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Monday, January 14, 2008

Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jan14 08

In this new selection of online collaboration tools I have selected for you a set of cool tools. If you need to share your screen with a remote colleague with max ease and at zero cost, if you want to call via the Internet using VoIP tools or instant message across networks with your friends I may have what you are looking for right here.


Here the online collaboration tools I have selected for you this week:

  1. SharedView: Microsoft's collaboration software enables you to share your screen to up to 15 people
  2. Yoomba: Downloadable plug-in lets you chat and make VoIP calls from within your email inbox
  3. Campfire: Create unlimited rooms to chat, upload files and share images with your team
  4. BitlBee: Free software allows you to connect to major IM services using an IRC client
  5. Spipra: Free online service allows you to leave comments on any page
  6. HiTask: Project management tool lets you create and assign tasks to your team members
  7. Assembla: Get a free workspace with wiki, alerts, and chat for your team
  8. Web-based application allows you to create, save and share mind maps with other people




Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services

  1. SharedView
    SharedView is an online collaboration software by Microsoft, that you can use to share single application or your entire screen to up to 15 people. To use it, you just need a Windows Live ID account, install the software, and then you can start inviting people to collaborate with them. Free beta.

  2. Yoomba ***DEAD
    Yoomba is a downloadable plug-in that you can install inside your Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and most of webmail services and that enables you to send and receive VoIP calls and instant messages directly from your inbox. To use Yoomba, no registration is required: just download, install and start using it. Currently in beta it is free to use.

  3. Campfire
    Campfire is a browser-based tool that allows you to collaborate online with a group of people. You can create an infinite number of chat-rooms where people can chat, upload files and images, and discuss about them. Storage and simultaneous chatters number depends on the plan you choose. The free version provides 10MB of storage with 4 participants per chat. You can compare the other plans clicking here.

  4. BitlBee
    BitlBee is a free downloadable software that allows you to connect to major IM services using an IRC client. It's a great solution for people who have an IRC client running all the time and don't want to run an additional instant messaging client. BitlBee currently supports XMPP/Jabber (including Google Talk), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and ICQ protocols, and is completely free to download and use.

  5. Spipra ***DEAD
    Spipra is a free online service that anyone can use to leave comments on any web-page. It is really fast and easy to use: when you want to comment a page, just grab its URL, paste it in the box and click Go. You will be brought to a page where all the comments that have been made on that page will appear. If you want to comment back, you will need to register to the service for free by clicking here. Free.

  6. HiTask
    HiTask is a simple web-based task management application that you can use together with your team. You can create tasks and projects, and assign them to your team just by dragging and dropping their name on the task. It also integrates a real-time chat, and you can export all of your activities in RSS format. Free to use.

  7. Assembla
    Assembla is a free service that allows you to get free workspaces for your team, integrating tools like wiki, discussion, alerts, chat, and more. You can use use Assembla spaces for rapid software development, job networking, or simply online collaboration. Assembla is completely free to use for unlimited size teams, registration is needed.

    bubbls.us_logo.gif is a web-based application for brainstorming online. After a free registration, you can start creating unlimited mind-maps that you can save in your account, embed in web-pages and blogs and share them with your colleagues, granting them the ability to read or edit the map. It is completely free and you can try it without even registering.

Originally written by and Nico Canali De Rossi for Master New Media and first published on January 14th 2008 as "Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jan14 08"

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