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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Visual Communication And Video Publishing - Selected Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Apr20 08

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Need to edit pictures or maybe to arrange them in presentations or slideshows? Want to convert multimedia files online or to search for videos on sharing sites and then remix them? The search is over. Check out what I have found this week online and you should be more than OK on all of the above.

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Grouped, as usual, into Visual Communication and Video Publishing Tools, here is the summary list of the grat communication tools I have personally selected for you this week:

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express: Web-based photo editing software also gives you 2GB of free space
  2. Kineticast: Create presentations online and deliver them via email in an embedded player
  3. Flauntr: Online photo editor for applying effects and uploading your images with one click
  4. SketchCast: Draw sketches, record your own voice to explain them, and embed the video on any web-page
  5. QlipBoard: Create movies from photos and screenshots, add voice narration and annotate images
  6. Omnisio: Cut and mix together clips from different video sharing sites
  7. YouConvertIt: Convert any type of audio, video, image, or document file to any other format
  8. OxyTube: Search through many video sharing sites at once from one single place


Visual Communication Tools

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
    Adobe Photoshop Express is the web-based counterpart of the famous software based photo editing tool. This version, gives you 2GB of free space to upload all of your pictures and arrange them in galleries. But it obviously also lets you edit them: you can apply any kind of effect, resize, rotate, crop, adjust colors, saturation, brightness, and everything you would expect from a normal editing software. Free to use, registration needed.

  2. Kineticast
    Kineticast is an online presentation creator that anyone can use to create presentations, and to deliver via email. Creating a presentation is really simple: from the menu, you can upload pictures, videos, audio, add text, links, and everyone of these elements can be resized and moved anywhere on the screen. When done, you can share your presentation via email directly from the interface. The service offers 2 weeks of free trial. Basic version starts at $10/month for 10 email recipients and 100MB of file storage.

  3. Flauntr
    Flauntr is a free online photo editor that you can use to apply effects with one click. You can get photos from Flickr, your PC or online photo storage service, andapply thousands of one-click effects to them. Then, you can save them online on flauntR's free photo storage, Flickr, or share them by email. Registration needed.

  4. SketchCast
    SketchCast is a web-site that allows you to create sketches with recorded voice. After you sign up to the service for free, you can start drawing your sketches and, when done, you can record your own voice to explain what you are doing. When you are finished, you can embed a video player on any web-site to display your sketch. Free to use.

    Video Publishing Tools

  6. QlipBoard
    QlipBoard is a free application that lets you create movies from photos and screenshot images, that you can also shot with its built-in screen capture feature. The images (or screen captures) appear in the timeline and can be arranged by drag-n-dropping. Further, you can easily record voice narrations, annotate or add text to images. Free to download and use.

  7. Omnisio
    Omnisio is a free service that allows you to remix videos from different sites together. Currently supporting YouTube, Google, and, Omnisio lets you extract clips and remix them together just by typing the URL and sliding the indicators to show where you'd like each clip to begin and end. The resulting will be an embeddable video where you or your friends can make comments that will show up as pop-up bubbles. You can also integrate your video with PowerPoint slides. Free to use, registration needed.

  8. YouConvertIt
    You Convert It is a web-based file converter that you can use to convert any type of file to any other format available. You can convert audio, video, images, documents, and even measurement units. Just type your email, select the file, click convert, and wait for the confirmation email. Free to use.

  9. OxyTube
    OxyTube is a web site that makes it simple to search through a number of video sites at the same time. Currenly supporting YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, Aol Music, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MegaVideo, Google and ClipSyndicate, OxyTube displays all video infos for that particular item, such as title, description, views, comments, length, service and, best of all, a download button for you to automatically save that video on your PC. Free.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on April 20th 2008 as "Visual Communication And Video Publishing - Selected Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Apr20 08"

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