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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Pharmaceutical Fraud? Prescription for Disaster Documentary

The US government spends billions every year to finance scientific research and yet a country like America has an epidemic of heart diseases, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders and environmental diseases which is impressive if compared to underdeveloped countries.

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Why, after so many years of huge research investments, aren't we closer to eliminating these diseases? And why do you think pharmaceutical companies and conventional medicine have such a strong bias against any alternative approach that doesn't involve the assumption of pharmaceutical products that have often been proved harmful?

Gary Null, a popular member of the Nutrition Institute of America, has produced a shocking video documentary that explores the relationships that exist between lawmakers, lobbyists, medical schools and the FDA. In the documentary, US Congressman Maurice Hinchey states that "The largest part of the FDA operations are financed directly by pharmaceutical industries".

The investigative journalist Ray Moynihan adds more fuel to the fire by reporting that "More than 50% of the money that the FDA spends reviewing drugs comes from pharmaceutical companies".

We also know that one hundred US high-level officials have been appointed by President George W. Bush to supervise government industries they once represented as lobbyists, lawyers or company advocates.

For example, Daniel E. Troy, the chief counsel for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration itself, was once a lawyer who protected the interests of pharmaceutical companies.

Are we seeing some gigantic conflict of interests or are we just paranoid?.

As facts and figures seems to support such fears, how much more can we avoid looking at the growing evidence that the American national department for Food and Drug Administration is somewhat strongly influenced, if not altogether manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry?

For how long more do we want to avoid looking at the amount of money spent by pharmaceutical companies to fund and place pressure on the government to make sure that new drugs are reviewed and approved as quickly as possible?

In this full-length video documentary, Gary Null goes as far as openly accusing pharmaceutical companies of doing whatever they can, not only to keep us sick, but even to further worsen our health.

While I agree with you that this all sounds too sick to be true, Gary Null's own research leaves me speechless and very worried. When you look beyond the "reality veil" of what you thought was true, things start to look dramatically different.



The following video documentary features contributions of respectful professionals, such as FDA scientist Dr. David J. Graham, who addressed the prescription of Vioxx (a very dangerous drug presently withdrawn from the market) before the US Senate Finance Committee and firmly believes the FDA is "letting people down".

Many important questions are raised in this research:

a) Where is the money destined to scientific research going?

b) Who is really responsible for this healthcare crisis? And, more importantly: why?

Here is Gary Null's video documentary on this topic:

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Readers' Comments    
2007-04-27 07:00:53

Gina Vourgarakis

I would like to become a lobbyist, avocate in exposing the pharmaceutical/FDA/gov't conspiracy to make money on the suffering of others. I have Multiple Sclerosis and have suffered from Bipolar and clinic depression. At one point I was taking 28 pills a day plus an injection for MS. I was alking around in a fog like a zombie for years. I developed Necrosis (gangrene) from the injectable medication Copaxone. My doctor verified that I was very sanitary about my injections. But in rare cases the medication itself causes necrosis. No one knows that this happens. they tell you that there is a chance of injection site reaction, but that's it! I am now drug free and using nutrition and supplements and have not felt this well in years !! We have to stop them from making supplements a prescription. We should have choices in our lives and take back our health!!! Thank you . Gina Vourgarakis

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