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Friday, April 4, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

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Why do I blog? Lots of people think I have started all this to make money and publicity. But, as a matter of fact, the real story is quite different.

Robin Good: Why do I blog? - Actual video further down in the article

My main reason for starting to publish my discoveries, pointers, reviewes and opinions, was really not at all about making money. As a matter of fact I wasn't even thinking that making money was a possibility.

Not only. I hated advertising to my very guts and did not want to distract, interrupt or push onto my readers information that was not immediately valuable and useful to them.

How incredible seems this story even to me, when I look back and review it. But it is the truth. Without ever thinking initially of becoming an online independent publisher, a blogger, as many would classify me, I rapidly discovered what has become my main and only professional activity, and what I love most doing when it comes to sharing and communicating with others.

But it is thanks to Darren Rowse of Problogger, who posted over a week ago an open video contest for anyone to publish a video in which to explain why he/ she was blogging, that I took my mobile phone video camera up to record some of these personal thoughts.

What got you started blogging? - was essentially the question being asked.

Why Do I Blog

Photo credit: Ophelia Cherry

English Text Transcription

"Hi guys, it's Robin Good here from the Villa Pamphili, beautiful park inside the city of Rome, here in Italy that's right.

Thanks Darren (Rowse of for putting out this video contest about why do I blog?

This is something I like to participate in, because bloggers give you this great opportunity to have a conversation, to show what you think, to participate, to get your world and your ideas out.

I really love Darren's stuff and I think he's doing a fantastic job of helping the small guy understand better what it's needed to become some kind of professional online publisher, a pro-blogger, monetize your site and so on, and I think that's absolutely great stuff.

I want to chip in because that's very close to my own audience target, that is I'm talking to people who are already somehow communicators or want to be better communicators by using new media technologies and so my focus is in helping them communicate more effectively by using such new technologies.

So while I go up-hill to the very top of this beautiful place, let me tell you why I blog.

My key one reason for blogging is really not about making money, is really not about getting more authority or credibility, is not about having a great audience, and is not even about having to promote something specific or having to sell something to people.

Actually, none of those reasons is a causative reason for why I'm blogging. These are all consequences of my online publishing effort.

My key reason for doing this is because I was not satisfied with what I did professionally although it was prestigious. It brought money in, gave me challenging and ever changing work to do everyday, that was also creative, but it didn't fill my need to have something meaningful that I was doing, because I saw lots of money being just wasted and thrown away on stupid things you know, the same stuff that goes on inside an advertising agency and many other places where, yeah there is a lot of money, a lot of creativity, but there is a lot of interest that plays its part too.

And so, when you see through those things you kind of lose a lot of motivation and interest for what you're doing.

To make the story short, to reward myself more, professionally and personally for what I was interested in I decided to start sharing with the people I like what I was finding out on the Internet.

First with a newsletter, and then with a site, and then with a blog, and then by going more in different directions.

This is why my key reason is really to help out other people get something that they could not get easily through magazines, media or elsewhere... and so that they too could have more opportunity to enable change, to do better, to become more sustainable, to do the things they liked.

Because the more people can do the things they really like, the better we're all going to be.

That's my fundamental reason for doing this stuff and everything else just came as a consequence.

So that's the same reason I'm here now to participate in this contest: to remind you that you may want to consider doing online publishing and blogging for something that you really care about, something that comes spontaneously from you. Not just a desire to communicate or to make money fast, cause those are not easily achievable goals. It is bloody difficult to do this stuff. It takes a lot of time, interest and passion, and that's going to exhaust pretty fast, unless you have some good reason to do it.

So that is what I advise you to do: find some really good reason to do it and that's the reason why I do it.

From Robin Good in Roma, inside Villa Pamphili that's all about why I blog, ciao!"

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But what about you?

Why do YOU blog or would consider doing it?

Use the comments area here below and let me what your story or desire really is.

Robin Good -
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