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Friday, April 18, 2008

Online Content Strategy: How To Do Better News When Everyone Else Does News Too - Video

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How can you provide a useful breaking news component on your blog when most of your competitors and related sites do just the same? How useful is it to do technology, and new media related news if just about everyone else does the same?

Breaking news. how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? Robin Good suggests a few solutions - full video and text transcript further down in the article

Technology and media news have increased their reach and distribution capability by orders of magnitude in the last few years, especially thanks to blogs, news sites and social media outlets of all kinds.

But the more news you see, the more difficult it is to make their use valuable to your own readers, without just replicating what many other sites do.

Here in a short video clip Robin Good shares a few strategies that can be utilized to stand out from the crowd when it comes to providing news.

Robin Good suggests some ways in which you can make your news more interesting than others

"Hi guys, this is Robin Good and today I want to tell you how to deal with the breaking of news, I mean you see when something new happens on the Internet, most bloggers and websites are right after it and they all give it coverage.

Is that the best way to go or are there alternatives, because: one, that gets very stressful. Two, how useful it really is to give coverage to something else somebody else has covered. Three, it's a never ending rush.

If you like to be stressed and under pressure, be my guest.

But if you have some quality life, and maybe provide some value to your readers, and maybe you're also interested somehow to get above and stand out from all the rest, you may want to consider some other and different thoughts.

And these are: first of all, there's not going to be a slowdown on this type of news production. New tools new product and services are only going to increase. So one way you can stay on top of your wave, is start ahead of the game to focus only on the news that are very relevant to your niche rather than just bringing up news about technology or about marketing which we have zillions of websites out there doing this.

It's no use you keep repeating and echoing those news.

OK, I'm hearing you: you are in some special country, with a special language, and you think you're doing a great service because you are translating those news into your language. Hats to you, that's OK, I have nothing against that, that's still useful. But if you are already 25 guys doing that same job please wake up and realize that that's not very useful.

So what can you do better than that?

First of all you don't have to be first! If there are all these people that are doing it, it's going to be very hard to be first anyhow. So unless you have some very good chance of being first all of the time and have the power, energy and the alarm clock that allows you to do that, you may want to consider not being first, but being best.

How can you be best about news that you are not going to break?

Not very difficult!

You just let them run ahead of you, go inside the temple, take all the treasures, the gold, and everything they find, take it out the temple, open it up, they are going to be there counting and watching... and you just watch it all and then you put together an article that is not breaking news, but it is "substance news".

Find out more and how to apply, and where it goes, and what do you do with it.

These are the things people want to know.

"This thing just came out...", just came out and went. But if you don't tell me that with this thing, if I stop it in front of me I can start shooting and streaming live online, nobody's going to care about another new thing.

So unless you bridge it and match it with specific application, by showing what other people have said, what the guy who's reviewed it first and second and third have said, the pros and cons collecting the very best of this stuff all together, and by crediting fully the people who wrote it, names, blogs, links, anything they want, you can make a much better article that has no need to be rushed out, can wait for all the rushes to go ahead and do their job and can collect simply the very best information about that thing that there is.

If there is some useful information... you have all the time, and all the best reporters working for you. Let them work for you!

You're not going to do anything bad to them by doing what you're doing, because you're going to give them more exposure, more visibility in a way that is more useful and you're providing real value to your readers.

That's one way in which you can write the news in a new, different way that most people do.

Ciao from Robin Good, talk to you soon."

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posted by Robin Good on Friday, April 18 2008, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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