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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where To Upload Your Video Clips Online To Obtain Maximum Exposure And Visibility?

"Where should I post my video clips in a way that makes them visible to most people out there?" This is what several of you have asked me in your emails. The answer is obvious and simple enough: put it on YouTube. But if your question was: "Where should I upload my video clips to get MAXIMUM exposure and visibility for them?" my answer would not be the same one.

Robin Good suggestions on where to post your video clips online to get MAXIMUM exposure and visibility - text video transcript at the end of this post

Today, for your content to be visible, no matter if text, video or audio format, you need to publish it and distribute it in as many relevant places places as possible. Just like not everyone goes to McDonald when they are hungry, in the same fashion videos are discovered and watched in many more video destinations than just YouTube. Not only.

I believe that as we move forward into the future this is going to be more and more so as less general and more focused video aggregation and sharing hubs will become in many cases more relevant and effective than the main, less-focused ones.

More thoughts, a list of all the tools and services to upload your video to multiple video sharing sites and the full English text transcript follow:





How To Upload Your Video Clips to Multiple Video Sharing Sites At Once?

So, the simple answer and most effective advice I can give you when it comes to provide the most visibility to your video material is the following:

"Do not post your video clips to just one video sharing site: get it out to as many video sites as possible."

If you are worried about the amount of time it may take to sign-up and post to several video sharing sites, considering that video upload times are never just a few seconds, there is more than one solution.

A number of software tools and web-based video services make it now possible to upload only once your selected video clip and to automatically distribute it to all of the video sharing sites you want in one go.

Here a shortlist of sites and services that allow you to upload your videos to multiple video sharing sites at once:

  1. TubeMogul
  2. HeySpread!
  3. VideoPostRobot
  4. VideoUploadPro
  5. VidMetrix
  6. VidMirror
  7. Video Traffic Assistant
  8. TrafficGeyser

  9. English Text Transcription of Robin's Video

    "Hi guys, here is Robin Good.

    Mark just wrote me and asked me "where should he publish his videos online?".

    He's asking me whether it's better to put them on YouTube, or Blip, or Veoh, or Viddler, or Google Video.

    Well, it depends a lot on what your final goal is. But if you've gotten into video publishing and you're interested in how you can get more exposure and more visibility for your videos, the answer is definitely "put those videos out in as many places as possible, just on as many places as possible!"

    So you'd have to have first an account on as many video sharing sites as possible, and secondly you'd have to log in and upload your video to each one of those.

    Wouldn't that be a pain in the ass?

    I bet it would be! It would take a lot of time and it wouldn't be too enjoyable to copy and paste all the information across the different sites.

    But there is a solution.

    If you're not already aware of it, outside of some software solution and services that cost quite a bit of money, there is a basic starting solution for you that you can start using right now that will put your one video clip onto up to 20 video sharing sites in one shot.

    That's right!

    It's called TubeMogul and it works like this: you register, and then you upload to TubeMogul the video you've got, and then you select to which video sharing site you want to shoot it out to.

    That's how difficult it is.

    Not only.

    With TubeMogul you can also track the viewers and video views that you have on each one of those services. Or you can keep track of your video promotions, your video campaign, your video blogging and see where and how you're doing better.

    Check it out:

    Ciao from Robin."

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