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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jan29 08

Need to collaborate online more and better? In this weekly selection of online collaboration tools there are some great (free) tools you really can't miss: whether you want to create a free video conferencing room, instant message your working team using a dedicated IM, share huge files with anyone, edit documents in real-time or simply manage project, I think I have something that may fit your needs.

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Here the online collaborations tools I have selected for you this week:

  1. MeBeam: Free Flash-based video conferencing tool allows you to have video conferences with people
  2. Foonz: Create unlimited groups and call your personal number to create a group call
  3. Nexo: Free web-based collaboration service lets you share files, pictures and videos online
  4. eTalkup: Track your web site's visitors and chat with them in real-time
  5. DivShare: Store and share all of your files online, with 5GB of hosting space
  6. TheOpenDoc: Create and edit text documents online, and share them with other people
  7. MonkeyOn: Easily assign tasks to your team via email
  8. TeamWork Live: Project collaboration tool enables you to manage projects, assign tasks and share files




Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services

  1. MeBeam
    MeBeam is an easy-to-use Flash-based video conferencing tool that you can use to have video calls with people without having to install anything on your machine. To start a video conference, you just have to type a name for your room, share it with your friends, and click connect. It is completely web-based and free to use with no registration needed.

  2. Foonz ***DEAD
    Foonz is a free service that anyone can use to have group calls. It allows you to create unlimited groups of people, with different numbers. When you start a group call, foonz instantly invites people to join your call by sending them a text message. Then, they simply dial the number in the text to automatically join your call. Foonz is completely free to use, with no limit in groups or people number.

  3. Nexo
    Nexo is a free web-based collaboration service that allows groups to collaborate online. You can create groups of people, with who you can share files, pictures, videos, interactive calendars, assign tasks, create polls and more. It is 100% web-based and free to use.

  4. eTalkup
    eTalkup is a free service that enables you to keep track of who's visiting your web site and to chat with them. You just have to register and embed a Java script inside your web site and you'll be ready to start talking with all of your visitors through a simple console that looks a like a normal instant messenger. eTalk up is free to use, but you can compare here the other versions. Registration needed.

  5. DivShare
    DivShare is a free online file storage that you can use to store and share your files online. It gives you 5 GB for free, in which you can upload all of your files, with no size-limit: you can upload images, videos, music and any type of document, that you can also get automatically converted into Flash format. Any file will then have a public URL that you can send to anyone to allow them to download that file. Free to use.

  6. TheOpenDoc
    TheOpenDoc is a web-based collaboration tool that can be used for creating, editing and sharing any kind of information. It allows you to create and upload an unlimited number of text documents and to grant access to any person of your workspace to edit and create content. Free to use.

  7. MonkeyOn
    MonkeyOn is an online service that allows you to assign tasks to your team members via email. After you register, you can start assign tasks to your colleagues through a really simple interface: just type the email, description of the task, deadline and click send. You can then browse all the assigned tasks in your control panel, and manage them all. Free to use, registration required.

  8. TeamWork Live
    TeamWork Live is an online project collaboration tool that allows you to manage projects, track tasks, centralize communication, share documents and files, collaborate with clients and remote teams. Storage size and project number changes basing on the plans, that you can check by clicking here. The free account offers 1 project with only 1MB of space.

Originally written by and Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on January 29th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jan29 08"

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