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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic May13 08

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Online collaboration tools keep coming up with new and further improved features and facilities and with zero barriers to entry for newcomers. What could you ask more?

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What was only a year ago reserved for those who knew a specific tool or had the money to pay for the market leader is now available from multiple brands and in most cases for free. Collaboration tools are indeed becoming the bread and butter of any effective distributed team. Here, the latest screen-sharing, collaborative word-processing, VoIP, and file sharing tools you can start using right now.

Here the online collaboration tools I have selected for you this week:

  1. SkyFex: Screen sharing and remote control free online application lets you collaborate online
  2. File Qube: File sharing service lets you 2GB create folders with files up to 500MB each
  3. Zloop: Create online communities to communicate, organize and share files with your team
  4. Qlubb: Create groups and invite people to share calendars, pictures and messages in real-time
  5. FlashPhone: Make free calls worldwide to any phone for up to three minutes
  6. Adobe Buzzword: Online word processor lets you create, edit, and share text documents online
  7. Upload and share any type of file through a personalized URL
  8. Gabtastik: Multi-protocol instant messenger for Mac OS X platforms


  1. SkyFex
    SkyFex is a free browser-based screen sharing and remote control application that anyone can use to give/get assistance with her computer. If you are the expert who is going to give assistance, you just have to sign up for the service for free, and install a small plug-in. You will then be provided with a six-digits code to give to the other person, who will just have to paste it in his browser, and click a button. Your PCs will be then connected for remote assistance, for free.

  2. File Qube
    File Qube is a file sharing service that anyone can use to share any type of file. Depending if you are registered or not, you can send files up to 500MB and have your personal 2GB space where you can create folders and upload any file in them that you can then share with a public link. Else, if not registered, you can share files up to 150MB, that will be automatically deleted after 30 days. In both cases the service is free to use.

  3. Zloop
    Zloop in a collaboration software for creating online communities of people called loops. You can create unlimited loops for an unlimited number of people, where members can interact with each other by organizing projects, sharing files, and having conversation with anyone else, or in one-to-one mode. The service is completely free to use after a simple registration.

  4. Qlubb
    Qlubb is an online group networking and communication tool that allows you to create groups and invite as many people as you want to join you. Group members can share any type of information with each other such as schedules, upcoming events, photos, and calendars. Users can also communicate via private and public real-time messages. Qlubb is free to use after you register.

  5. FlashPhone
    Flashphone is a free-of-charge web service which allows you to make free calls from a web browser. To use Flashphone you just need to have a computer with access to the Internet, a microphone, and Adobe Flash Player 9 or above installed. Just insert the number you wish to call and you will be connected to the number for up to 3 minutes per call. You can use Flashphone on Pocket PC devices too if you download and install Adobe Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC. Free.

  6. Adobe Buzzword
    Buzzword is a new Flash-based word document processor. Buzzword allows you to create, edit, or view any type of text document online, with no software to install (apart from the Flash plug-in). It has many of the features of Microsoft's own processor, and it enables you to export you documents as Microsoft Word (.doc), Office 2003 xml or RTF files. You can also share your documents letting people review, correct, or simply view your work. Free to use.

    dropio_logo.gif is a web-based service for uploading and sharing any type of file, up to 100MB. It is really intuitive and easy to use: just add the files you want to upload, type a personalized URL, add an optional password, select the expiration type, and click drop. Anyone who will be provided with the URL will be able to get the files without sending any email attachment or making long file transfers. Free to use, with no registration required.

  8. Gabtastik
    Gabtastik is a multi-protocol instant messenger for Mac platforms that uses minimal system memory and leaves the screen clean with its customizable window opacity. It supports GoogleTalk, Facebook chat and Meebo, which means that you can log on services like AIM, Yahoo, and MSN as well. Gabtastik requires Mac OS X to run, and is free to download and use.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on May 12th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic May13 08"

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