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Friday, February 15, 2008

Let's Start The Conversation: Ask Robin Good

Do you want to ask me direct questions about online publishing, video or internet marketing but have no idea of how you can do this? Today I open up a new public thread of video posts that will answer directly your email questions and requests. Just send them in at Robin.Good @ and I will answer you in my weekly video answers.

To mark this special day I am also providing you with the opportunity to meet and talk live with me today, starting at 10am NY time, through a set of small private conversational meetings I will be holding at You can sign-up for free and I am open to talk and exchange also on topics outside of my main promoted focus: video publishing. OoVoo is a cool new corss-platform videoconferencing tool that allows you to run small group videoconferences for up to six people at absolutely zero cost to you. Last but not least video conferences can be fully recorded for later use.

And while I eagerly await the distributed, OpenSocial compliant version of MySeesmic to power this new community (Loic, how long more?) I am more than ready to start our conversation.



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