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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Online Business Strategy: List Building And Why It Is So Important

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List building? If you are eager to start placing the foundations of doing reliable business online, while establishing a solid alternative to contextual advertising solutions (namely AdSense), you must learn more about list building and its effective potential to help you create a real community of prospective customers while allowing you to start new conversations with them.

Robin Good explains what "list building" is all about and why it is so important for online businesses

List building is all about giving out great value to your readers and prospective customers for free in exchange for their email opt-in. By giving out something really valuable (not just another marketing e-book), you not only establish your competence and credibility fast, but you give a very compelling reason to your readers to establish a direct communication line with you.

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"Lista, lista lista...lista building lista...lista, lista, lista...


Hi guys! This is Robin Good for MasterNewMedia and today I'm talking about list building.

What? Today I'm talking about list building!

What is that list building Robin? We never heard you talk about that. What do you really mean about list building?

List building guys is something that is extremely powerful and that should be a the foundation for anyo would-be professional online publisher who wants to leverage to the max the power of one-to-one marketing, of direct relationship with your customers and the possibility of selling, promoting and marketing directly to your most enthusiastic fans whatever you got to give to them.

Your know-how, your skills, your product, your software, your service online...I don't know... but if you're going to achieve anything in the direction of creating some successful ability to communicate and interact, and possibly even monetize the relationships that you can have with the people that like what you do, you got to spend sometime listening to this.

List building is your ability to create an ever growing list of emails of people who are interested in whatever you have.

You may have different interests, you may have different know-hows, you may have different products or manuals, and you should give people the opportunity for them to sign up just like they subscribe for an RSS feed or sign up for a newsletter: well if you have some expertise that they really like, that they decide they want to follow, you got to have some way to capture their email in a reliable, safe, secure way... double opt-in and all that matter, so that you have a full permission from each one of these individuals to communicate to them every single time you want.

You're not going to do this to spam them. They can always unsubscribe anytime they want, you're not going to resell these emails: you're going to use these emails as a permission point to start a conversation with this audience.

You've heard this word before, conversation, well now it's time to put it in practice: it can go beyond the comments on your site or on the blog. So list building is to start thinking this direction.

The larger you can build this list or this multiple lists, the better an online business we can create, no matter the direction you're going.

So the easiest way to think about this is: I have a friend; yesterday she just publishes a blog about knitting and she just produced a wonderful really lovely passionate little guide, with lots of illustrations, and some other tips on how to do things, techniques and so on. She then Skyped me, and she said: "Hey Robin, go check it out, how great it is! Look it's on my homepage!"

And it was there on her homepage, right there available for people to download immediately. As I saw that thing I Skyped her back and I said: "Hey Catia, well, just take that PDF right now off that homepage because, if you're doing like I noticed because you're passionate about what you write, but you also want to make a business, and you have realized that Adsense can't make you rich that easily, the best next thing you can do is to start list building."

So my advice is: put in a post up there that says something that is really valuable to your readers. Tell them something that is in the PDF guide you have prepared (or in a video, etc), explain it to them, show them a part, give something they're going to be happy to know, that they didn't know about. Something that you normally don't give out, OK? And then, at the end of this post say: "Well if you really like this I have a whole guide that I just built, that it's rich in pictures, illustrations, examples on how to do this. You want it? Just go to this page and download it".

You create a page in which there is a box for them to put an email, their name, and a button to download it. And if they don't put their name and email, they can't download the guide.

This type of page is called a Squeeze page, that type of service or product you can use to capture those emails, the most professional one I know is called AWeber, and that's it. (Disclosure: I think AWeber is so good that I have become a marketing partner of their products and do make a commission on whoever signs up through me.)

That's how you do list building, I mean there is a million more things to say, but that's just enough for you to grasp the idea, go check out, explore and come back and tell me what you think about this.

That's all for now about scratching list building ideas from Robin Good on MasterNewMedia, talk to you very soon, ciao!"

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posted by Robin Good on Wednesday, April 16 2008, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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