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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ustream Video Clip Conversion and Distribution New Features

If you want to easily record your live video streaming broadcasts and be able to easily convert your recordings into standard video files that can be uploaded automatically to the greater number of video sharing sites, I have something you may want to take good note of.


For a long time I have gone crazy trying to get my recorded live Ustream clips on YouTube and other online video sharing sites. Why did I want to do that? Simple: posting and titling your video in a strategic way on YouTube can bring you back order of magnitude more traffic than any other archive of a video streaming site can ever do.

But in the past the problems were way too many.

Difficulties in downloading the .flv clips from, more difficulties in converting the unique kind of .flv file that Ustream saved into one that could be easily uploaded and read by YouTube. Difficulties in maintaining proper audio and video synch. Difficulties in getting a video quality level worth of that name.

Until things have finally changed. And for the better.
 has recently added a new cool set of features, which are directly accessible from within your MyVideos section. If you pay enough attention you will notice that now, next to each one clip you have previously recorded, two new features have appeared:

a) Video Format Conversion


With the Conversion feature you can now convert any already recorded Ustream video file into a standard FLV, MOV or MP4 video file format with just one click of your mouse. Those are the preferred standard video file formats for just about any online video sharing service making your video recorded material compatible with most video distribution outlets out there.


b) Video Syndication


The new Syndication facility allows you to easily select among over 20 of the most popular different video sharing sites the ones you would like your video clip to be automatically uploaded to. Again, this is as easy as clicking your preferred choice and pressing OK. Nothing more.


Ustream.TV has been able to integrate this super-useful and highly welcome new features thanks to their new partnership with Hey!Watch and Hey!Spread, two of my favourite web-based video support services.

The cool thing is that, you, the user, has to pay nothing to get all these extras. pays for them while providing its live video streaming community with a very tangible and welcome extra value.

If you haven't yet tried using Ustream, because you wanted to get a simpler way to record live video streams and then immediately distribute them to as many online video sharing sites as possible, the wait is definitely over now.

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posted by Robin Good on Wednesday, January 16 2008, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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