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Monday, April 7, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Apr07 08

Share and transfer large, huge files without using email, send text and voice messages and share any type of document online in real-time. If you want to collaborate online I have always new tools to help you do more and with greater ease.

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Here my selected toolset of cool online collaboration picks for this week:

  1. Humyo: Get 30GB of free storage space to upload and share any type of file
  2. SpinXpress: Free application lets you transfer files and collaborate with with a group of people
  3. Say2GO: Chat and send voice messages to all of your friends
  4. Microsoft Listas: Create, edit and share lists, documents, notes, and more with your team
  5. Meebo for Firefox: Firefox add-in allows you to have all your IM buddies inside your sidebar
  6. Ayttm: Free multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows and Linux
  7. Chatroll: Join or create chat groups and talk about anything you want
  8. WiseMapping: Create mind-maps, invite people, and let them edit your maps




  1. Humyo
    Humyo is a free file hosting/sharing solution that anyone can use to upload and share files online. After you register to the service, you will be give 30GB for you to upload all of your files online: you can the access from any computer, share them with everyone who has an email address, and also publish multimedia files on your web page. The service is completely free to use or costs $45.99 per year for a 100GB account.

  2. SpinXpress
    SpinXpress is a free application for file sharing, collaboration and publishing. It allows you to transfer and share files with no limits in size. It includes personal discussion boards, wikis and simple online publishing functions. Every file that you add will be available to the group, with no need for you to be online. Needs registration. Free to download and use.

  3. Say2GO
    Say2GO is an online collaboration software that you can use to chat and send voice messages to your friends. After you install it and create a free account, you can add all of your friends by name or email. You can then start chatting with them, and record voice messages that can be also recognized and converted to text by your computer, so that you won't have to type anymore. Free to download and use.

  4. Microsoft Listas
    Listas is a tool for the creation, management and sharing of lists, notes, documents, and more. All lists are private by default, but you can easily invite people and grant them access to read/write on your list, and use it as a wiki page for brainstorming, document editing, manage projects, and more. All you need is a Windows Live ID. Free to use.

  5. Meebo for Firefox
    Meebo for Firefox is an add-on for the popular browser that allows you to connect to mutiple IM networks using Meebo. Supporting Msn, GTalk, Yahoo, Icq, Aim, and Jabber, it enables you to group all of your buddies inside your Firefox sidebar, and to chat with them while you're browsing. You can drag-and-drop links and images from web pages right onto your friends, share files, and get visual notifications for events. Free to download and use.

  6. Ayttm
    Ayttm is a free instant messaging client for Windows and Linux that currently handles Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, IRC, AIM and ICQ networks. None of the original features is turned off: you can in fact have group conversations, status indicators, sounds, chat history, offline messages and file sharing. The software is free to download and use.

  7. Chatroll
    Chatroll is an easy to use site site that allows you to join interest group chats or make your own interest group, and chat with others. You don't need to sign up or register to Chatroll to join or make a group and start chatting. Each chat has a specific URL that you can cut and paste anywhere and invite everyone to join your conversation. Chatroll is completely web-based and free to use.

  8. WiseMapping
    WiseMapping is an online mind-mapping software that enables you to create mind maps and share them with your team. It uses SVG/VML instead of Flash or AJAX so you can create online mind-maps that are viewable in more browsers. You can invite other people to edit the map and, when it's finished, you can export it in multiple formats or publish it online. Still in private beta, it is free to use.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on April 7th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Apr07 08"

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