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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Pharmaceutical Industry And The Business Of Health

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The pharmaceutical industry is driven by profits like any other business. The fundamental difference is that the vast majority of businesses do not directly impact upon our health, and the treatments we are given by our so-called health-care providers.

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In this short ten-point article Chris Gupta reveals the shocking truths of an industry that can only go on existing if it products fail to cure or heal us.

Deceptive Advertising Campaigns Give Millions False Hope

The health and lives of hundreds of millions of people and the economies of all countries are held hostage by the pharmaceutical investment "business with disease." Pharmaceutical companies spend twice the amount of money on marketing drugs than they do on actual research.

Until now, the pharmaceutical industry has presented itself as a benefactor to mankind without which no modern society could exist. A simple analysis of the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, however, reveals a realistic picture, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. The pharmaceutical industry is not a naturally grown health industry, but an artificially created investment business based on the deceptive promise to deliver health.
  2. The marketplace of the pharmaceutical industry is your body - but only as long as it is sick.
  3. Prevention, root cause treatment and, above all, eradication of diseases decrease or destroy the pharmaceutical markets and are, therefore, not in the interest of this industry.
  4. The great majority of pharmaceutical drugs have no proven efficacy and are merely symptom oriented.
  5. The basis of the enormous profits of this industry is not effectively fighting diseases, but the patent royalties of newly synthesized molecules unknown to the human body.
  6. Because most pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic molecules, they are toxic to the human body and frequently cause serious side effects, new diseases or even death.
  7. To hide this global deception scheme, the pharmaceutical industry spends more money to disguise its deceptive business scheme than for research. This money is used for thorough advertising, lobbying and other measures.
  8. Vitamins and other natural health therapies are threatening the very basis of the pharmaceutical business for two reasons: First, they prevent or treat the root cause of today's most common diseases. Second, they are generally not patent-able and therefore have low profit margins.
  9. Natural health therapies and the pharmaceutical "business with disease" are incompatible and cannot coexist.
  10. The precondition for the long-term prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry is the elimination of natural therapies.

Vitamin C controls "Free Radicals", which is a major factor in Curing Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Here, Matthias Rath, MD discusses his studies with Vitamin C and other Nutrients.

Extracted from : Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks, But People Do!

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About The Author

Chris Gupta writes Share The Wealth one of the counter-information and alternative news sites sponsored by Robin Good.

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Here is Chris' own self-presentation:

''I started, in my leisure time, as an anti-smoking advocate with the NSRA in Toronto 1972 and try very hard to educate all on the issues that affect our health. Removal of fluoride from our water and pesticides from our environment are my current efforts.

My passion started from interest in historic biographies of scientists both great and small. This made me realize that we are actually living at least 200 years behind what we really know. All this is due to politics/egos and greed. I am an electrical engineer by profession and do fibre optic design. I have a special love for electomedicine and nutrition and frequently build and experiment with various electronic devices.

I have build the brain tuner, all Beck, Hulda Clark devices and a number of Dan Dial's molecular enhancers. I encourage all to build these I should be happy to help in any way I can. Currently, I am in the process of designing my own Thermo Therapy unit for prostate & hemorrhoids problems. This has the potential to reduce up to 80% related surgeries; the Lee Crock device for which I have designed a simple timing circuit that can also be use to make colloidal silver solution and am in process of researching EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) for which I am developing a method to do at home with all parts and simplified procedures plainly provided for all to use.

With the exception of good nutrition EWOT, in my assessment, is THE most important break through to improve health and may even help reverse certain age conditions. I also have some alternate energy projects on the go that will become apparent in due course.

Toxic chemicals are not the way to salvation and surgeries are, in the main, are a one way trip and not reversible and frequently worse than the problem they are used to resolve and are strongly discouraged.''

First published by Chris Gupta on Share The Wealth as "The Ten Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry" on April 2 2007.

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