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Monday, December 17, 2007

Visual Communication And Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - The Sharewood Picnic Is Back

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Interested in learning about the newest web presentation, visual communication and online collaboration tools? Robin Good' Sharewood Picnic is back again, bringing you the best and most interesting tools you probably haven't heard about every single week.

Photo credit: Mitch Aunger

After a few months of rest, here it comes again what has been one of the editorial staples of Master New Media in the last two years and more: the Sharewood Picnic. What is it? Why this name?

Here some brief explanations:

The Sharewood Picnic is a weekly digest of new tools and web-based services that have caught my attention but for which I do not have enough space and time to provide a full review. These featured new products have been mostly new media technologies, visual communication tools, presentation services and online collaboration solutions that I and my colleagues inside the Master New Media visual newsroom run into every day.

To avoid keeping them only for us, we collect them and we briefly review their key traits and specifications, while providing a summary description of what they can do.

The name Sharewood Picnic comes from: a) Sharewood - differently than the Robin Hood's original Sherwood, Sharewood with an "a" is the place where people love to share their valuable knowledge. b) Picnic because in the recent past I have run this new tools showcase as the weekend feature article. And so from the desire to share and the appetite for a weekend-based new technologies summary The Sharewood Picnic was born.

Now it is back, and while not anymore an end of the week feature, it brings with it the best and most interesting tools for presenting, visual communication, online video publishing, digital imaging and online collaboration in all of its forms. I will be alternating the visual communication tools and online collaboration technologies on a week by week basis offering the best of the new for each field every 15 days.

In today's line up a bunch of useful visual communication, design, video and web presentation tools:

  1. Overstream: Add subtitle and captions to your videos on YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, and more
  2. CamStudio: Record everything on your screen and export it in AVI or SWF for free
  3. SlideLive: Web-based service enables you to upload, store and share in live meetings your presentations
  4. Pviewer: Display your Flickr and Picasa pictures in a better way through an interactive slideshow
  5. COLOURlovers: Online tool allows you to create perfect color combinations from a picture or a starting color
  6. Web 2.0 Badges: Easy-to-use badge creator allows you to make personalized Web 2.0 badges for your website
  7. Typetester: Online application lets you compare up to three fonts
  8. DownThisVideo: Download videos from YouTube and Google Video for free without registering

Photo credit: Antonio Jiménez Alonso

  1. Overstream
    Overstream is a site where you can add subtitles and captions to any of the videos you find on YouTube, Google Video, MySpace video, and Daily Motion. In order to use it, you just have to register to the service,have Flash Player 8, and just use the online Overstream Editor to add subtitles to all of your videos. Free to use.

  2. CamStudio
    CamStudio is a screen recording software that allows you to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create AVI video files and convert them into Streaming Flash videos (SWF). Its interface is really easy to use: just set the video and audio quality, and press the big red button to start recording. When done, you'll be able to save the file locally on your machine. Free to download and use.

  3. SlideLive ***DEAD
    SlideLive is a web-based service that enables you to upload, store and share your presentations. After a free registration, you can upload all of your PowerPoint presentations and store them online in private and public mode. You can also set up meetings, in which you can show your presentations to your colleagues. Currently in beta, it is free to use.

  4. Pviewer
    Pviewer is an online service that lets you display your Flickr or Picasa pictures in a better way. All you have to do is provide a Flickr or Picasa username, or simply a Flickr research, select the number of rows and columns, number of pictures, and your slide show page will be automatically created. The service is free to use, with no registration needed.

  5. COLOURlovers
    COLOURlovers is an online tool that allows you to create perfect color combinations. You can browse and search color palettes created by other users, or you can create your own: select a starting color by typing its HTML code or simply pick it on a palette, and COLORlovers will automatically create a color scheme that you can tag and save. You can also create palettes from a picture by inserting its URL. Free.

  6. Web 2.0 Badges
    Web 2.0 Badges is a very easy-to-use badge creator that you can use to make your own Web 2.0 badges for your website. To create your badge, just type a text, select the font type, size and color, decide the writing's position and angle, and click apply. You can then save your badge, also in PSD format, and use it wherever you want. Free.

  7. Typetester
    Typetester is an online application that users can use to compare fonts for their website. You can compare up to three fonts: you can decide the size, line and words spacing, type of alignment, text and background color. Then , when you picked the type of font you want to compare, it'll show all the different font styles (regular, bold, italic...). Free to use.

  8. DownThisVideo
    DownThisVideo is an online service that you can use to download videos from YouTube and GoogleVideo. Just copy and paste the video URL, click download, see one of the available downloading formats, and save the file. The service is free to use, with no registration needed.

That's all for today.

See you in a week' time with a basket of great real-time online collaboration tools!

Readers' Comments    
2008-06-27 06:25:53


I found Camstudio products very useful! We might be using it for creating our video F.A.Q. section for our online project management tool - Comindwork.

2008-01-04 11:58:04

Mitch Aunger

Hey, just wanted to stop in and say THANKS for using my photo and for giving me credit! Much appreciated

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