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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Robin Good's MasterNewMedia Adds New International Edition: Portuguese

With no financial support, no ad-venture capitalists behind and no injection of new cash, the Robin Good's micro network of information web sites launches yet another international edition of its flagship daily new media online magazine all devoted to readers of Brazil and Portugal, and to all those others who around the world speak one of the most melodic languages around: Portuguese.

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MasterNewMedia Portuguese edition is already live and fully accessible at and the site contains all of the new content I publish here on Robin Good's Englis edition, interpreted, translated and adapted to our Portuguese speaking friends around the world. Turnaround time for originally English written content is a maximum of 24-48 hrs with some articles and scoops appearing even on the very same day of first publication.

Chief Editor of MasterNewMedia Portuguese edition is David Leal, a young and very bright e-learning and educational technologies graduate researcher, based in the nice city of Braga on the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

I have worked with David for over six months to prepare him, the site and to learn together how to handle the different situation and publishing issues that may arise as he works on the site. The hardest part to learn for international editors is how to manage titles and how to deal with those technical buzzwords that have no correspondence in their own language. In most cases my answer is to leave those buzzwords as they are without attempting to translate them at all.

David has also done an outstanding job of bringing into Portuguese a great number of the most popular and sought for reviews and articles that we have available in English. In fact many of my best articles and reviews, even from some distant past, are already available on his site as he keeps finding old great content to translate and make available online.

Within a month time the Portuguese edition will also start publishing daily breaking news, acting as a new media hub for all those interested in what's coming up next and how to best use it, and offering you a unique alternative to having to go and visit multiple media and technology sites every day to get your daily news fix.

David Leal is the newest addition to a small, but growing team that now includes English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese editions. There is indeed also a Russian edition that was launched some time ago, but I am still searching to find a competent, passionate and willful would-be technology writer who could take over the empty translator throne left by our former editor.

Other international editions

I have also spent significant time building the infrastructure for launching a French, Dutch and German editions of MasterNewMedia for which I am actively seeking chief editors, and would not certainly disdain going Chinese, Arab, Korean and Japanese too. If you know someone who would be a potential good fit for any of this, please do not hesitate in putting us in touch with each other.

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For now my official welcome to David Leal on the Robin Good's team and my invitation to you, Portuguese readers, to provide him with the warmest and most genuine feedback, both for the good you see in his work as well as for suggestions and tips on where he could do better. That will truly make him (and me) happy.



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