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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jun03 08

Ready to add some new cool stuff to your online collaboration toolkit? Need to set up a video conference, manage projects, schedule a meeting or share big files and videos? Here is another set of ready-to-use online collaboration tools that make it easy to do so and more.

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Here my selected top online collaboration tools I have got for you this week:

  1. EkkoTV: Free service lets you have video conferences with other 2 people
  2. Flash Video Chat System: Free video chat system, that you install on your server, lets you have video calls and chat on your web-site
  3. WhoDoes: Web-based project management system lets you manage activities and assign tasks
  4. Rondee: Schedule a meeting, wait for the email invites to be sent, and call a number to join your conference
  5. Eatlime: Upload any file online, up to 1GB, and share it through a public download URL
  6. Firefly: Install it on your server and chat with your website's visitors
  7. TextFlow: Get documents reviewed by your colleagues and compare the corrections
  8. Juslol: Log-in to your instant messengers accounts from one place




  1. EkkoTV
    EkkoTV is a free Flash-based service that you can use to have video conferences online with other two people. Without even register, you can just enter your name and a new room will be created: then you just spread the URL and wait for your friends to join you. EkkoTV is completely web-based and free to use.

  2. Flash Video Chat System
    Flash Video Chat System is a free online chat software that you can install on your server, and lets you have video conferences online directly on your web-site. It supports video/audio conferencing, text-chat, one-to-one private chat, chat history, and skin customization. You can download the free edition that lets you invite up to five people in the meeting.

  3. WhoDoes
    WhoDoes is a web-based project management system that lets you manage your activities and share information with your team. Its main features are an online calendar to plan activities, a task manager to assign tasks to your team's memebers and a file uploader to share documents with your colleagues. It is still in beta and free to use.

  4. Rondee
    Rondee is a virtual meeting space that makes it fast and easy for you to talk to any group of people. Only a telephone is required for each person: after you schedule a meeting, it will automatically send an email to the people you invited, who can simply call a number to join you in the conference. You do not even need to register to the service, and it is free to use.

  5. Eatlime
    Eatlime, previously called YouSwap, is a free online service that allows you to upload and share files online. Without any registration process, you can upload any type of file up to 1GB, and share it with anyone through a public download URL. If you register, you can also download a free utility that lets you upload files to your account with a simple combination of keys. Plus, they just added a new features which lets you upload videos up to 100MB, and embed them in customizable players. Free to use.

  6. Firefly
    Firefly is a free application that you can install on your server, and that enables you to chat with your visitors. After you install the software, people visiting your site, without installing any plug-in, can instantly start talking with your or between themselves via text-chat. Firefly is free to use, still in beta.

  7. TextFlow
    TextFlow is a web-based service that allows you to compare multiple text documents in one single window. When you send off a document to your team and ask them to review it, instead of comparing all the version changes and then mix them up, you can just use TextFlow and choose which corrections are better, and get them inserted in the document. TextFlow is still in beta.

  8. Juslol
    Juslol is a free web-based instant messenger that you can use to log-in to multiple IM networks from one windows. After you register, you can provide all of your credentials for Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ and GTalk networks, so that you just have to remember one single password. You can then log-in and get all of your contacts mixed in one buddy list, and start chatting without downloading any software. Free.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on June 3rd 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jun03"

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