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Monday, July 14, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jul14 08

Online collaboration tools, the ones that help you videoconference, screen-share, co-browse or analyze documents with your distributed team are back. Robin and I have pulled together eight more new collaboration tools to manage your on going projects online, to co-browse with people while chatting with them, to create wiki pages for your team and even more.

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Here our selected online collaboration tools for this week:

  1. Browzmi: Browse the web in real-time with other people while chatting with them
  2. Start your own wiki page and invite as many people as you want to contribute
  3. Mixin: Post your daily activities, mix them with other people's, and set up appointments
  4. Zoho Planner: Create pages, to-do lists, assignments and notes, and share them with your team
  5. Kindling: Post an idea and wait for others to vote the best one
  6. Yahoo Live: Create a room, stream video from your webcam, and let other people browse their own
  7. DialMyCalls: Record an audio message and send it to people through a scheduled phone call
  8. EatCam: Capture video and audio from any video conferencing system




  1. Browzmi

    Browzmi is a social surfing application that integrates instant messaging. After you log-in into Browzmi, you can invite people from your instant messengers account and start chatting with them, as well as viewing the pages they are currently browsing, and look at the together in real time. You can watch videos, flick through pictures, and browse every website together while you instant message. Free to use.

  2. si a free wiki hosting platform that anyone can use to create wiki pages. Without even registering, you can enter any name for your new wiki and create it with a single click. You can then invite an unlimited number of people who can create pages, share files with a total sharing space of 100MB, integrate video and image sharing websites, as well as search engines, and more. A pro version with 10 GB of storage space is also available at $99/year.

  3. Mixin

    Mixin is a shared calendar application that lets people share their activities with others. You can post any activity to your calendar by SMS, email, IM or Twitter and, mixing it with other people's calendars, you'll be able to schedule appointments and meetings. Plus, you can also discuss together into the message board of your group. Free to use.

  4. Zoho Planner

    Zoho Planner is an online organizer application for you to plan projects and tasks. You can create pages with attaches files, to-dos lists, assignments, notes, and start sharing them with people: you can share any page in public or private mode, by pasting people's email, granting them the ability to read/edit the page. Free to use, Zoho account required.

  5. Kindling

    Kindling is an online service that allows people to share ideas with others. You can submit any idea, and start inviting people in your group, who will then be able to comment, vote and collaborate to choose which one is the best idea. Once an idea is approved, task to make it happen can be assigned to anyone in the group. Closed beta.

  6. Yahoo Live

    Yahoo Live is a website where everybody can stream video from their webcams. After a free registration, you can create you own streaming channel where you can broadcast right from your PC with an Internet connection, images from your webcam or any video source. Viewers can follow you, talk in the channel-chat-box, and also engage in video conferences between themselves, and obviously with you. Free.

  7. DialMyCalls

    DialMyCalls is an online voice messaging service that you can use to record a message and send it out to other phones. You can record any message using your phone, uploading a WAV file, or using text-to-speech system and then, after you schedule the call, all the members of the group will receive the message as a standard phone call. The service is free to use for up to 25 receivers per day. For more check the Pro version.

  8. EatCam

    EatCam is a Windows-only software that you can use to record your video conferencing sessions. After you install it, you can record for free any conference, audio and video, held with MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo! Messenger, or with any other software if you upgrade to Pro version, and export it to AVI file. The free versions work with the specific software they are meant for (WLM, ICQ, AIM...).

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on July 14th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jul14 08"

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