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Friday, February 22, 2008

Embed Any Video Or HTML Code Into Your Wordpress Blog Site: EmbedIt Plugin

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Embed any HTML code in Wordpress without problems! A new, free Wordpress plugin, allows anyone to embed safely and reliably any piece of embeddable code, widget or Javascript inside any post on your blog site.

Matteo Ionescu, explains in simple words what the new EmbedIt plugin for Wordpress is all about

Hand-coded by SEO expert and POP partner advisor at Robin Good University, Matteo Ionescu, this truly simple utility resolves what for many has been a never-ending nightmare.

Wordpress-based web publishers have learned the hard way how frustrating it can be to embed a video inside or many other types of "embeddable" objects inside Wordpress posts. Unless the embeddable code is specifically designed for Wordpress, once you have placed and published the code, things tend to run havoc: when you edit the post the embedded code is not there anymore, the published page breaks up the layout, the first time is there but not the second one... you know well how it goes.

But enraged by one of his less educated customers, just a few days ago Matteo decided to put an end to this bothersome situation (Matteo manages and consults web publishers of over 50 sites all using Wordpress ) and coded what appeared to him as an obvious solution that no-one had prepared yet.

By leveraging the Wordpress Custom Fields facility, Matteo has designed a supersimple plugin which allows you to embed safely any type of HTML code inside your Wordpress pages.

I have tested it a few hours ago with him on and YouTube videos, on embeds, and even with AdSense code and it does work exactly as you would expect it to.

Setup and use are very simple, but I leave it to Matteo Ionescu, to introduce to you the EmbedIt plugin and to show you how to install and use it (in less than 4 minutes!).

SEO expert Matteo Ionescu, explains in which situations the new EmbedIt plugin for Wordpress could be really helpful


EmbedIt - Embed HTML code in Wordpress without problems!

Do you need a SIMPLE plugin to embed any HTML code (including Youtube, Metacafe,, html embed code) into your Wordpress posts?

How many times have you been banging your head against the wall because the Wordpress built in WYSIWYG editor would destroy your HTML code, no matter what you did?

The EmbedIt plugin I have just coded, will solve your problem.

EmbedIt is extremely helpful when you need an easy and quick solution to:

  • embed YouTube videos into wordpress
  • embed Ustream into wordpress
  • embed a custom Google Map into wordpress
  • embed whatever HTML code into wordpress
  • embed specific Adsense code into wordpress posts deciding where it should go inside an article

To work, the EmbedIt Wordpress plugin takes advantage of Wordpress custom fields.

If you haven't heard about them, you'll soon understand what I am talking about. Just have a look to your wordpress post editing page, under "trackback".

What the EmbedIt Plugin Does

EmbedIt is a simple plugin that allows you to embed any html code in a post, deciding precisely where to embed it, allowing you freedom of coding your html without being annoyed by the wysiwyg editor.

How To Use It

2-minute screencast explaining how to setup and use the EmbedIt plugin for Wordpress

While editing a post, create a custom field with key HTML1 and paste the code you want to embed into the Value field.

Then just write [HTML1] in your post where you want to embed the html code. (Just use the standard wysiwyg post content editing window, no need to switch to Code view).

Practical example for embedding a YouTube video:

Let's say that you want to embed an youtube video into your post.

Install and activate the plugin. Now how to use it? Here it comes.

1. On the Youtube video page, copy the HTML code of the video.

2. Now in the Wordpress post editing window, place your cursor where you want your video to appear and just type [HTML1] - Here is what things should look like.

3. Create a custom field using key HTML1 and paste the HTML code that you've copied from Youtube in the Value field on the right. Here is what things will look like.

Do not forget to click Add Custom Field.

4) Done. If you check your post you will see that the video or other object you have embedded appears correctly and reliably inside your published page. Try it for yourself.

Want More?

If you need, you can use up to nine times the power of EmbedIt, by utilizing "tags" [HTML1] through [HTML9]... This will allow you to embed up to nine HTML different code snippets per post, by placing each code snippet to be embedded inside a different custom field called HTML1 to HTML9.

You can also "print" or re-use the same HTML code snippet multiple times on a page by using the [HTML1] tag each you time inside your post. For each instance of your HTML tag an instance of the embedded object will be displayed.

Where To Download

Free Download: EmbedIt - Wordpress Plugin to Embed any HTML code into your posts. (.ZIP file)

Originally written by Matteo Ionescu and first published on his blog as "EmbedIt Plugin - Embed HTML code in Wordpress without problems!" on Feb. 14th 2008 - Video interview, screencast and editing by

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