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Monday, May 5, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic May05 08

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Ready to add some new cool tools to your online collaboration toolkit? Today Adobe launches a new, powerful version of Adobe Connect Pro, with more cool features including advanced recording abilities and more e-learning functionalities. Go check it out now. Here on my end is another set of ready-to-use online collaboration tools to share your desktop, upload and share any type of file, have video conferences, instant message and more.

Photo credit: Nikolai Sorokin

Here the specific online collaboration tools I have selected for you this week:

  1. ShowMyPC: Free desktop sharing and remote control software for Windows
  2. Oosah: Upload any type of file, get it hosted and share it via a public link
  3. Create groups and collaborate with other people online
  4. MSC Messenger: Text-chat, have video conferences and share files with your friends
  5. UVC: Online project management and instant messenger lets you communicate with your team
  6. Talkster: Provide two phone numbers, and get a local area number to connect them
  7. Goowy: Web-based desktop allows you to chat on multiple IM networks, share files, and organize your contacts. Newer, better.
  8. Adium: Free Mac OS X instant messaging application enables you to connect to all major IM services


  1. ShowMyPC
    ShowMyPC is a free desktop sharing and remote control software. The two users just need to download the software and can access each other's PC with just a password (no IP address needed)which is automatically generated when you start the viewing session and must be provided to the remote user by email, phone or other means. No registration is required, just a 900kb download. Free to use.

  2. Oosah
    Oosah is a free service that gives you 2GB of storage space, where you can upload any type of multimedia file from your PC, or get it transferred directly from your Picasa, Flickr, YouTube or FaceBook account. You can create folders to organize your files and bring them with you wherever you are and, by clicking on any file, you create a public/password protected sharing link for people to access that file. Free to use, registration needed.

    groups_logo.gif is a new collaboration tool that connects groups of people online. You can create your group for free, and invite as many people as you want: you can chat in real time, share files across the team, run a shared calendar to keep track of the on-going tasks, communicate asynchronously through a forum or a wiki, and get lots of integrated services such as Picasa and Flickr for images, YouTube for videos, Twitter for updates, and so on. Free to use.

  4. MSC Messenger
    MSC Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows you to chat with friends. Its interfaces is really similar to popular instant messaging application such as Microsoft's or Yahoo's, and it features a wide contact list, video/voice chat, text-chat, voice mail, SMS, and file sharing capabilities. The software is free to download, with a small 2MB setup file, and use.

  5. UVC
    UVC is an online project manager and organizer combined with an instant messenger. Available for any platform, it can be installed for free, and you can add your friends in there so that you can start assigning tasks, send emails, share files, but also text-chat in real-time and have video conferences with other members of the group. Free to download and use.

  6. Talkster
    Talkster, which previously was a mobile instant messaging system, has now become a way to have free calls with anyone. By providing your and your friend's number, you two will be automatically given a local area number to call to get your two phones connected, so that if you have a data plan for your region you will be talking for free, or at least at very low rates. No registration is needed, and it is free to use.

  7. Goowy
    Goowy is a web-based desktop that anyone can use to collaborate with his team members anywhere, anytime. In fact it features: a multi-protocol instant messaging system that allows you to access MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, and obviously Goowy network, a file sharing system that gives 1GB of storage space, contacts, and calendar. All you need to do before start using Goowy is to fill in a simple registration form. Free.

  8. Adium
    Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that enables you to connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gtalk, and more networks at once. You can organize your contacts in a customizable contact list, have multiple and tabbed conversations, support for multiple statuses on the different networks, emoticons, and message history. Completely free to download and use.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on May 5th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic May05 08"

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