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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Advertising Media Kit: How To Create Your Own In Less Than 5 Mins

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Want to have an advertising media kit for your site ready and published in less than 5 minutes? In less time than it takes to explain it here, you can effectively create:
1) a professionally-looking advertising media kit page, as well as
2) a media-kit widget you can easily embed on your Web site and
3) a corresponding PDF which you can send to any direct potential advertisers.

Advertising media kit for auto-generated by Pubmatic

"A MediaKit is your first step towards selling ads directly to advertisers without sharing revenue with ad networks. PubMatic (a web-based service that helps online publishers automate the real-time selection of the best performing ad networks on their sites) makes it easier than ever to build and publicize a MediaKit."

(Source: Pubmatic)

An on-site advertising media-kit is a must-have for any web site who wants to monetize its content via direct advertising contracts. An online advertising media kit helps a web publisher sell targeted advertising space on his site by providing potential advertisers with all the key demographics, pricing, web site traffic information and contacts they may need.

Not only.

For online publishers the Pubmatic media kit also provides a very valuable addition by integrating traffic statistics and other metrics from web analytics services Alexa, Compete and Quantacast. Possibly due to the fact that I am not based in the US (nonetheless the majority of my traffic comes from there) and that I have not registered and utilized the specific tracking code from these services, their metrics and stats relative to this site are quite a bit off (less than 1/3 of real traffic is reported).


How To Create Your Own Advertising Media Kit

"A press kit, often referred to as a media kit in business environments, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use."

(Source: Wikipedia)

To create your own web site advertising media kit, Pubmatic offers a very simple and straightforward procedure. You provide the basic information about your site and Pubmatic does the rest by generating for you both a professionally-looking public web page with all of your advertising information as well as by providing you with an "embeddable" widget code that you can place directly inside any page on your site.

The key information you need to have before starting this process includes your monthly traffic (page views), the age and gender percentages of your readers, the content category you belong, your contact info and a little more.

PubMatic Media Kit for

To start the whole process you must first sign-up with Pubmatic even if you are not planning to use its standard advertising services. Once registered, you can immediately start to create your own custom, personalized media kit widget.

Here, step-by-step how you setup your media kit:


First step is to select for which web site you want to create a media kit. You can in fact create a record for as many web sites you want and create different media kits for each one. If you have just signed-up with Pubmatic click on the "add new web site" link and fill in a few fields to have it immediately listed.



Second, you need to provide a good site summary. Make sure you describe in a credible and facts-oriented approach what is your site about and to whom it talks to.


Third, now is the time to specify your advertising preferences including the type of ads you are willing to run on your site, specific formats, ad model used (CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.) and pricing.




Fourth, here you need to provide detailed reference information about the demographics of your audience, by specifying the percentage of males vs females as well as a breakdown of your target audience into age groups.


You can derive some of these information from surveys you have conducted on your site, profiling info you have collected when offering a sign-up for one of your newsletters or products, indirectly from some of your standard analytics data, as well as from your experience. I myself have also leveraged some of the useful metrics provided by YouTube Insight, which detail rather precisely my male vs female audience composition as well a faithful breakdown of the age groups watching my YouTube channel.

YouTube Insight is able to access all of this data thanks to the fact that most other users of YouTube are registered and have therefore shared detailed demographics information about themselves. All users activities are then tracked and YouTube can provide you with detailed demographics of the gender and age of those watching your video clips.


Fifth, you need to provide your contact details to facilitate the need of potential advertisers to directly contact you or your advertising department.


Sixth, you can also upload a logo of your site / company and have it prominently displayed on the masthead of your advertising media kit.


Seventh, you can now choose if to include graphs from traffic and analytics services such as Alexa, Compete and Quantacast. Just turn on the appropriate check mark and a few key visual charts from those services will be included in your media kit.

I suggest that you include Compete and Quantacast only if you have registered and signed up for their services by having placed their specific tracking code on your sites. If you have not done so, it may not be your best option to include those charts as they may deviate substantially from the actual traffic data of your web site.


Eight, you can click the "Save and Get Code" button to obtain the embeddable snippet of code to integrate your newly created media kit on any wb page of your site.


In addition you can specify whether you want a SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE SIZED media kit widget, and the basic color scheme to apply to it. Once that is done you need only to copy and paste the "embed" code provided by Pubmatic inside your own selected web pages.


Here three sample media kit formats Pubmatic has created instantly for Master New Media:

a) Small 160px wide

b) Medium 240px wide

c) Large 400px wide

This is a live widget. You can click and try out any of the buttons and links displayed on it.

As the above was not enough, Pubmatic also creates automatically a public web page with your advertising media kit. Here is the one it created for Master New Media:

MasterNewMedia media kit created in less than 5 minutes with Pubmatic

More Information

To sign-up for Pubmatic go to:

Pubmatic review by Master New Media
Online Advertising: Ad Revenue Optimization For Your Blog - PubMatic Is Here

Editor's Comments

The media kit creation tool from Pubmatic is the easiest and speediest way I know to create a professionally-looking advertising media kit for your online advertisers. If you have been feeling bad for not having had the time to create yet your advertising info page, this tool is the solution to it.

Simple, straightforward and very easy to use, the Pubmatic Media Kit creator is a breeze to use and it produces a reference advertising info card that is ready to be posted or published anywhere.

The option to integrate more diverse statistical proof, such as the ability to include specific Alexa charts, rather than the Technorati metrics or other selected data coming from Google Analytics would certainly make the tool even more compelling.

The same applies to the branding of the auto-generated advertising media kit, where a few extra touches and refinements could positively make the final results even more impressive. Though I had been successful in earlier tests I have been for example unable to show my logo on the public media kit page.

Overall, it is hard to find a tool such as this one, which for zero cost, provides you in little time with the means to tangibly improve your communication and marketing opportunities with potential online advertisers.

Originally written by for Master New Media and first published on May 21st 2008 as "Advertising Media Kit: How To Create Your Own In Less Than 5 Mins"

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