabble, you will be able to chat or talk with your microphone to anyone who's visiting your same website, or anyone that you've added to your contact list. Skabble is free to download and use, Windows only.

  5. Roomatic

    Roomatic is a web based app that you can use to create chat rooms using Twitter. To create a room, all you need to do is to give it a name, login with your Twitter credentials, and start posting: people will be able to add responses, and it will just look like a normal chatroom, with the only difference that you are using your Twitter account to post messages. Free.

  6. Scour
    Scour is a social search engine that allows people to interact with searching stuff on the Internet. When you make a research, results from Google, Yahoo and MSN will gather on the page: you can then filter your research, vote and comment on any result so that you can help people will search for the same things. Scour is completely free to use.

  7. LiveVideo

    LiveVideo is a free website where you can create your own video channel and stream your webcam video. After you create your channel, users can start watching you and add their own webcams to create a conference room where you can talk and text-chat. Registration is needed in order to use the service.

  8. Streaming Rooms

    Streaming Rooms is an online service that allows you to create rooms where you can import Ustream players. After you login and create a room, you can start aggregating the Ustream players into the room, so that you can actually create a video conferencing room at absolutely no cost. The service is free to use, registration is needed.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi and Robin Good for Master New Media and first published on July 21st 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jul21 08"

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