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Monday, March 17, 2008

Online Collaboration Tools - New Technologies And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Mar17 08

Online collaboration tools to share access or let other people remote control your computer, to help you share documents, to send files, and to chat on all major instant messaging services. All in this week Sharewood Picnic.

Photo credit: Feng Yu

Here my selected online collaboration tools for this week:

  1. Yugma Skype Free screensharing solution allows you to share your desktop with everyone in your Skype contact list
  2. Gogrok: Free software lets you share your screen and remote control using Skype
  3. MyBloop: Upload and share any file without worrying about its size
  4. Scribd: Upload documents online, convert them between various formats and embed them on your website
  5. PikiWiki: Drag and drop files on a web-page, and invite other people to view or add new files
  6. LiveChat2IM: Web service enables users to chat with their website's visitors through a standard IM account
  7. MSN2Go: Free Java-based MSN Messenger client allows you to connect to the popular IM network anywhere
  8. Aeromessenger: Free Java-based mobile instant messenger allows you to communicate with people from anywhere




Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services

  1. Yugma Skype
    Yugma Skype Edition is a free screen sharing solution that builds upon Skype's offering by adding screen sharing. Once Yugma Skype Edition in installed, you simply invite a friend or colleague from your existing Skype contact list, which is directly accessible from within Yugma and you are set to go. The free version allows you to invite up to ten people. Other versions available here.

  2. Gogrok
    Gogrok is a free software for Windows and Mac, that allows you to share your screen in real-time over the Internet. It works by importing your Skype contact list and, after you click on a name, it'll activate voice calling with Skype and give the person remote access to your computer.You can also markup/annotate the screen, whiteboard, text chat, and select which windows your guest is allowed to control. Free to download and use.

  3. MyBloop
    MyBloop is a free sharing service that lets you upload and share any file with no size limit. With no software to install and just a simple registration to go through, you can start upload all of your file without worrying about how many or how big they are. When a file is uploaded, it can be arranged in playlists if it's a music file, or simply shared with anyone. Free to use, no registration needed.

  4. Scribd
    Scribd is a website for uploading and sharing documents online. After you upload a file(.doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .xls, .ps, .lit), you can convert it between various formats, get a URL to share your file with other people or embed it on your blog or website. Free to use.

  5. PikiWiki
    PikiWiki is a browser-based software that enables you to use any browser as a blank sheet of web paper. You can create a simple web-page where you can drag and drop your own video clips, photos from your computer, pdf docs, mp3 files, powerpoint slides, voices, text, website links, or anything you want and anybody can be invited, and access that page to view or modify it adding new things. No registration is needed and it is free to use.

  6. LiveChat2IM
    LiveChat2IM is a web service that enables users to chat with their website/blog visitors, using a standard instant messaging account (MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, Jabber and AIM). To start using it, you just have to signup, add your IM details, and embed a JavaScript button or a Flash widget on your blog or website. You can also add multiple IM accounts to enable visitors to ask live questions to your team. Free to use.

  7. MSN2Go
    MSN2Go is a free Java-based MSN service that allows you to chat with your friends from work, school, libraries, and anywhere the official MSN Messenger is not available. There's no software to install and it works on any Java-enabled browser, even behind firewalls and proxy servers. Free.

  8. Aeromessenger
    Aeromessenger is a free mobile instant messenger that works on Java-enabled phones, and it enables you to communicate with your friends from anywhere. You can add contacts from your phonebook, send messages, create conferences, browse the message history, and also create a to-do list within the messenger interface. Free to use, registration required.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on March 17th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Mar03 17"

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